MPs in the York area today spoke out about a possible attack on Iraq - the day the UN Security Council received its crucial report from chief weapons inspector Hans Blix.

Any evidence of an Iraqi "smoking gun" could lead to the fresh UN resolution that would trigger war.

Vale of York MP Anne McIntosh said revelations that Iraq has missiles in its arsenal that can fly more than the UN permitted 93 miles had already caused "great concern".

Tory Miss McIntosh said: "Clearly Iraq has breached multiple resolutions. The status quo is unacceptable. The only option is Saddam Hussein will abide by the UN's wishes, back down and co-operate, but in the event he fails to do so a war is the only option."

Ryedale Conservative MP John Greenway said that "if at all possible" there should be a second UN resolution. But he called for an end to the current uncertainty over a possible war. "If they are going to do it then let's get on with it, the uncertainty is helping no one - unless by the delay they can avoid there being a war at all," Mr Greenway added.

Selby Labour MP John Grogan said: "If there is a second United Nations resolution on Iraq I will back military action, but if there is not, I won't.

"Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to defy the will of the United Nations, but then neither must the U.S. president George Bush."

York's Labour MP Hugh Bayley had previously called for Britain to stand against any rush to war.

Today, he called for more time for the UN weapons inspectors.

Mr Bayley said: "It is essential that Iraq complies with the UN decision that it must disarm because it can not be trusted with weapons of mass destruction.

"If the weapons inspectors can achieve the UN's goals without military intervention they should be given the time to do so."

Greg Knight, East Yorkshire's Conservative MP, said repeated attempts at diplomacy with Saddam Hussein's regime had failed.

He said: "The only thing it understands is action."

Mr Knight said that a fresh UN resolution was desirable, but not strictly necessary.

"As a lawyer, it is my view the existing UN resolutions that have been breached authorise action themselves.

"But I always think it is better to act with one's partners, neighbours and allies. The more people that can be brought on board the better."

Updated: 11:36 Friday, February 14, 2003