Nine years of Tony Blair's New Labour "improving" our state education system and where are we?

Ruth Kelly knows. She wasn't good as Education Secretary and moved on after a couple of years of almost total inertia and failure.

Now she's decided a private school is the only answer for her dyslexic child. If only everyone could afford to make that choice. Experts claim that about 2 hours special teaching a week can help dyslexics learn to read properly and they then cope well with a normal school curriculum. Was Ruth Kelly listening when she had the chance to do something about this? Probably not!

This government has a poor record of listening to people. For example with no SATS testing in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, and its unpopularity in England too, what do government come up with? Yes you've guessed it, more tests for English children.

Government not listening is a particular problem for England, as we don't have a parliament or and assembly to represent us. One day the people of England will get fed up and start rioting and who will be to blame? Will it be the long suffering people, who use their votes to put in place members of parliament who seem to have no concept of integrity, or knowledge of what the truth actually is. No, it will be the career politicians who think that as long as they all say the same thing, it will be true and people will always go along with it.

The government needs to look at the falling numbers of voters and start to listen before it is too late.