ONE of the volunteers who helped revive York Rugby League Club has offered to join the battle to save York Mystery Plays.

Phil Seymour is just the latest person to volunteer to join a board which may be set up in an attempt to ensure the Plays are staged again in 2005.

Phil said he had lived in York all his life, enjoyed the Mystery Plays on numerous occasions and would like to help in any way he could.

"It would be a shame to see the Mystery Plays cease to happen," he said. "As well as working full time in motor finance I am also in charge of fundraising events for York City Knights Rugby League Club."

He said he had been involved with the club ever since the old club, York Wasps, went bust. "A group of us set about getting the money together to start a new club.

"I am involved in various areas at the club, from match day to sponsorship, but my main focus is fundraising events.

"I have a lot of business contacts within the York area, as my family have been in business in York for over 50 years, and I spent seven years selling commercial vehicles before finding my current position.

"These contacts could prove to be useful, especially on the fundraising side of things."

Meanwhile, an actor who says the Plays were a source of inspiration when he was younger has offered to do all he can to help save them.

Peter Huntley, who has performed at York Theatre Royal and Grand Opera House, says he was greatly disappointed to hear there might not be a production of the Plays.

"They are probably the best example of one of the most important stages in theatrical development," he said.

"They must not be lost; it would be a crime against literature, theatre and, most importantly, a large step backwards in making great theatre accessible to all."