POCKLINGTON went down 23-7 at Barnsley in Yorkshire Division Two, where the home side gave them a lesson in taking chances.

Barnsley immediately got a boost when they kicked a penalty after just two minutes, as Pocklington could not get going in the early stages.

The new scrum directive was rigorously enforced and Pocklington were penalised for feeding at three of the first four scrums.

Pock improved as the half went on but the home side were always dangerous on the flanks and when the visitors gave away possession on half-way after 23 minutes Barnsley were quick to counter and got the ball wide for a try in the corner.

Barnsley added another penalty after a harsh offside.

The second half followed a similar pattern, again Pocklington turned over the ball on half-way and Barnsley took full advantage to get it wide and score in the right corner.

Pock tried to make something happen but strong Barnsley defence and good inter-passing brought them another long range back try and a 23-0 lead.

To their credit, Pock pounded at the home line in the closing stages. The pack drove over at the side of the posts only to be ruled to have been held up.

But Pocklington got their consolation when prop George Fell plunged in for the try which was converted by full-back Nick Bennett.