ANTI-war campaigners descended on York police station to demand an investigation into Britain's Trident nuclear weapon system.

Members of York Against The War and York Weapons Inspectors, handed a letter to Inspector Andy Everitt, claiming that the system breached international law.

It reads: "Everyone - military and civilian - has the legal duty to ensure that they are not involved in serious wrongdoing. We therefore hold each individual involved in the UK nuclear weapons system personally responsible for their neglect of the law, and for the preparation of crimes against humanity." Letters were delivered to police stations across the country. Campaigner Tessa Gregory said: "We want to highlight the hypocrisy in threatening war on another country for possessing weapons of destruction at the same time as we maintain our own vast nuclear arsenal." She added this was not a "remote issue" for York people claiming that "every six weeks or so convoys of trucks are routed through our region carrying Trident warheads".

She added: "We really want the police to act as enforcers of the law on this, instead of pretending that it is none of their business."

Updated: 11:37 Monday, February 24, 2003