Maxine Gordon reports on how to roll back the years without going under the knife

TWIN brothers Roberto and Maurizio Viel are two of the country's leading cosmetic surgeons.

Born in Italy, they have pioneered many techniques in their 20-year careers, and now run a clinic in Harley Street, London.

In their new book, The Viels' Beauty Bible, they offer a wealth of advice on how to transform your looks and your life - often without surgery.

The brothers say there are five golden rules, whatever your age, to protect and improve your skin:

* Use sunscreen and keep away from pollution as much as possible. Do not use sunbeds.

* Quit cigarettes and stay clear of passive smokers. Keep your alcohol intake low.

* Eat and drink to keep your skin healthy, including drinking plenty of water.

* Maintain a good skincare routine using moisturiser and gently exfoliation.

* Rejuvenate your skin with a good anti-ageing skin cream.

Other vital suggestions include watching your weight, exercising regularly, improving your posture, wearing a correct-fitting bra, body brushing and regular detoxing.

Looking after your skin is crucial, the brothers stress. They encourage women to set their beauty regimes in stone and warn that for every night you fail to remove your make-up, your skin is estimated to age by a week.

Reassuringly, they tell us we don't need a ton of products, and not necessarily the expensive ones. Proper cleansing is vital, finishing off with warm water instead of a toner and using a clean face cloth which should act as exfoliator. Use moisturiser day and night as well as eye cream.

There are useful chapters on hair colour and styles to suit your skin tone, face shape and age, as well as a snap-shot "what to wear guide" for your figure, in the style of Trinny and Susannah.

For anyone considering further measures, there are chapters on non-surgical procedures - so called lunchtime facelifts - such as botox, facial peels and laser treatments.

There is also an extensive guide to cosmetic surgery procedures.

With each procedure, the brothers provide a clear explanation of what it involves, how long it lasts, what the side effects are and whether they think it is worth it.

They also include testimonials from patients who give a first-hand account of many of the procedures.

The Viels' Beauty Bible, by Roberto and Maurizio Viel (Hodder Mobius, £14.99) is out on January 18