Opinion on the outbreak of war were divided in York today.

Debra Anderson, 22, of Strensall, York, said: "I'm disgusted, I don't want this war to go ahead. Over the past couple of days I think they have proven it is all just about oil, and is purely money-orientated. And I for one do no think that innocent people should die because of money."

Andrew Richards, 44, of Haxby, York, said: "Sometimes we have to do things we don't agree with completely, if we think it is for the best over all. I don't want war, no one does, but we can't just let him go ahead and get these bombs, that way no one is safe."

Kenny Huang, 21, from York St John College, originally from China, said: "I cannot support this. It is really awful if you have a lot of people dying out there. The Americans are breaking the peace and that is never right."

Michelle Wilkins, 25, of Fulford, York, said: "Iraq used to be such a rich country , but now people out there hardly have any food or medical supplies. Saddam's had ample opportunity to disarm. He's got the weapons and I don't think he's going to be afraid to use them."