• York shoppers say they back our boys in Gulf

    FULL support for our British troops - that was the message from shoppers in Parliament Street, York. Some told the Evening Press they felt it was time Saddam Hussein's regime was quashed and supported military action in Iraq, while others deplored

  • Cheese switch hopes

    CHEESEMAKERS in North Yorkshire are set to benefit after their French counterparts fell out of favour in America over France's opposition to the Iraq war. A team of buyers from the United States, including Robert Kaufelt, owner of the famous New York

  • Mum's agony at war scenes

    MARGARET WELBURN knows only too well the anxiety of service families in wartime. The York mother has not one but two sons who are fighting in the Gulf. She is so concerned for Russell, 22, and Nicholas, 25, that she sometimes cannot bring herself to

  • Need for more troops - veteran

    GULF war veteran Terry Walker has criticised British and American top brass for adopting a "softly-softly" approach to the Iraq war. Terry, who lives at Wheldrake, claimed lives have been lost because Britain has only one Armoured Brigade out in the

  • Students plead for support for soldiers

    A SMALL group of demonstrators took to the streets of York to call for support for the war and backing for British troops. About a dozen students from York St John College marched through the city centre yesterday afternoon holding the Union flag and

  • Pupils remember the fallen

    NORTH YORKSHIRE schoolchildren turned their thoughts to the war in Iraq when they took part in a poignant trip to some of Europe's battlefields. Upper school pupils from Ryedale School spent a week in Belgium, visiting battlefields as part of a tour

  • Human shield leaves Baghdad with warning for the Allies

    HUMAN shield Antoinette McCormick was today leaving Baghdad for Syria after being told she could no longer stay on her tourist visa. But the 38-year-old told the Evening Press by phone from the Hotel Palestine she intended getting a shield visa when

  • Baghdad rocked by wave of blasts

    IRAQ was today claiming it had suffered "many casualties" after two missiles allegedly hit a busy market place in Baghdad. Officials from the Iraqi information ministry were reporting that the market was hit during a Coalition air raid today in the

  • Blair confirms Basra uprising

    TONY Blair today said large numbers of Iraqis were waiting to revolt against Saddam Hussein, amid reports of an uprising in Basra. Speaking in the Commons, the Prime Minister said it was important for allied forces to give support to ordinary

  • Jane makes sure all `our boys' have good teeth

    A YORK-BORN servicewoman has been preparing troops for conflict in Iraq - by checking the health of their teeth. Jane Nottingham, 46, has just become the first female dentist in the RAF to be promoted to the rank of Group Captain and she is also the

  • Flying the flag for troops

    THE Union Flag is starting to fly in the York area in a show of support for British troops in the Gulf. One has been put up outside the Adams House Hotel, in Main Street, Fulford, by proprietors Bob and Claire Cook. Bob said they were flying the

  • Anti-war protester to fight election

    A PROTESTER will stand for election on an anti-war mandate, only days after resigning as a Labour candidate. Gordon Campbell-Thomas has promised to stand in the seat that would damage his former party the most. Mr Campbell-Thomas burned his Labour

  • So proud of son Dave

    THE family of a York soldier serving in Iraq have spoken of their pride in his mission - after they saw him in action on camera. Signaller Dave Benson, of Haxby, who is in the 216 Air Assault Signals Squadron, was pictured in a national newspaper in

  • Second soldier killed in action

    A SECOND British soldier has died in action in the Gulf. The man, from the 1st Battalion of the Black Watch, was killed during an operation last night near Al Zubayr, south west of Basra. The news came as American air forces were today pounding Iraq's

  • Speech signals start of battle for Baghdad

    TONY Blair today signalled the start of a bloody battle for Baghdad, as Allied aircraft pounded units of Saddam Hussein's elite Republican Guard. Speaking at a Downing Street press conference, the Prime Minister confirmed coalition troops were now

  • Forces block breakout at Basra

    British forces have blocked an attempted breakout by Iraqi armour at Basra, it was reported today. British armour backed up by helicopters was said to have destroyed between five and seven Iraqi tanks. Up to 50 Iraqi tanks were said to have taken

  • Send messages to UK troops in the Gulf via Press website

    A GULF War veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome is urging people to rally behind our troops by sending them messages of support through the Evening Press. Marianna Finch, 32, of Cumbrian Avenue, Strensall, York, was a member of the

  • Iraqis `will fight for their country'

    HUMAN shield Antoinette McCormick, speaking from war-torn Baghdad today, said the message to her from ordinary Iraqis had been: "We hate Bush, but we love Americans." She believes they will resist when the Allies try to take Baghdad. "There is a strong

  • Anguish of soldier's family `hooked' on Gulf coverage

    THE mother of a North Yorkshire soldier out in the Gulf told today of the "absolute hell" her family has been going through since the war started. Frances Ellerker, who pleaded last week for Britain to rally behind "our boys", says she cannot sleep

  • Inside the terror of Bagdad

    HUMAN shield Antoinette McCormick told today of the daily terror of life in Baghdad. The 38-year-old York woman, speaking exclusively to the Evening Press, revealed she has now fulfilled her original aim of becoming a shield to avert Allied bombing of

  • British soldiers missing in Iraq

    TWO British soldiers are missing in southern Iraq, and several US marines have been killed in fighting around the city of Nasiriyah, in what has been described as the toughest day so far in the war in the Gulf. The Ministry of Defence would give no

  • Muslims at cathedral

    DOZENS of members of two different faiths came together to pray for peace at a North Yorkshire cathedral. Muslims and Christians joined together at Ripon Cathedral to take part in prayer and silent thought on the ongoing conflict in Iraq. About 50

  • Sales of bottled water rocket

    SALES of bottled water have rocketed in York, as people stockpile emergency supplies - and cope with the warm spring weather. Supermarkets across the city have reported increased sales of bottled water over the past few days, with some stores forced

  • 200 from York join big London protest

    FIVE coachloads of York protesters against the war in Iraq joined a major peace march in London. More than 200 people from the city joined over 100,000 who gathered in the capital on Saturday to voice their dismay over the ongoing coalition attacks

  • Huge demo at `spy base'

    THIRTEEN people were arrested during the biggest protest seen at a North Yorkshire "spy base" in 20 years. Police said "a tiny minority" got involved in trouble when more than 1,000 demonstrators converged on the Menwith Hill base, near Harrogate.

  • Seven die as Sea Kings crash

    SEVEN British servicemen aboard two Royal Navy Sea King helicopters died in a mid-air collision during action in the war on Iraq. The collision was said to have happened accidentally above international Gulf waters as British and American forces took

  • Peace movement gathers pace in York

    ANTI-war protesters daubed red paint on York's Mansion House and other council buildings to symbolise the blood of those being bombed in Iraq. Members of the York Painters for Peace squirted the removable paint on the steps of the Lord Mayor's official

  • Iraqi fears for his relations

    AN IRAQI living in North Yorkshire was desperately trying to contact his family in Baghdad after Friday night's intense bombardment of the capital. Hadi Chiad, who has three sisters living in Baghdad, said he watched the allied onslaught on TV with

  • Grimston Bar, York

    Slight delays are possible on the A64 at Grimston Bar due to junction improvement work. One lane will be closed around the roundabout and there will be lane closures on the approaches to the roundabout. Work is scheduled to last until the end of March

  • Northern exposure

    EVERYONE has talked about it. Theorised about it. Suspected it. But now it is confirmed. Most businesses believe they would be better off in York and North Yorkshire than London and the South East. A new survey, the findings of which were disclosed

  • Wheels of industry to turn green

    HERE is a plea to North Yorkshire bosses and staff to show a barrow-load of resolve for a leaner and more profitable 2007. These sharp-suited "resource efficiency champions" were seen pushing wheelbarrows loaded with just a fraction of the total waste

  • Appointments

    A FORMER second chef at a world famous New York hotel has taken over the running of the Royal York Hotel's catering operation. Richard Yearnshire - who spent three years at the five-star Hyatt Hotel in New York - joins the old York city centre venue

  • Clear vision needed in a rapidly-changing world

    WE LIVE in a rapidly-changing global economy where no business is immune from the affects of decisions made elsewhere across the world. York has recently experienced negative aspects of this change through significant job losses in the manufacturing

  • Vital changes in work laws

    NOW is a good time to look at the changes and new challenges that will arise in 2007 - and make plans to meet them. The first four months will see the introduction of a number of employment law rights. February sees the annual increase in compensation

  • Sharp image

    IMAGE is everything to Brian Cooke - and it always has been. Brian, 59, heads up NewsPrints, the York-based picture laboratory whose advanced photo ordering system appears on our website to give the public easy access to hard copy

  • He's scored a duck in York

    BILL Tasselli's business may be called The Duck of York Ltd, but he hasn't yet quacked the York retail market. Customers from faraway Iceland and Brazil have ordered many of his limited edition US-imported Rubba Duck brand. But it ruffles Bill's

  • Lack of confidence in e-tax system is hitting businesses

    ACCOUNTANTS tend to love the idea of filing their client's tax returns online. The only trouble is that they distrust the system. That is the complaint made by Gail Monnickendam, president of the West Yorkshire Society of Chartered Accountants, which

  • Get expert advice on your new year plans

    YOU'VE put it off for too long, but now, full of new year resolve, at last you're going to do it. You're going to buy a business. Or sell it. Or expand. And why not? After all, it can be a complex business and takes resolve, but there is never a better

  • Income Tax

    Tax rates Yet again there has been no change to income tax rates. Therefore, the starting rate remains at 10%, the basic rate at 22% and the higher rate at 40%. The system continues to be further complicated by the rules for savings

  • Employment issues

    National Insurance Contributions In 2003/04 the starting point for employees’ NICs continues to be aligned with that for employers and the income tax personal allowance. Given that the personal allowance has been frozen at last

  • Corporate and Business tax

    Corporation tax rates Following the surprising introduction in 2002 of the 0% starting rate of corporation tax for companies with profits up to £10,000, there have been no further changes to the rates for 2003. Therefore the rates

  • Capital taxes

    Capital gains tax (CGT) annual exemption The annual exemption for 2003/04 is £7,900. For most trusts the exempt limit is increased to £3,950. CGT rates of tax Capital gains continue to be treated as the top slice of

  • Excise and other duties

    Alcoholic drinks The excise duty on spirits, cider and sparkling wine is frozen. The duty on beer and still wine is increased in line with inflation, adding 1p to a pint of beer and to a standard 175ml glass of wine. The new rates

  • Put to the test

    RON GODFREY talks to the North Yorkshire scientist on the verge of a breakthrough to beat the MRSA superbug. SUDDENLY, the massive implications of a Helperby scientist's potential cure for the MRSA superbug has dawned on the financial world - and this

  • VAT thresholds

    VAT thresholds The VAT registration limits increase, in line with inflation, with effect from 10 April 2003 as follows: the threshold for compulsory registration is £56,000 the threshold for voluntary deregistration

  • Stamp duty

    Stamp duty The promised reform of stamp duty continues with a view to updating the framework of the 300 year old duty and supporting the introduction of paperless electronic conveyancing. Proposed changes include

  • A gateway to India

    Ron Godfrey, business editor, visits one of the call centres in India which has taken jobs from York. COME with me, all you Norwich Union Life employees in York, whose jobs are threatened by outsourcing to India. Duck into the dark doorway of a

  • Engineering firm that's never lost its bottle

    Changing economies and buoyant sterling may daunt York and North and East Yorkshire entrepreneurs from manufacturing exportable products, but they should heed the lessons discovered by Business Editor RON GODFREY at Elvington's Sheppee International.

  • Local reaction

    Business Editor RON GODFREY examines the reaction of the business community in York and North Yorkshire. THE business community of York and North and East Yorkshire ran the gamut of reactions from applause to scepticism over the Budget speech. Andrew

  • At a glance

    CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown today unveiled a budget setting aside huge amounts of cash for the post-war reconstruction of Iraq. Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Brown said that Britain must be committed to helping Iraq recover from the conflict.

  • January tax deadline now looming

    NOW that we are recovering from another Yuletide, many of us are inevitably focusing on the impending tax deadline of January 31. Aside from writing out cheques to Gordon Brown, we at JWP Creers also find that our clients are beginning to think about

  • Short and dark – but not totally bitter

    Parliamentary Reporter JAMES SLACK tries a taste of Gordon Brown's expresso Budget' IT was billed as the "expresso budget" - short, dark and bitter. Against the backdrop of a bloody war, Gordon Brown was supposed to warn a global economic slump would

  • What the Budget didn’t do

    OPPOSITION MPs in North Yorkshire labelled the budget a "missed opportunity", which did nothing to tackle the crisis in care homes. Harrogate Liberal Democrat MP Phil Willis welcomed the decision to scrap the "hotel charge" - cash deducted from pension

  • Costs, benefits .. and hats

    POLITICIANS fighting to join the city council at the coming local election today outlined how Gordon Brown's budget might affect the people of York. City of York Council Leader Dave Merrett said: "This budget is good news for York. Families, pensioners

  • Nigel Welch

    NIGEL Welch, chief executive of Welcom Software, is a silicon chip off the old block. The multi-award-winning business solutions specialist firm in Harrogate owes its beginnings 27 years ago to Nigel's dad, Barry, a former systems analyst for the Ford

  • York MP changes his mind to back Blair in crucial vote

    YORK MP Hugh Bayley came under fire today over his backing for war in Iraq. Paul Kind, a member of City of York Labour Party's executive, was among 60 York Labour Party members who heard Mr Bayley oppose UK military action in Iraq without a second

  • Airport services brought forward

    A NEW non-stop direct coach service linking York with Leeds-Bradford International Airport starts sooner rather than later - and the fare structure has already been decided. The First York express coach link, which is predicted to be a breakthrough

  • Children walk out in protest at war

    TEACHERS at a York school had to block their school gates to prevent students staging a walkout for peace. Pupils at Fulford School and at others around York were today threatening to stage an anti-war protest hours after the stand-off. Fulford

  • 2 days to quit

    SOLDIERS from York who are serving in the Gulf have been sent boxes of goodies by the British Polio Fellowship. Members of the fellowship from the Yorkshire region filled many large comfort boxes with sweets, magazines, books, beverages and toiletries

  • Human shield goes to Baghdad as a `tourist'

    THE York parents of would-be human shield Antoinette McCormick fear she has reached Baghdad - only hours before the bombing of Iraq by American and British forces is expected to start. John McCormick said Antoinette had phoned him at 5pm yesterday

  • Bayley backs Government on crucial vote

    YORK MP Hugh Bayley today backed the Government in waging war against Iraq after taking the "toughest decision" of his political life. Mr Bayley said he would reluctantly swing behind Tony Blair in tonight's crucial Westminster vote - as Labour rebels

  • Expectant Marie keeping posted

    A YORK woman whose husband is stationed in Kuwait, has spoken out about her fears of war. Bombardier Stephen Newton, 29, born and raised in York, said goodbye to his pregnant wife, Marie, and their two children more than a month ago. While he prepares

  • Mum flies flags for Gulf boys

    THE mother of a North Yorkshire soldier out in Kuwait called today for Britain to rally behind "our boys" as they prepare for war. Frances Ellerker has decided to fly the flag - or two flags to be precise - outside her home in Shipton- by-Beningbrough

  • Anti-war pedal power

    ANTI-WAR campaigners have been pedalling for peace around the streets of York city centre. The cyclists have been towing round an A-board to raise awareness of the anti-war demo in York tomorrow. York Against The War (YAW) spokesman Rory Palmer

  • New rules on subcontractors

    IF YOU are in the building industry you will be aware of the new rules coming into force from April 2007 regarding the Construction Industry Scheme. The volume of publicity produced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) about the new scheme is an indication

  • Last stand for peace

    COUNCIL staff across York are being called on to walk out of work and occupy the city centre the day that war breaks out. The action call to employees and other concerned individuals was made at the city's biggest anti-war protest, when an estimated

  • Ex-soldier urges peace as son serves in Gulf

    A FORMER soldier from North Yorkshire today spoke out strongly against any attack on Iraq - while his soldier son prepares for war with the British Army in Kuwait. John Ward, of Tollerton, said he was "worried sick" about Royal Engineer son Simon,

  • York vicar plans to reach out to Muslims

    A YORK church leader today revealed he is to reach out to Muslim groups in the city as Britain prepares to attack Iraq. The Rev Martin Baldock said it was vitally important to make sure there were no "divisions along faith grounds" if a conflict did

  • Office set up for big York demo

    ORGANISERS of one of York's biggest-ever demonstrations have set up a temporary office to handle inquiries and co-ordinate administrative matters. York Against The War says there has been an unprecedented level of interest in what is being billed as

  • This moral maze

    There is no moral case for war with Iraq, York University politics professor Haleh Afshar tells STEPHEN LEWIS. It really is all about oil... HALEH Afshar is growing tired of politicians playing the Halabja card to justify war with Iraq. You know the

  • Survey will gauge attitudes on Iraq

    HUNDREDS of York residents are expected to take part in a survey that will offer a revealing snapshot into public attitudes to war with Iraq. York academic Professor Roy Carr-Hill is leading the poll, which focuses on the build-up to war and the effect

  • Gulf widow talks of fears for war families

    GULF war widow Anne Lennox spoke today of her concerns for the families of Servicemen preparing to fight in a new war against Iraq. Her father, John Lofthouse, said it was a great pity that "tyrant" Saddam Hussein's regime was not sorted out during

  • Women in silent vigil

    A GROUP of black-clad women held a silent vigil for peace in the heart of York today. The women, part of a movement called Women In Black, were taking part in an international protest against war in Iraq and highlighting International Women's Day.

  • Councillors to join anti-war march

    SENIOR Labour councillors are set to join a huge anti-war protest march in York - putting themselves in direct opposition to government policy on Iraq. The march, organised for a week today, is expected to be the biggest modern-day protest seen on

  • Fishergate anti-war group is launched

    THE campaign group York Against The War has spawned a local offshoot - Fishergate Against The War. The new group held its inaugural meeting this week. Spokesman Steve Roskams said Fishergate was an area particularly concerned by the imminent threat

  • Green light for architecture

    ONLY a few years ago "green" architecture was regarded as interesting but quirkily "right on." Today it is mainstream. Witness the Queen's Award For Enterprise conferred on Eco Arc, the international award-winning ecological architectural practice

  • More of your views - No to US war on Iraq

    I OBJECT strongly to DM Martin's letter (February 28) referring to York Against The War as the "save Saddam campaign". Most people accept that Saddam Hussein is a brutal tyrant, but we do not believe that killing 500,000 Iraqi civilians (the UN estimate

  • York soldiers leave for the Gulf

    FORTY soldiers left York today for the Gulf as conflict with Iraq looms ever closer. The party is among about 500 members of 2 Signal Regiment, based at Imphal Barracks in Fulford Road, who are being deployed to the Middle East. More than 400 soldiers

  • Side-by-side solutions

    LAYERTHORPE Volkswagen at Clifton Moor, York, will open the doors of its all-new commercial and fleet centre in March. The £500,000 centre is a major investment for Layerthorpe Volkswagen's owner, JCT600, and has been tailor-made to house both the

  • Questions of war

    Despite the biggest backbench Labour rebellion ever against Tony Blair, war with Iraq looks more likely by the day - especially since Britain, the US and Spain tabled a "war resolution" at the United Nations. Here, The Ministry of Defence and the Foreign

  • York to stage anti-war rally

    YORK is set to hold its biggest-ever anti-war demonstration. The campaign group York Against The War (YATW) hopes more than 5,000 will take part in a mass march and rally in the city. The demo, which YATW says will involve locally and nationally-renowned

  • Protesters take nuclear fight to police

    ANTI-war campaigners descended on York police station to demand an investigation into Britain's Trident nuclear weapon system. Members of York Against The War and York Weapons Inspectors, handed a letter to Inspector Andy Everitt, claiming that the

  • Uncle Sam has blood on his hands

    SADDAM Hussein is a rank amateur when it comes to developing biological weapons, invading a smaller neighbour, torture, showing disregard to his own people or state-sponsored terrorism. Consider the following. - Unit 731: This was the secret Japanese

  • Time to remove Saddam

    ONLY a complete fool would want to go to war. I have the greatest respect for the peace protesters who are currently opposing war with Iraq. However, I also have genuine doubts as to whether they are right. I cannot help visualising the then British

  • York shoe company gets the best for our troops

    A YORK-BASED Internet shoe company is offering British soldiers U.S. desert boots at cost price. Stuart Paver, managing director of, responded to reports that there was a surge in demand for the tough GI footwear by soldiers unhappy with

  • Protest on war could bring strikes

    YORK could be facing civil disobedience and strikes if war with Iraq goes ahead. Anti-war campaigners in the city say if the massive demonstrations seen at the weekend are ignored they may have to take more direct action. Over the weekend, Tony

  • Demo makes history

    Evening Press feature writer STEPHEN LEWIS joins peace protesters on the biggest march in British history. THE man with the megaphone had good news. "I am unreliably informed that even the BBC - yes, even the BBC - are saying that one million people

  • York marchers add voices to the global call for peace

    MORE than 100 people marched through York at the weekend to show their opposition to a war with Iraq. In a display of solidarity with the hundreds from the city who headed to the mass demonstration in London, two groups of anti-war protesters came

  • Disclaimer

    This summary is published for the information of clients. It provides only an overview of the main proposals announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his Budget Statement, and no action should be taken without seeking professional advice. Therefore

  • Your letters - 15/02/03

    IN response to D M Martin and R S Pearson (February 13), I shall be marching for peace. And yes I do vote and yes I do know how it is we came to enjoy our present freedoms and no I do not belong and never have belonged to any political party. There

  • Just say no

    'WE DON'T want war' - that was the message from hundreds of York area peace protesters who today headed to London for what could be Britain's biggest-ever demonstration. More than 1,500 demonstrators left the city to deliver a hard-hitting anti-war

  • War threat tourism slump

    YORK tourism bosses are expecting a slump in American visitors because of heightened terrorist tension in Britain. Staff at the city's tourist information centre, in St Leonard's Place, have notice a marked decline in visitor enquiries from the U.S

  • York `overwhelmingly against war with Iraq'

    A LEADING York peace campaigner says opinion in the city is now "overwhelmingly" against war with Iraq. Chris Fuller, spokesman for York Against the War, said: "There has been a mix of anger, horror and frustration at what is happening. "Public

  • Reservists get ready for action in Gulf

    RESERVISTS from a North Yorkshire RAF base are among the latest military personnel in the county to be mobilised as part of the build-up for a possible war with Iraq. A total of 60 reservists from 609 Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, based at RAF

  • York joins global protest

    ANTI-war campaigners are to gather around the Eye of York tomorrow in solidarity with those meeting for the mass demonstration in London. Organiser Dr Keith Davis will be waving a banner and is covering his body with slogans such as "not in my name

  • Our MPs speak out on war

    MPs in the York area today spoke out about a possible attack on Iraq - the day the UN Security Council received its crucial report from chief weapons inspector Hans Blix. Any evidence of an Iraqi "smoking gun" could lead to the fresh UN resolution

  • It's Valentine's Day... and our thoughts turn to war

    FOUR York mothers have sent Tony Blair and George Bush a "heartfelt" Valentine's Day message with a difference. Belinda Noda, Jenny Kelleher, Teejae Frear and Sally Temple have called for "love not war" to be made across the world in the face of the

  • War threat pushes up prices at the pumps

    PETROL prices are rising in York after speculation about war in Iraq pushed up the cost of fuel on world markets. The Petrol Retailers Association warned today that further increases were on the way at filling stations across the country in the next

  • Threat of war forces honeymoon switch

    The looming shadow of war has made a young York couple switch their honeymoon plans from sunny Turkey - to the sophisticated charms of Belgium. Scott Precious and Jennifer Newton have pulled out of their long-awaited honeymoon trip to the Mediterranean

  • Women stage candle-lit vigil for peace

    WOMEN stood in silent protest against a possible war with Iraq, in a vigil at the University of York. The event last night echoed the vigils of Palestinian and Israeli women over the last 15 years. Members of the all-female society known as 51%

  • 20 York coaches for rally on war

    TWENTY coachloads of peace campaigners are now set to travel from York to the national demonstration in London against a war on Iraq. York Against the War says more coaches were booked yesterday in response to a surge in demand for tickets for the

  • `Human shield' volunteer sets out for Iraq

    ANTOINETTE McCormick left York today on the first leg of her mission to become a human shield in Iraq. She revealed that if her efforts and those of other volunteers failed to deter the USA and Britain from bombing Baghdad, she has no intention of

  • Firms urged to reap the spoils of war

    A LEADING North Yorkshire businessman today urged Britain to fight for a share of the spoils of war, following a military victory in Iraq. Iain Dale warned of the dangers of the Americans "hogging" the economic benefits of post-war reconstruction work

  • Signallers fly to Kuwait in advance party

    YORK-based soldiers have already flown out to the Gulf to make preparations for a possible war with Iraq, the Evening Press can reveal today. A handful of signallers from 2 Signal Regiment, based at Imphal Barracks, in Fulford Road, have been among

  • Army couple wed as war threatens

    A MILITARY couple brought their York wedding plans forward because of the increasing threat of war in the Gulf. Corporal Leah Sandys-Parsons, 28, is on 24-hour stand-by to be flown to the region within two weeks as a member of the Catterick-based Royal

  • Daughter's `grand gesture' backed

    A YORK couple told today why they are backing their daughter's plans to become a human shield in Iraq. John and Mairi McCormick - who both served in the Second World War - say they do not believe an American attack on Iraq would be a just war. The

  • Protester to be human shield in Iraq

    THE daughter of a York couple is planning to join a human shield in Iraq in an effort to avert war. Antoinette McCormick, whose parents, John and Mairi McCormick, live in Huntington Road, intends going on a coach convoy of anti-war activists leaving

  • Should we wage war on Iraq?

    YES... says GEOFF HOON, defence secretary, NO...says FRANK ORMSTON, of York Against The War. Geoff Hoon... In a recent written statement, the foreign secretary set out the Government's policy objectives for Iraq. These make clear our commitment

  • Don't rush into war with Iraq, says MP

    YORK MP Hugh Bayley today urged Britain to stand against a gung-ho rush towards war with Iraq. He asked Prime Minister Tony Blair to avoid entering war through a misplaced loyalty to the United States. And, in an echo of the warning given by Cabinet

  • MPs in terror check on York

    LEADING defence MPs are coming to North Yorkshire to assess the county's readiness amid growing tension over terrorism and a possible war against Iraq. Westminster's powerful Defence Select Committee is to visit the army's brigade headquarters at Imphal

  • Reserve troops `to train in North Yorks'

    HUNDREDS of reservists could be sent to Strensall Barracks for medical training as part of military preparations for war with Iraq. Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon was today expected to announce the mobilisation of 7,000 reservists, along with the

  • Budget grip gets tighter

    YORK is an increasingly expensive city in which to live. And it is about to become a more expensive city in which to die. In what is becoming a yearly belt-tightening exercise as they struggle to balance their budget, city chiefs are to put up the cost

  • Part of our legacy

    IT was a catchphrase loved by millions: "I've started, so I'll finish." Viking scholar Magnus Magnusson did indeed finish what he started in York. Not only did he lend his voice to the Jorvik Viking Centre: without his help, it may never even have

  • City in danger?

    The Press of January 3 included an article reporting the fears of Coun D'Agorne (Green leader's gridlock alert) about the effect on the future of York as a special place of increasing traffic generated by pending and approved development across the city

  • Who is NHS for?

    IN response to the two gentlemen who wrote to your paper (Why should NHS pay for this op? Letters, January 5) regarding Mr Cooper. I would like to draw their attention to anorexics, heavy drinkers, smokers, participants of extreme sports, etc. If we

  • MPs might fly

    We have a Government whose policy is to expand airports and build more runways, which has a Prime Minister who will fly anywhere for a photo-opportunity, and who has just toured the Middle East on an utterly futile "peace mission". A Government which

  • Rivals get their (KitKat) fingers burned

    AS WE know here at The Diary, news can be a slippery commodity. Sometimes there's glut of dramatic and significant events to pack the paper's pages. At other times, the phrase "it's pretty quiet" keeps ringing in a reporter's ears like a bad case

  • Parking help

    I am interested in the letter about the NCP car park at Queen Street (Price of waiting, Letters, January 5). I often use this car park, and there is a clear sign which shows that the tariff for up to two hours is as stated, £4.90. If the person concerned

  • Who benefits from official jobs boom?

    With reference to "The runaway gravy train," by Mike Bentley in York (The Press, January 5). In this revealing feature, Mike discloses that 20 per cent of our workforce are employed by "NuLabour", at a cost approaching £1.6 billion a year. There are

  • It’s a topsy-turvy world

    In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but heaven kno... anything goes. Thank you, Cole Porter. The song said it all. Anything really does go these days. Now it's not just a glimpse of stocking, or even just stocking

  • Fares fury

    I'm delighted that the petition of local residents organised by the Green Party has led to a commitment to reinstate a half-hourly off-peak bus service to Fordlands Road from February 19. It just shows that local people working together can achieve

  • Trident talk

    David Quarrie asks if there is any opposition to Labour madness of spending billions on replacing Trident (Folly of where our cash goes, Letters, January 6). Certainly there is. Green Party Euro-MP Caroline Lucas has been a leading voice in the

  • Sitting tenants

    B WEST'S letter to The Press (Property prices, December 29) on the subject of council-house rents compared with private sector rents was music to the ears of those of us who (in 2006) voted to stay with the council, ie Selby District Council, instead

  • Right to job

    LOOKING deeper than Minister John Hutton at unemployment, it never gets mentioned that some families have two jobs and others have none. There is also no "right to a job" in our society. Job applicants just have to take their chances with callous employers

  • Lord is my Shepherds

    BUY British - that was the message from York's archbishop as he checked out some of the region's finest produce. The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, was out and about yesterday on a visit to Mowbray Deanery - one of 24 that make up the Dioceses

  • Health chiefs in bid to save £10m

    HEALTH bosses are meeting today to discuss cash cuts they hope will save £10 million. The board of North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust (PCT) will meet in Harrogate to debate and approve a range of cash-saving measures, circulated to GPs and hospitals

  • Education, Education, Education (Private)

    Nine years of Tony Blair's New Labour "improving" our state education system and where are we? Ruth Kelly knows. She wasn't good as Education Secretary and moved on after a couple of years of almost total inertia and failure. Now she's decided a private

  • Crime Frenzy: Teen arrested

    A TEENAGER has been arrested in connection with a vandalism spree in which 90 cars were damaged. The Press told in November how dozens of residents in Clifton woke to find their tyres slashed, windows smashed and wing mirrors knocked off as three nights

  • Are fares fair?

    Bus and train fares have gone up for the new year, leading to fears that passengers could desert public transport in favour of their cars. What can be done to make public transport more attractive? STEPHEN LEWIS and CHARLOTTE PERCIVAL report. REACTION

  • Dying set to be more expensive

    THE cost of dying in York is set to rise, and up to 35 jobs could be lost, under budget proposals by cash-strapped council chiefs. City of York Council's ruling executive will next week consider the proposed spending and saving plans for 2007/08, which

  • Why can’t I resist a sale?

    I'm going to start with a question. And if anyone can provide an answer my bank manager will be eternally grateful. Why is it that I am unable to walk past a shop covered with SALE posters without feeling the need to go inside? The obvious answer is

  • Aaron Baker in court on stabbing charge

    A 40-year-old man has appeared before York Crown Court in connection with a stabbing incident near the former Odeon cinema in Blossom Street on December 29. Aaron Colin Baker, of no fixed address, is charged with wounding his partner, Dawn Baker, with

  • University needs licence for aerobics

    THE University of York has had to apply for a licence to enable it to continue providing aerobics classes. Under licensing legislation, premises which play recorded music - whether it is for exercise or dancing - must hold a premises licence. As such

  • Sex menace Steven Scrivener cries in dock

    A SEX menace who twice evaded police surveillance by going on the run has narrowly escaped an immediate trip to jail. Steven Kevin Scrivener, 25, also ducked out of a compulsory sex offenders' rehabilitation programme aimed at ending his attacks on young

  • Union bosses admit defeat in Nestlé jobs rescue plan

    HOPES of saving Smarties and up to 200 jobs at York's Nestle Rowntree factory have been abandoned. Union leaders say that, having examined technical feedback from the company, they have reluctantly accepted the rationale for moving Smarties production

  • Could you face it?

    Maxine Gordon reports on the latest craze designed to combat ageing. IT looks like a bandage and makes you look like a mummy - but the face bra is being hailed as the latest weapon in the war on wrinkles. Designed in the US, it was first exposed on

  • Dame backs the chain gang

    YORK's cycling paramedics have been put in the spotlight thanks to a pantomime dame. The Life Cycle Paramedics, who work alongside the conventional ambulance service, provide a vital response to people in the city centre and, through the life-saving

  • Dad’s fury over fingerprinting

    A FATHER has reacted with fury after discovering his son was fingerprinted at school - without parental consent. The dad, whose son attends Oaklands School, in Acomb, contacted The Press after we revealed that thousands of York youngsters are being logged

  • Art installation at Minster proves hit

    A SPECTACULAR light show created by renowned international artists has lit up the East End of York Minster. The digital art installation called Recovered Light was launched on Saturday and brings to life extensive restoration work to the Minster's

  • Twins want to transform the way you look

    Maxine Gordon reports on how to roll back the years without going under the knife TWIN brothers Roberto and Maurizio Viel are two of the country's leading cosmetic surgeons. Born in Italy, they have pioneered many techniques in their 20-year

  • Beating the bug

    RATES of the "superbug" MRSA are still continuing to fall at York Hospital, with ten cases since April last year. York launched a high- profile cleanliness campaign to try to cut down incidents of the bug, which can be deadly. The Government has imposed

  • Darryl drops in before world KO

    MEMBERS of Crescent Working Men's Club ladies darts team were hoping to keep a close eye on Darryl Fitton's progress at Frimley Green this week. The British Darts Organisation's world-ranked number two was at the York club to open their refurbished darts

  • ’Trees cut down to size

    AFTER five successive victories Nestl Rowntree RUFC were disappointed to lose 17-11 away to Garforth 2nd XV after building a healthy lead. 'Trees got off to a great start with winger Sean Harvey crossing in the corner after a series of forward drives

  • Extra tests idea 'more meddling'

    A PARENTS' champion has branded new Government plans to make youngsters sit more school tests at 11 and 14 as "unnecessary meddling". Nick Seaton, chairman of the York-based parent lobbying group the Campaign For Real Education has blasted plans to run

  • Magnus Magnusson obituary

    "I've started, so I'll finish." Those are the words most people will associate with Magnus Magnusson, who has died, aged 77. But the people of York will also remember the former Mastermind question master for opening the city's £2.6 million Jorvik Viking

  • £100,000 boost for brightest York kids

    HUNDREDS of talented youngsters will get a £100,000 learning boost in a ground-breaking new initiative between private and state schools. Independent and state schools in York are set to raise academic achievement among some of the city's most gifted

  • Fans mob Corrie actor in York supermarket

    YORK actor Andrew Dunn cannot go to the supermarket without being hailed by shoppers for his performance in Coronation Street last week. Andrew, 49, who lives near York Hospital, starred in four episodes as Roger, the plumber who whisked Janice Battersby

  • In off the post!

    THESE posties and their pals are hoping to deliver a bumper charity parcel to sick children. The Post Office's two delivery offices in the city - York West and York Central - will go head-to-head in a charity football match tomorrow to raise money

  • Tenants get satisfaction

    TENANTS in the York area have given the service provided by the city council the thumbs-up in a new survey. About 80 per cent of tenants said they were very or fairly satisfied with City of York Council's housing services in an annual poll. The housing

  • Focus on biodiesel

    SCIENTISTS in York have forged links with experts in China to do research into an alternative fuel to petrol. Biologists at the University of York have established links to investigate biodiesel after a trip to Sichuan University, in China. The experts

  • Trial date set for border collies

    A NOVICE sheepdog contest in the style of One Man And His Dog will take place this weekend. The trials will take place at Charity Farm, at Skipwith, on Sunday, from 10am, and will be open to the public. The event will bring dog handlers from Yorkshire

  • All-clear for ‘ring of steel’

    YORK'S "ring of steel" alleygating scheme will go ahead without a public inquiry. Police have resolved all the objections to the scheme, which will see 52 alleygates installed in Clifton to help combat crime. The Press told last year how people living

  • Phone mast gets taped

    A TAPE measure was used to find out the exact height of a controversial mobile phone mast - after hi-tech laser devices failed to agree. Campaigners fighting a mobile phone mast at Sheriff Hutton claimed it could have been more than 15 metres high and

  • Party’s a piece of cake

    VILLAGERS have celebrated 40 years of parties for the elderly in Sheriff Hutton. Since it began four decades ago, the annual new year party has become a village institution, attracting dozens of over-60s. Organisers marked the milestone by baking a

  • 'Do not dump waste near us'

    A CLAY quarrying company has pledged not to use a Selby excavation site for landfill once it closes in 2009. The Escrick clay workings site, near Selby, has been included in a list of potential landfill sites by North Yorkshire County Council. But the

  • City’s skipper relishes new advanced slot

    MANNY PANTHER is enjoying "a new lease of life" after being asked to play in a more advanced role. The York City skipper has been relieved of his midfield anchorman duties in recent weeks and his marauding form has been a feature of the Minstermen's

  • Sole–powered

    NEW Earswick All Blacks ARLC kept in touch with the Pennine League premier division leaders by winning 18-14 at Siddal A', but they were made to battle hard by the anchor club. The hosts have won only one game this term - and had the points for that

  • Corr values underpin Groves’ ascension way

    York Groves ARLC overcame a short squad to keep up their promotion hopes in Pennine League division five with an impressive 20-12 triumph at West Craven Warriors. Chris Corr was the hero with a hat-trick of tries, while Paul Fowler, Matt Withers and

  • Davison edged out

    NORTH Yorkshire snooker pro Paul Davison's dreams of reaching the final stages of a ranking event for the second time in three months were shattered in a final frame decider. The 35-year-old Pickering player lost out 5-4 to Ben Woollaston in his first

  • ’Trees cut down to size

    AFTER five successive victories Nestl Rowntree RUFC were disappointed to lose 17-11 away to Garforth 2nd XV after building a healthy lead. 'Trees got off to a great start with winger Sean Harvey crossing in the corner after a series of forward drives

  • Darryl drops in before world KO

    MEMBERS of Crescent Working Men's Club ladies darts team were hoping to keep a close eye on Darryl Fitton's progress at Frimley Green this week. The British Darts Organisation's world-ranked number two was at the York club to open their refurbished darts

  • Acomb open New Year in style

    ACOMB Ladies started the second half of the Yorkshire Women's Hockey League division one season in style with a 3-0 win at Wakefield III. The Tangerines looked the stronger team from the start and were rewarded after 15 minutes when a strong run and

  • Killa heads out

    YORK-BORN Matthew Kilgallon received a belated 23rd birthday present when he moved from Leeds United to Sheffield United. He has signed a three-and-half-year deal for an initial fee of £1.75million which could rise to £2m. The transfer hit a temporary

  • Dual purpose

    North Yorkshire apprentice Andrew Elliott can make his presence felt at Lingfield tomorrow by completing a first - and - last race double. Elliott, who is attached to Karl Burke's Middleham stable, is fancied to score on New York Oscar and Foreign Language

  • York teams making the grade at Oaklands

    SIX-A-SIDE footballers have made the grade in York. Eight teams took part in the new SoccerSixes York League grading event at Oaklands Sports Centre. The matches enabled organisers to assess which of the eight teams would play in which of the two divisions

  • Marathon man Dave King’s York test

    AROUND the British Isles in 80 races - that's the tough task facing Dave King who continues on his ambitious project in York in two weeks time. King will be competing in the Brass Monkey Half Marathon on January 21 which is based at York Racecourse and

  • Dementia centre to open in York

    A SPECIALIST centre for dementia sufferers in York will open its doors for the first time this month. Windsor House Residential Home, in Acomb, has been set up by City of York Council to meet the needs of a growing number of dementia patients. Over

  • York MP Hugh Bayley backs alzheimer call

    A PETITION signed by hundreds of York Alzheimer's sufferers and their families and friends has been presented to Parliament. City MP Hugh Bayley agreed to take the 680-signature document to the House of Commons to highlight the plight of people in the