• Dame Judi's peace plea

    YORK-BORN actress Dame Judi Dench is taking centre stage on Sunday night at a Concert For Peace. Dame Judi, who was made an Honorary Freeman of her home city last year, will join stars of opera, theatre, ballet, comedy, music and literature on stage

  • Service for the troops

    EX-SERVICEMEN and women are urging York residents not to forget troops fighting in the Gulf. They are inviting people to take part in a special church service aimed at honouring troops, and are asking that political arguments surrounding the war are

  • Protest guidelines urged

    TORY MP John Greenway has called for limits on how anti-war protesters are allowed to behave. The Ryedale MP spoke out after massive protests outside Westminster paralysed the capital's roads for more than 12 hours on Thursday. A police officer

  • EU cash aid for war refugees

    MILLIONS of euros of European Union money have already been released to help provide humanitarian aid to refugees from the Iraqi war, York MP Hugh Bayley said today. Mr Bayley has recently returned from Brussels where he and fellow members of the International

  • Troops may enter Bagdad by Monday

    BRITISH and American troops may enter Baghdad by Monday, a British military official revealed today. Group Captain Al Lockwood said he hoped Allied Forces would be in the Iraqi capital within the next three or four days. US Defence Secretary Donald

  • Trigger for demonstration

    The war in Iraq has triggered an unprecedented wave of protest in York. Political Reporter Richard Edwards observed local demonstrators as they said: "Not in our name" YORK is not known for being a left-wing city with a strong tradition of political

  • 200 hold candlelit vigil at school

    ABOUT 200 hundred pupils took part in a vigil at a York school following the start of the war. Teacher Ann Finch said the theme of the vigil in the main hall at Fulford School was solidarity and sorrow with the people of Iraq. But she said pupils

  • Peace marchers in bridge blockade

    TRAFFIC was brought to a standstill in the centre of York last night as peace protesters occupied Ouse Bridge and Museum Street. About 300 people took to the streets following a rally at St Sampson's Square to express their outrage at the war with

  • Safety work to start on A19 danger spot

    A ROAD safety scheme to cut accidents at a busy junction near York is finally set to get under way tomorrow. Eight weeks of road works will start on improvements at the Wheldrake Lane junction on the A19 at Crockey Hill, south of York. Traffic lights

  • College students thrown off campus

    YORK College students were thrown off campus as they tried to gather support for their anti-war protest, sparking a row between college management and staff. According to student Oli Wilson, 19, the 20-strong group was told to leave the Tadcaster Road

  • War claims its first British casualties

    THE war against Iraq claimed its first British casualties early today when a helicopter crashed in the Kuwaiti desert. The tragedy occurred as American and British forces drove into Iraq, attacking by "air, land and sea". British Royal Marines were

  • Mount school's silent vigil

    PUPILS at a York private school were today holding a silent vigil against the war. The anti-war protest took place outside the Mount School, a girls' boarding school in Dalton Terrace, York. Deputy Head Sarah Hebron said that the vigil, which began

  • 'Get behind the British troops'

    CIVIC heads in Selby and Tadcaster today urged local people to get behind the British troops - even if they were against the war with Iraq. Selby District Council chairman John Bedworth said he was against military action without a second UN resolution

  • York's opinion on war divided

    Opinion on the outbreak of war were divided in York today. Debra Anderson, 22, of Strensall, York, said: "I'm disgusted, I don't want this war to go ahead. Over the past couple of days I think they have proven it is all just about oil, and is purely

  • Iraqi missiles hit Kuwait

    Two Iraqi missiles this morning hit northern Kuwait, according to the official Kuwaiti news agency. Experts in bio-chemical suits were said to be examining the blast sites.

  • Special service at Ripon Cathedral

    Ripon Cathedral is to hold a special service of prayers on Saturday. The Rev John Carter said a delegation of Muslims would be visiting the cathedral to take part in midday prayers for peace.

  • Pupils stage anti-war protest

    Police were called to a York school after hundreds of students protesting against war with Iraq spilled out onto a city street. Four pupils aged between 14 and 16 have been excluded from Joseph Rowntree School for two days for "inappropriate behaviour

  • York `human shield' now in Baghdad

    WOULD-BE human shield Antoinette McCormick has reached Baghdad - just hours before the conflict began. The 38-year-old arrived safe and well at the Palestine Hotel in the Iraqi capital after a long and difficult overland journey from Jordan, her York

  • `Bring country to a standstill'

    YORK residents were today urged to take part in non-violent civil disobedience in protest at war in Iraq. Chris Fuller, of York Against the War, said the direct action protests can be the only response to the Government's "immoral and ludicrous behaviour

  • MPs speak of regret as war begins

    MPs from across York and North Yorkshire today spoke of their regret as war started in the Gulf. And support for troops, many from North Yorkshire, was expressed across the party lines. York MP Hugh Bayley said: "Everyone wanted to avoid war and

  • Security tightened at Westminster

    SECURITY has been tightened at Westminster amid fears of a terrorist attack linked to the war in Iraq. MPs have been informed of "detailed plans for increased security measures" inside and outside the Houses of Parliament.

  • Labour Labour members burn their cards

    THE Labour Party is today at least three members lighter after three York stalwarts burned their membership cards in response to war in Iraq. Gordon Campbell-Thomas and Mick and Sue Hoban said they could not support UK military action without UN backing

  • Lord Mayor offers support

    The Lord Mayor of York today offered his full support to the servicemen and women from the city who are out in the Gulf. Coun David Horton said "I and the whole of the Civic Party would offer our support to the men and women who are out there, particularly

  • Home Office issues 'preventative steps'

    THE Home Office has set out "simple preventative steps" - like stocking up on bottled water and tinned food - that people should take to guard themselves against possible terror attacks in this country. Though officials say there is currently "no information

  • Top army officer 'confident'

    YORKSHIRE'S top army officer spoke today of his confidence in soldiers from the region who have been deployed to the Gulf. Brigadier David Shaw is Commander of 15 (North East) Brigade and also of York Garrison, which encompasses Imphal and Strensall

  • Bush launches war against Iraq

    SADDAM Hussein was defiant today after the war against Iraq was launched with a wave of air strikes targeting the country's top leadership. Air strikes by stealth bombers and long-range cruise missiles were said to have targeted five senior members

  • Read all about it - The Editorial Department

    We start the story of how the Evening Press reaches our readers - and reveal how our supporters include Tony Blair himself THE first stage in putting together any newspaper is gathering relevant and interesting stories. At the Evening Press, we

  • Generating revenue - The Advertising Department

    We continue our look behind the scenes at the Evening Press - and some famous names tell us why they love local papers ADVERTISING plays a crucial role in producing each copy of the Evening Press, generating around 70 per cent of the paper's revenue

  • Planning the paper - Production and Printing

    Alex Lloyd examines the production of the paper - and we offer you inside information about the regional press ONCE the stories, images and advertising have been gathered for the Evening Press, its pages need to be prepared and printed. Jon Kirkman

  • Selling the paper - Sales and Circulation

    Alex Lloyd continues our look in-depth look at the way the Evening Press is produced - and more VIPs tell us why local papers matter MORE than 41,500 copies of the Evening Press are purchased across York and North Yorkshire every night, and getting

  • The world wide web - Website and Design

    Alex Lloyd looks at our online newspaper and our in-house design agency THE Evening Press website,, was launched in 1998 and provides all sorts of valuable information for locals and visitors, as well as a frequently updated news

  • Proud to fight your corner

    Alex Lloyd looks at how the Evening Press has campaigned to make life better for their readers THE Evening Press prides itself on not only writing about the local community but also making a difference to people's lives through campaigns and initiatives

  • Fears over mini motos

    A PUBLIC meeting will next month discuss the problems caused by youngsters riding mini-motos around a York estate. The next Bell Farm Residents Association meeting will be thrown open to all local people to give them a chance to come along and raise

  • Mystery Plays get an airing

    SHOPPERS in York got a sneak preview of the city's world-famous Mystery Plays. The Guilds of York, who put on the plays, performed excerpts as part of City of York Council's Streets Alive festival. Brian Wilson, from the Guild of Builders, took

  • Mystery Plays launched

    COSTUMED characters from the planned York Mystery Plays of 2006 gave a special preview at its official launch. The Lord Mayor of York, Coun Janet Looker, read out a proclamation at the gathering in Bedern Hall, Aldwark, which was attended by more than

  • Chance of plays in 2007

    YORK'S world-famous Mystery Plays could be performed again in the Museum Gardens in 2007 - provided enough of the right people come forward to steer the project to fruition. A working party set up last year to investigate the feasibility of reviving

  • York Mystery Plays text bid

    THE historic text of the York Mystery Plays should go on display in a city museum like the Bayeux Tapestry is displayed in France, a city councillor has claimed. Councillor Martin Bartlett was speaking before City of York Council unanimously backed

  • Plea for return of Plays text

    A COUNCILLOR is calling for the text of the York Mystery Plays to be returned to York to form the centrepiece of a permanent display. Coun Martin Bartlett is also urging City of York Council to provide leadership and support for regular future production

  • Mystery Play goes on stage in city

    THE only Mystery Plays production in York this summer hits the stage tonight. Friends of York Mystery Plays are presenting The Last Supper, a sequence of plays that tells the story of the period leading to Christ's betrayal. The production gives

  • Wagons Ho! Mystery Plays to go ahead in 2006

    THE Guilds of York have confirmed that the York Mystery Plays will be staged again in 2006 - on the back of pageant wagons. They say the Plays are to be performed at various locations around the city, in line with medieval custom, on July 9 and 16.

  • Further investigations needed on drama date

    FURTHER investigations are needed before any decision can be taken on whether York Mystery Plays can return to the Museum Gardens - and when. Members of the York Mystery Plays Association met this week, following the publication of a feasibility study

  • York gets Plays - on smaller scale

    THE York Mystery Plays will be performed this summer - but as a relatively small-scale production in a new indoor setting. While campaigners wait to see whether a large-scale production can be staged again in the Museum Gardens in 2005 or 2006, the

  • Unlikely that Plays will return in 2005

    A CRUCIAL report which will help determine whether York's Mystery Plays can be saved is set to be published next month. Ben Pugh was commissioned last autumn to assess the viability of staging a large-scale community performance of the Plays in the

  • New Year deadline for Plays

    THE future of York's Mystery Plays will be decided in the New Year. Ben Pugh, the expert asked to investigate whether a major production could once again be staged in the Museum Gardens, has started work. He is expected to present a comprehensive

  • A new character enters Plays saga

    THE campaign to save York's Mystery Plays won a major boost today with news that City of York Council is backing a comprehensive feasibility study. Arts expert Ben Pugh, who has organised a number of large-scale events in the city, including Sightsonic

  • Plays get worldwide backing

    THE campaign to save York's Mystery Plays is continuing to win support - from ordinary York residents to an expatriate now living in Canada. Keith Wood says he has been inundated with messages of support since he was asked to investigate whether the

  • Guardian highlights plays campaign

    THE campaign to save York's Mystery Plays - launched by the Evening Press after a wave of concern from city residents - has reached the national stage. The Evening Press launched the campaign to save the Biblical plays, which are usually performed

  • Dame Judi backs our campaign to save York's Mystery Plays

    DAME Judi Dench has thrown her support behind the Evening Press campaign to save York's Mystery Plays. York's most famous daughter was involved in the first three productions in the Museum Gardens in the 1950s, performing as the Virgin Mary in 1957

  • Council to be quizzed on Plays

    CITY OF YORK Council will be asked tonight what it is doing to support efforts to stage York's Mystery Plays again in 2005. Independent councillor Janet Hopton plans to raise the Mystery Plays issue at a full council meeting at the Guildhall. She

  • TV spotlight on Mystery Plays

    THE battle to save York's Mystery Plays is set to be featured on BBC's Look North this evening. The programme has interviewed key figures involved in the Evening Press campaign to ensure the Plays are staged again in the Museum Gardens, if possible

  • Hopes rise for Plays

    THE campaign to save York's Mystery Plays has taken a major step forward. A York Mystery Plays Association has been formed with the aim of staging the plays again - if possible in the Museum Gardens in 2005. Two working groups have been set up to

  • Knight offers to help with Plays rescue

    ONE of the volunteers who helped revive York Rugby League Club has offered to join the battle to save York Mystery Plays. Phil Seymour is just the latest person to volunteer to join a board which may be set up in an attempt to ensure the Plays are

  • Chester drawers

    THE campaign to save York's Mystery Plays has been boosted by news that a rival northern city's production has been financially successful. Chester Mystery Plays have finished after a run that drew critical acclaim and some sell-out audiences, along

  • More support to save city Plays

    TWO more volunteers with valuable experience have come forward to back our campaign to save York's Mystery Plays. One is Simon Tompsett, who was business director of professional theatres in Harrogate and Inverness in the 1990s. The other is Mark

  • Boost for hopes to have Plays outdoors

    HOPES that York's Mystery Plays might return to their spiritual home in the Museum Gardens were today given an important boost. The York Museums Trust, now responsible for the Gardens, says it would be delighted in principle for the Plays to be staged

  • Super setting

    THE York Mystery Plays in Museum Gardens is an unforgettable experience, as anyone who has seen them there will testify. St Mary's Abbey ruins are a more evocative backdrop than any set designer could create. So we are delighted that the York Museums

  • Wagon actors join Plays battle

    THE Evening Press campaign to keep the world-famous York Mystery Plays alive has won backing from the York Guilds' Wagon Plays Board. The Guilds performed Mystery Plays on the backs of pageant wagons in the city's streets in 2002, and are aiming to

  • Plays offer made by ex-Lord Mayor

    A FORMER Lord Mayor of York who helped run two successful seasons of Mystery Plays has offered to help ensure they are staged again in future. Keith Wood was vice-chairman of the York Festival Board in 1980, with responsibility for the Plays - staged

  • Safety expert makes appeal to businesses

    STILL more people have come forward to back our campaign to save York's Mystery Plays. One offer of assistance has been made by John Bielby, a senior partner in a health and safety consultancy and president of the York Society of Engineers. He spoke

  • Postal vote fraud move

    YORK and Selby postal voters intending to cast their ballot in future elections must first register their signature and date of birth, as part of a Government move to protect against postal voting fraud. Those who are already registered as postal voters

  • Fairy with a difference

    Photograph by Peter Bradshaw, Tadcaster © The copyright of this image remains with the photographer

  • Tadcaster Christmas Fair

    Photograph by Peter Bradshaw, Tadcaster © The copyright of this image remains with the photographer

  • Summertime

    Photograph by Peter Bradshaw, Tadcaster © The copyright of this image remains with the photographer

  • Holiday drink-drive figures 'dreadful'

    POLICE described drink-drive figures as "dreadful" after 175 motorists were arrested during the Christmas and New Year campaign. They included 59 in the central area - which covers York and Selby. Officers carried out a total of 2,885 breath tests during

  • Can you dig it?

    WE all like to grumble about traffic congestion and roadworks. But as our selection of pictures today show, these are not new problems. The first photograph shows new electric tram lines being laid in Station Avenue in 1909. The men posing for the camera

  • Anger over York schools that fingerprint their five-year-olds

    THOUSANDS of children in York are being fingerprinted by their schools, including many without parents' knowledge, The Press can reveal today. Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show 11 schools in the city are using personal biometric

  • Heads give response to ‘freedom’ criticism

    HEAD TEACHERS at schools using fingerprint recognition have defended the system, claiming it is safe and popular. But one city primary school has already stopped using it, pending the outcome of any debate. Clifton Green head teacher Sheila Audsley

  • City law firm in liability battle

    A MAJOR legal challenge is to be made by a York law firm on Wednesday, to clarify how insurance companies should treat claims relating to asbestos deaths at businesses where their employers' liability policies have been in force. National personal injury

  • Miniature trip to the States

    A HIGH-TECH University of York spinout company is ready to display its revolutionary invention - tiny tools which investigate the nature of matter - to the world's scientific community. Paraytec Ltd, of Tadcaster Road, will be exhibiting its ActiPix

  • Music firm’s job fears

    UNCERTAINTY hangs over jobs at the Harrogate branch of Music Zone, as the UK's third-largest music and film retailer goes into administration. But Bill Dawson, from Deloitte's Reorganisation Services division, who has been appointed administrator, hopes

  • Dealership targets disabled market

    A YORK car dealership is hoping to attract more disabled customers after sending two of its sales staff on a course to highlight ways in which vehicles can be adapted. Anita Wood and Mike Barber, of Monks Cross-based Polar Ford were among the first to

  • Parking with the enemy

    NOBODY likes traffic wardens. I bet even Michael Palin, surely the nicest man in the whole world ever, sticks two fingers up behind their backs whenever they interrupt one of his trips around the world to slap a ticket on his hot air balloon. I can't

  • Doorstep daggers drawn over junk mail

    THE Lib Dem-controlled council's war on waste has run into trouble after one resident complained about junk mail being shoved through his letterbox - by the party's deputy leader. An Acomb resident fired off a complaint - seen by The Diary - to City

  • Science that’s really scary

    THOUSANDS of York children are being routinely fingerprinted by their schools, we reveal today. And for what? So they can access the school library. Talk about sleepwalking into a frightening future. The Press has nothing against scientific progress

  • Time for change

    CAMPAIGNERS have been calling for the A64 to be improved for years. Perhaps the latest deaths on this notorious road will finally make the Highways Agency sit up and listen. Eight people have died in the last year alone on this single 70-mile stretch

  • How to free up money for NHS

    Regarding the recent coverage of NHS cuts made by the primary care trust (PCT). Having worked within the NHS for more than 20 years, I would like to comment on the Choose and Book system used at present for referring patients to hospital by their GPs.

  • What’s the incentive for us going green?

    THIS month's increases in rail fares, though appalling, are not the worst of the story in recent times. Last month I bought a business saver from York to London, priced £108 - a rise of £30, or almost 30 per cent from 2005. Would the Government

  • Religion’s place

    DAVID QUARRIE'S tribute to Dr Sentamu's modesty and commonsense (Letters, December 30) is admirable, but I must take exception to his comment about the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr Rowan Williams may lack the charisma and personal touch which endear

  • Happy tidings

    THE silver lining of the festive-spending clouds is shining through. The 1940s war debt to the USA is finally paid off, largely by the older generations, which should leave extra money in our purses. The pound is at record levels. And this month

  • Fall helpers

    I would like to thank all who came to my assistance when I tripped and fell, hitting my face and head on pavement and railings, at the bus stop opposite Theatre Royal, on Wednesday afternoon. A couple came to my immediate aid (Mr and Mrs Bowling

  • Keep resolved

    The start of a new year is often a time when thousands of us start to cut down on the calories in an attempt to beat the Christmas bulge. Statistics released by the Fitness Industry Association show January is the most popular time to join a gym, but

  • Early support

    AS A child I spent time in the care system, and know from personal experience what it feels like to have no stability and the upheaval of moving between different placements. I was relatively lucky. After spending some time in the care system I grew

  • A64 ‘needs investment’

    Richard Harris reports on the poor safety record of the busy A64 which links York to Leeds and Scarborough. EIGHT dead in 12 months. That is the toll the A64 has taken on people travelling along it and living alongside it in the space of one year.

  • Targets in mind if City's loan duo go back

    YORK City boss Billy McEwan is making contingency plans should on-loan Stevenage pair Jason Goodliffe and Darryn Stamp leave KitKat Crescent this month. Stamp made the final appearance of his three-month loan spell during Saturday's excellent 5-0 home

  • Hill to hit peak

    NORTH YORKSHIRE apprentices are fancied to come to the fore at Southwell tomorrow. Jamie Moriarty, who is attached to Richard Fahey's Malton yard, is expected to take first blood at the meeting aboard Beldon Hill, trained by his boss, while Andrew Mullen

  • Collins double stuns leaders

    LEEPER Hare York and District Football League premier division leaders Huntington crashed to their first home defeat in 12 games as they lost 2-1 at home to Malton & Norton. Chris Dyson gave Huntington an early lead but Simon Collins struck twice to

  • MP’s concern at bus fares rise

    COUNCIL bosses have come under fire from York's MP over inflation-busting hikes to the city's bus fares. Hugh Bayley hit out at City of York Council's transport bosses for not doing more to resist the increases of up to 50 pence by bus operator First

  • Johns on the spot for Wilberfoss

    Division one leaders Wilberfoss extended their unbeaten home run to 11 games after they beat Bishopthorpe 4-2. Two Danny Johns penalties and strikes from Rob Walker and Olly Newby gave 'Foss the edge. Joe Gardham and Greg Fitzmaurice hit the visitors

  • York City 5, Crawley 0

    FORGET drummers drumming! On the 12th day of Christmas, York City players gave their supporters one of the most awesome displays of attacking football seen at Bootham Crescent in recent times. The Minstermen overwhelmed a Crawley Town side that went

  • Hard Work pays off for Hackworth

    SCARBOROUGH'S impressive away form in Conference North continued when a superb second-half strike from Tony Hackworth gave the Seadogs a 1-0 win at Workington. His goal, 15 minutes from time, was the perfect fillip for Boro going into today's crunch

  • Amotherby surprise Ryedale neighbours

    DIVISION one side Amotherby & Swinton provided a big shock in the Leeper Hare York and District League Senior Cup by taking the prize scalp of Premier division Old Malton. Phil Hill gave Old Malton the lead from the penalty spot but A&M hit back with

  • Ellerker keeps Town in the mix

    CRAIG Ellerker's second-half header saw Harrogate Town close the gap on the leaders in Conference North with a 1-0 win at Hinckley United. Chances were scarce in a game played at a wet and muddy Marstons Stadium, but Ellerker found himself unmarked

  • Students look happy on road

    YORK St John's notched up their fourth consecutive Reserve A' 2-1 away win on Saturday. They trailed at New Earswick to a James Cook goal but took the points with second half goals from Tom Shirley and Steve Danby. Leaders Dringhouses beat Copmanthorpe

  • Leaders push on

    Reserve B' leaders Wigginton beat Poppleton 3-1 with goals from Pete Carney, Danny Franks and Adam Jenkins. Stamford Bridge, despite leading with goals from Nick Long and Ben Andrews, were held 2-2 by Haxby whose point-savers were Matt Bogan and Jimmy

  • Leaders’ penalty blank

    BOTH sides in the top of the table clash in Reserve C' missed a penalty as York RI and Hemingbrough shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw. Jon Falkingham put Hemingbrough in front with Dave Clarke equalising for York RI. Andy Sykes (3) and Scott Nicholls

  • Rocking Robins

    THERE was a goal-fest at Carlton where Selby Town squeezed a 4-3 victory in Northern Counties East Premier division. Andrew Dawson put the Robins ahead after just three minutes when he turned in a Christian Fox corner. Tom Matthews made it 2-0 eight

  • Railway find that extra bit

    HARROGATE Railway finally beat their Brigg Town blues - dispatching the visitors 3-0 in the third round of the UniBond Challenge Cup. Rail had already lost to Brigg home and away in the league and they had to wait until extra time to surge ahead in

  • Our centre-backs were bullied – Wise

    LEEDS United manager Dennis Wise accused his central defenders of being too easily bullied by West Brom's bruising striker John Hartson in the 3-1 FA Cup defeat at West Brom. Hayden Foxe and Matt Heath teamed up at the heart of the defence and Wise complained

  • Relief for Albion

    TADCASTER Albion ended their barren run in Northern Counties East division one with a battling 2-0 win against Winterton Rangers. The second-placed visitors, who included ex-Tad striker Steve Ward in their line-up, came unstuck in the mud at Ings Lane

  • Sour Malt again taste defeat

    MALTON and Norton were yet again the authors of their own downfall as they were beaten 22-17 at Huddersfield YMCA. The game started badly when Huddersfield won a scrum after three minutes 20 metres out from the Malton line. A pick up and run by the

  • Cutting edge gives York top spot in Yorkshire One

    WHO needs Carl Paterson? York RUFC's 25-3 win over Scarborough at Clifton Park was by no means as comfortable as the score-line suggests. But statistics don't lie and the win, gained without their former skipper and influential fly-half, has fired the

  • Selby prevail despite RI resistance

    RUNAWAY Yorkshire Two leaders Selby RUFC were given an almighty scare at York RI but powered on in the second half to record a 25-12 victory. The Railwaymen put in one of their best performances of the season fighting and scrapping in the tight and the

  • Pock pay price for poor play

    POCKLINGTON went down 23-7 at Barnsley in Yorkshire Division Two, where the home side gave them a lesson in taking chances. Barnsley immediately got a boost when they kicked a penalty after just two minutes, as Pocklington could not get going in the

  • Villagers caught cold

    LACK of match practice told as an off-the-pace Heworth ARLC fell 17-4 at home to Saddleworth in National Conference division two. The Villagers' had last taken the field in the league almost a month ago, and the in-form visitors always looked the sharper

  • Kick in the teeth for Acorn

    A LATE drop goal condemned York Acorn ARLFC to the narrowest of defeats at Ince Rosebridge in National Conference division one. Scrum-half Ryan Baker got the one-pointer which sealed a 15-14 win for promotion hunting Rosebridge in what was a hard fought

  • No Cold Calling Zones scheme to be extended

    HOUSEHOLDERS love them - but criminals hate them. That's the verdict on No Cold Calling Zones from North Yorkshire County Council, which is extending its scheme to rid neighbourhoods of doorstep crime. The first zone was introduced just over a year

  • Ban for drink-driver who crashed his car

    A motorist who crashed his car while two-and-a-half times the alcohol limit had turned down a chance to learn how to stop mixing drink and driving, a court heard. Darren March Allan Porter, 32, was banned from driving for 18 months in July 2003 for

  • Drink-driver avoids jail

    A DRINK-DRIVER'S 80mph bid to escape arrest ended with him crashing his car in flames in a York suburb, a court heard. Paul Ian Hudson, 51, avoided being locked up when he appeared at York Crown Court, despite being nearly twice the legal alcohol limit

  • Views wanted on climate change

    THE search is on for people in York and North Yorkshire aged 50 or over to take part in a focus group about climate change. Scientists at the University of York's Stockholm Environment Institute are running the discussions as part of the year-long

  • Pensioner hails The Press after water worry is resolved

    A PENSIONER has hailed the "power of The Press" after the potentially- hazardous water problem in his York council flat was finally dealt with - after eight weeks. Cyril Frear, of Long Close Lane, off Walmgate, contacted The Press as a last resort to

  • Views on NHS cost cuts to be heard

    PATIENTS, carers, health groups and workers will get a chance to voice their views on huge NHS cost cuts at a major forum in York this month. Members of City of York Council's Health Scrutiny Committee will host their health forum on January 31. North

  • Suicide bid paedophile is jailed

    THE paedophile who tried to kill himself half-way through his trial for child abuse is today behind bars. David Drake, 61, lay unconscious for two days at York Hospital while the evidence continued at York Crown Court. He was still unconscious when

  • Call to freeze council tax in Ryedale

    COUNCIL tax in Ryedale should drop. That's the proposal to be put before the district council this week. With tax demands being frozen and inflation running at 2.7 per cent, it would mean tax bills in the district would fall in 2007. But the motion