Maxine Gordon reports on the latest craze designed to combat ageing.

IT looks like a bandage and makes you look like a mummy - but the face bra is being hailed as the latest weapon in the war on wrinkles. Designed in the US, it was first exposed on TV comedy Ally McBeal, but is now available in the UK.

The idea is that a piece of cotton material or bra' is soaked in a mix of natural minerals and aloe vera, then wrapped tightly across the face and neck to eliminate toxins and tighten the skin around the neck, chin and under eye.

Users are recommended to use the face bra daily for about half an hour. While they should notice a tightening of the skin immediately, there should be a reduction of their double chins and puffy eyes or cheeks after 15 to 20 days.

The face bra kit costs £50 and provides 20 treatments, although mineral refills are also available. You can buy it online at To put it to the test, we asked busy working mum-of-two Elaine Brown, 39, to try it out.

Elaine, of Heworth, York, says she has tried everything from facials to anti-ageing creams and even facial exercises to try to halt time, but without success - so she was eager to try the face bra.

Here's how she got on...

Elaine writes:
"I know I am not going to look 20 again, but I want my face to be firmer and get rid of my saggy jowls.

I know all the things you are supposed to do to make you look younger, such as don't drink excessively, don't smoke, steam your vegetables, don't eat lots of takeaways, have water and fresh juices instead of tea and coffee, but there are not very many people who do these things.

From reading about the face bra, I could imagine how it might work.

To begin with, it was absolutely hilarious.

The first time I put it on it was a Saturday night and I watched the telly with my husband and children - with the curtains closed. We all had a good laugh.

But it subsequently became tedious. It was a real chore and not easy, like putting on a face cream.

First you have to prepare sterilised water, which is cooled boiled water, then add the mineral powder and soak the cotton wrap in it. Then you have to wrap it like a bandage around your face, pour the rest of the solution into a squeezy container and keep squeezing the solution over the bandage as you wear it.

It does leave your skin feeling tight, and very soft, but all that is gone by the next day.

I felt it made my eyes puffy and it brought out spots on my chin. I couldn't really recommend it.

For 50 quid, you could go and have a really nice facial and massage, or have your hair done or buy yourself some new make-up.

There are other things you could spend your money on to make you feel and look younger."