NEW double yellow lines are set to be painted on two dozen streets across York.

City of York Council said the introduction of the "no waiting at any time" restrictions was mainly in response to demands from local residents.

The authority has made an order paving the way for the introduction of lines on stretches of the following streets:

Bishopthorpe Road, Bramble Dene in Woodthorpe, Burton Stone Lane, Farndale Street, Endfields Road, Garfield Terrace, Government House Road, Grants Avenue, Heworth Place, Lastingham Terrace, Main Street and Heslington Lane in Heslington, Melrosegate, Moorcroft Road in Woodthorpe, Mount Vale Drive, Murton Way in Osbaldwick, Osbaldwick Lane, Ouseburn Avenue, Royal Chase, St George's Place, St Paul's Square, Shipton Street, The Avenue, Thirkleby Way and Greencliffe Drive.

A number of other orders have been made, for example changing combined residents priority and pay and display parking places in Clifton.

The order, which was made last Wednesday, came into effect today.

Malcolm Kettlestring, chairman of Osbaldwick Parish Council, said it had objected to some of the restrictions in the village, alongside the historic parish church and an attractive stone bridge over a beck.

"We felt the yellow lines weren't appropriate in a conservation area and weren't necessary, as no one with any common sense would park there anyhow," he said, adding there had been a petition against the proposals when they were first announced.

He said he could understand the need for lines on a corner further along the road, where parked cars could make it difficult for buses trying to get around the corner. He suspected that a bus company had applied for the lines in the first place.

A council spokeswoman said the vast majority of the restrictions had been introduced at the request of local residents, and others by bus companies.

She said the proposed orders had all been advertised and any objections made had been considered before the council had decided to go ahead with the lines.