• Homeless plan sparks protest

    CONTROVERSIAL proposals to relocate a York homeless centre to a new base in Fishergate have been submitted to planners. The application to demolish the Fishergate Centre, near Castle Mills Bridge, and build a new 22-bedroom hostel for the homeless

  • ‘Enough is enough’ say derelict bungalow neighbours

    EVERY one of its windows is smashed or boarded up, part of its roof has disintegrated, its garden is like a wilderness and it is a magnet for vandals and young thugs. The semi-detached bungalow in Almsford Road, Acomb, York, has been a nightmare for

  • York

    OVERALL control of a hung City of York Council is up for grabs at the election. The authority currently hangs on a knife-edge, with 25 Labour councillors, 24 Liberal Democrats, three Conservatives and one Independent

  • York: In depth

    City of York Council currently hangs on a knife-edge with the Labour group holding a majority of just one. The council has 25 Labour members, 24 Liberal Democrats, three Conservatives and one Independent

  • Selby

    THE Selby election promises to be particularly unpredictable as the Conservatives attempt to wrest control from Labour after eight years. The fine balance of the current council could be upset by substantial changes to

  • Selby: In depth

    The Tories have their sights on taking control of Selby District Council, which is narrowly controlled by Labour. The council make-up is 18 Labour, 16 Conservatives and seven Independents. There are no Liberal Democrat councillors

  • Has Sammy the seal returned?!

    Press reporter Jeremy Small was on the hunt-down for the seal-ebrity today and came within metres of what may have been the legendary creature. The seal settled near the bank of the River Wharfe in Tadcaster at lunchtime, with media crews and dozens

  • How a footstreet scheme for Fossgate could look

    THIS is how a congested city-centre street could look, under plans to convert it into a continental, pedestrian plaza. Nearly 800 traders, shoppers and residents have signed a petition calling for Fossgate to be closed to traffic during the day. City

  • Ryedale

    THERE will be lots more faces on Ryedale District Council this year as the local authority takes on an additional seven councillors. A central government shake-up means 30 seats will be contested in the May 1 elections

  • Ryedale: In depth

    Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are aiming to take control of Ryedale District Council. The authority is currently hung, with 11 Tories, six Independents, five Liberal Democrats and one Labour.

  • East Riding

    THERE are 67 councillors on East Riding of Yorkshire Council, with 27 of them being members of the Conservative Party. Liberal Democrats are the second strongest political group with 22 seats, with Labour trailing

  • Hambleton

    HAMBLETON District Council is overwhelmingly controlled by the Conservative Party. Of its 47 seats, 36 are in the hands of the Tories, with five Independents the next largest group. Of the remaining big political

  • Harrogate

    HARROGATE is a hung council with neither the Liberal Democrats nor the Conservatives enjoying total control. The Lib Dems were returned following the poll in May 2002 as the council’s largest party with 27 seats

  • Acomb

    *Tracey Simpson-Laing (Lab) 1,051 *David Horton (Lab) 1,038 Robert Anderson (Lib Dem) 773 Julie Hook (Lib Dem) 630 Valmai Galvin (Con) 398 Graham Cambridge (Loony) 107 Lab hold

  • Bishopthorpe

    *David Geoffrey Livesley (Lib Dem) 989 Susan Williams (Con) 499 Winifred Atkinson (Lab) 202 Lib Dem hold

  • Clifton

    *Alan Jones (Lab) 1,065 *Kenneth King (Lab) 977 David Scott (Lab) 825 Joanna Macdonald (Lib Dem) 807 *Simon Tarry (Lib Dem) 804 Samantha Waudby (Lib Dem) 724 John Cook (Ind) 625 Leslie Marsh (Ind

  • Derwent

    *Janet Ann Greenwood (Lib Dem) 808 Jennifer Brooks (Con) 491 Lesley Gana (Lab) 128 Lib Dem hold

  • Dringhouses and Woodthorpe

    *Ann Reid (Lib Dem) 2,052 Susan Sunderland (Lib Dem) 1,863 Thomas Holvey (Lib Dem) 1,704 *Bernard Bell (Lab) 1,009 *Richard Cregan (Lab) 829 Monica Garrity (Con) 813 Gerard Hodgson (Lab) 794 Alan

  • Fulford

    Keith Richard Aspden (Lib Dem) 491 Alan Smith (Lab) 285 Walter Davy (Con) 162 Helen Nightingale Kenwright (Green) 76 Lib Dem gain

  • Fishergate

    Andrew Martin D’Agorne (Green) 1,093 Mark Hill (Green) 1,028 *John Boardman (Lab) 555 Robin Dickson (Con) 533 *Roger Farrington (Lab) 472 Karen Dunk (Lib Dem) 321 Derek Waudby (Lib Dem) 265 Green

  • Guildhall

    *Janet Looker (Lab) 664 *Brian Watson (Lab) 564 *Nicholas Blitz (Lib Dem) 532 Phillip Thomas (Lib Dem) 414 Nicholas Toms (Con) 319 Gillian Cossham (Green)199 Denise Craghill (Green) 156 Mark Russell

  • Haxby and Wigginton

    * Charles Hall (Lib Dem) 2,887 Christopher Hogg (Lib Dem) 2,728 Richard Watson (Lib Dem) 2,528 Robert Phillips (Con) 724 Gareth Dadd (Con) 627 Alan Robertshaw (Green) 453 Doris Bell (Lab) 387 Stephen

  • Heslington

    Ceredig Jamieson-Ball (Lib Dem) 381 *Martin Brumby (Lab) 155 Richard Robeson (Con) 86 Candida Spillard (Green) 82 Andrew Collingwood (Soc All) 31 Lib Dem gain

  • Heworth

    *Vivienne Kind (Lab) 1,483 Paul Blanchard (Lab) 1,381 *Ruth Potter (Lab) 1,300 Nigel Ayre (Lib Dem) 1,020 Matthew Reid (Lib Dem) 924 Ian Packington (Lib Dem) 777 Patricia Kay (Con) 613 David Layfield

  • Holgate

    Martin Bartlett (Lib Dem) 1,626 Charles Fairclough (Lib Dem) 1,604 Gilbert Nimmo (Lib Dem) 1,392 *Elizabeth Edge (Lab) 1,357 Peter Finlay (Lab) 1,239 Annie Thompson (Lab) 1,074 Nicholas Major (Con) 441

  • Heworth Without

    Martin Lancelott (Lib Dem) 708 William Bennett (Con) 470 David Thompson (Lab) 240 Lib Dem hold

  • Hull Road

    *Derek Smallwood (Lab) 680 *David Wilde (Lab) 678 Gordon Campbell-Thomas (Ind) 435 Duncan Flynn (Con) 390 Kevin Paul Dunk (Lib Dem) 360 Susan Willer (Lib Dem) 343 John Cossham (Green) 313 Lab hold

  • Huntington and New Earswick

    John Orrell (Lib Dem) 2,236 Keith Hyman (Lib Dem) 2,186 *Carol Runciman (Lib Dem)1,969 Paul Tumman (Con) 755 Clive Woolley (Green) 608 James Alexander (Lab) 531 Geoffrey Beacon (Lab) 490 Lib Dem

  • Micklegate

    Alexander Fraser (Lab) 1,268 *David Merrett (Lab) 1,260 *David Evans (Lab) 1,198 Andrew Chase (Green) 734 Simon Blackburn (Lib Dem) 654 Anthony Martin (Green) 599 Gillian Thompson (Lib Dem) 599

  • Osbaldwick

    *Jonathan Peter Morley (Lib Dem) 514 Gerald Grisdale (Ind) 391 Andrew David Garbutt (Lab) 117 Lib Dem hold

  • Rural West York

    *Janet Hopton (Ind) 2,100 *Quentin MacDonald (Lib Dem) 1,685 Glen Bradley (Lib Dem) 1,405 Adam Sinclair (Con) 1336 Carole Green (Lib Dem) 1316 John Gillies (Con) 1212 George Thomson-Smith (Con) 1016

  • Skelton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without

    *Irene Waudby (Lib Dem) 1,912 *Mark Waudby (Lib Dem) 1,630 Richard Moore (Lib Dem) 1,534 Victor Paylor (Ind) 853 Anthony Ireland (Lab) 645 Peter Gibson (Con) 589 Andrew Kay (Con) 562 Matthew Page

  • Strensall

    *Madeleine Kirk (Lib Dem) 1,113 Ian Cuthbertson (Lib Dem) 996 Jonathan Moore (Con) 686 William Hanbury (Con) 599 Robert Guthrie (Lab) 191 Karl Smith (Lab) 167 Lib Dem hold

  • Westfield

    *Stephen Galloway (Lib Dem) 2,291 *Andrew Waller (Lib Dem) 2,154 *Susan Galloway (Lib Dem) 2013 Paul Baptie (Lab)697 Thomas Gibson (Lab) 641 James Tipton (Lab) 613 Kenneth Beavan (Con) 314 Lib Dem

  • Wheldrake

    Christian Vassie (Lib Dem) 982 *John Galvin (Con) 459 Edward Gouge (Lab) 124 Lib Dem gain

  • Barlby

    *Stephanie Duckett (Lab) 346 *Brian Marshall (Lab) 338 Alan Hartley (Lib Dem) 308 David Fagan (Con) 269 Labour hold

  • Brayton

    *Mark Crane (Con) 900 *Iain Nutt (Con) 863 Ian Chilvers (Con) 852 Anthony Thurlow (Lab) 600 Bill Martin (Lab) 529 Susan Martin (Lab) 518 Conservative hold

  • Camblesforth

    Margaret Hulme (Con) 591 * John Bedworth (Lab) 516 Maria Morris (Con) 504 *Rodney Price (Lab) 477 New ward

  • Cawood with Wistow

    * John Cattanach (Con) 808 Johnathan Meehan (Con) 640 William Tinsley (Lab) 420 Conservative hold

  • Eggborough

    * John McCartney (Ind) 768 Paul Harvey (Lab) 430 Nicholas Lapish (Con) 353 Independent hold

  • Hambleton

    *Christopher Pearson (Con) 893 Clifford Lunn (Con) 855 Ruth Sayner (Con) 800 *Dean Howson (Lab) 662 Rodney Possnett (Lab) 603 Sylvia Long (Lab) 595 Conservative gain

  • Fairburn with Brotherton

    * Jack Crawford (Lab) 528 Roy Wilson (Lab) 513 Keith Bradley (Con) 355 Peter Dryburgh Smith (Con) 347 New ward

  • Hemingbrough

    David McSherry (Con) 469 Kathleen McSherry (Con) 412 Stephen Gillett (Lab) 350 Roland Chilvers (Ind) 340 Jan Strelczenie (Lab) 272 Conservative gain

  • Ricall with Escrick

    *Elizabeth Ann Casling (Con) 712 Fay Ryan (Con) 612 *John Duggan (Lab) 513 Jean Bills (Lab) 490 New ward

  • Selby North

    *Winifred May (Lab) 558 *Steve Shaw-Wright (Lab) 491 *Melanie Davis (Lab) 466 Patricia Thirsk (Con) 321 Ann Erskine (Con) 307 Labour hold

  • Selby South

    *Doreen Davies (Lab) 450 *Wendy Nichols (Lab) 402 Stanley Palmer (Con) 158 Mark Dawson (Con) 112 Labour hold

  • Selby West

    *Wally Norton (Con) 679 *Joyce Dyson (Con) 637 George Carter (Lab) 439 Graham Gatman (Lab) 389 Conservative hold

  • Sherburn-in-Elmet

    William Martin (Lab) 755 George Croston (Lab) 702 Robert Packham (Lab) 678 Geoffrey Morley (Con) 654 Anita Wilson (Con) 549 Labour hold

  • Tadcaster East

    *Christopher Metcalfe (Con) 379 Roderic Parker (Lib Dem) 341 Edward Mansfield (Lab) 308 Gordon Spencer (Con) 279 Lib Dem gain

  • Tadcaster West

    *Donald Bain-Mackay (Con) 604 *Richard Sweeting (Ind) 421 James Fawcett (Con) 354 Gregory Lodge (Lab) 241 Robert Hutchinson (Lib Dem) 215 Con hold, Ind hold

  • Whitley

    Gillian Ivey (Con) 796 David Peart (Con) 709 John Vause (Lab) 457 Jack Davie (Lab) 388 Conservative hold

  • Ampleforth

    *James Bailey (Con) 366 Anne Carter (Lib Dem) 182 Con hold

  • Cropton

    John Clark (Lib) 368 Gregory White (Con) 306 New ward

  • Amotherby

    *Pamela Anderson (Con) 318 Florence Ford (Lib Dem) 157 Con hold

  • Derwent

    *Brian Cottam (Con) 603 David Clarkson (Con) 510 Ronald King (Lib Dem) 419 New ward

  • Dales

    Amy Trevelyan (Lib) 394 *Charles Scott (Con) 269 Lib gain

  • Helmsley

    Richard Murray-Wells (Con) 633 *Christopher Parkin (Con) 597 Edward Wardle (Ind) 557 Con hold

  • Kirkbymoorside

    *David Cussons (Con) 677 Valerie Arnold (Con) 549 *Gary Hobbs (Lab) 545 Susan Balf (Lab) 417 Con hold, Con gain

  • Hovingham

    *Charles Wainwright (Ind) 562 David Fearnhead (Lab) 60 Ind hold

  • Norton East

    *Elizabeth Shields (Lib Dem) 407 Howard Keal (Lib Dem) 290 *Stephen Shaw (Con) 186 Ann Beaumont (Lab) 112 Stephen Langton (Lab) 87 New ward

  • Norton West

    *Allin Jenkins (Ind) 456 Dinah Keal (Lib Dem) 376 Stuart Collins (Lib Dem) 296 James Mitchell Urguhart (Lab) 99 New ward

  • Malton

    *Lindsay Burr (Lib Dem) 589 Stephen Preston (Lib Dem) 537 Paul Andrews (Lib Dem) 471 Ann Hopkinson 400 Martin Dales (Con) 385 Patricia Moore (Con) 378 Anne Edwards (Con) 338 Lib Dem hold, Lib

  • Pickering East

    *Joan Taylor (Ind) 486 *Arthur Aslett (Lib Dem) 466 Angela Huggan (Con) 360 Judith Dixon (Lab) 165 Jill Murkett (Lab) 120 New ward

  • Pickering West

    *Linda Cowling (Con) 528 Natalie Warriner (Ind) 475 Krystina Meinardi (Lib Dem) 290 New ward

  • Rillington

    *Brian Maud (Ind) 384 James Robinson (Con) 168 Ind hold

  • Barbican deal is set to go-ahead

    THE £7 million sale of land at York's Barbican Centre looks set to be completed shortly, almost 12 months after being agreed by city councillors. Labour opposition leader Dave Merrett said today he expected contracts to be exchanged with developers Barbican

  • Sherburn

    *John Raper (Con) 298 Percy Spaven (Lib Dem) 252 Con hold

  • Sinnington

    Philip Huntington (Con) 419 Adrian Paul Bishop (Lib Dem) 194 New ward

  • Thornton Dale

    *Wilfred Garbutt (Ind) 660 *Helen Schroeder (Lib Dem) 579 Ronald Haigh (Con) 411 Allan Monkhouse (Lib Dem) 345 Ind hold, Lib Dem hold

  • Wolds

    Allan Howard (Con) (Elected unopposed) New ward

  • Bridlington North

    *Charles Richard Harrap (Con) 1,487 *John Clive Wilkinson (Con) 1,319 Christopher John Matthews (Con) 1,275 Michael Antony Charlesworth (Ind) 718 Ronald William Adamson (Lib Dem) 630 Alan Martin Charlesworth

  • Bridlington Central and Old Town

    *Raymond Allerston (SDP) 1,491 *Christine Allerston (SDP) 1,394 *Ian Richard Male (Lab) 466 Liam Nicholas Dealtry (Con) 442 Geoffrey Francis Pickering (Con) 396 David Leonard Rowlands (Lab) 332 Ian

  • Bridlington South

    *Doreen Clark (Lab) 919 Cynthia Margaret Chadwick (Con) 885 *David John Grange (Lab) 792 Kenneth Hodgson (Con) 757 Shelagh Finlay (Lab) 725 Cyril Herbert Dennis Marsburg (Con) 679 Linda Ruth Chambers

  • Driffield and rural

    *Felicity Jean Temple (Con) 1,513 *Symon Hugh Fraser (Con) 1,486 *Jonathan Vaughan Griffith-Owen (Con) 1,466 Stephen Poessl (Lib Dem) 769 Paul Alec Rounding (Lab) 762 Frederick Brent Roach (Lib Dem) 708

  • Goole North

    Jean Valerie Kitchen (Lib Dem) 1,109 Eric Raddings (Lib Dem) 884 Kester Dean (Lab) 838 William Albert John Frost (Lab) 718 Stephen Edmond Jefferson Howd (Con) 352 Roy William Pullan (Con) 324 Kevin

  • Goole South

    *Beryl Beck Taylor (Lib Dem) 959 Malcolm Sidney Boatman (Lab) 907 *Patricia O’Neil (Lab) 894 Ingrid Joan Ridley (Lib Dem) 679 Graham Bate (Con) 197 Richard Feilds Bate (Con) 161 Lib Dem hold, Lab

  • Howden

    *Jon Neal (Lib Dem) 701 Linda Cressey (Con) 556 Barbara Watt (Lab) 54 Lib Dem hold

  • Pocklington provincial

    *John Edward Cox (Ind) 2,261 *Hilary Margaret Saynor (Ind) 2,052 *Rowan Margaret Blake-James (Con) 1,369 Richard Bryon (Ind) 1171 Kay West (Con) 1123 Stephen Arthur Lane (Con) 1055 George McManus

  • Wolds Weighton

    *Richard Michael Clubley (Con) 1,902 *David Norman Rudd (Con) 1,824 *Edward Andrew Burton (Con) 1,778 Martha Hanson (Lab) 714 Marian Frith (Ind) 635 Richard Peake (Lab) 626 Douglas James Hope (Lab

  • Cowtons

    *William Michael James Milligan (Ind)

  • Brompton

    *Herbert Langthorne (Con) 412 Janet Seymour Kirk (Lab) 211 Con hold

  • Helperby

    *Peter George Sowray (Con) Con hold

  • Easingwold

    *Geoffrey William Ellis (Con) 749 Frank Wesley Abbey (Con) 700 Julia Smith (Lib Dem) 517 Jennifer Lilian Clare (Lab) 358 Con hold

  • Huby and Sutton

    Graham Alan Jelley (Con) 397 Peter Wilson (Lib Dem) 214 Con hold

  • Northallerton Central

    *John Coulson (Ind) 605 *Anthony William Hall (Con) 309 *Jack Dobson (Lab) 280 Ind hold, Con hold

  • Northallerton Broomfield

    *Edward Stanley Nash (Con) 643 *David Maurice Blades (Con) 625 Andrew Paul Wake (Lab) 373 Con hold

  • Shipton

    *Mary Doreen Haigh (Lib Dem) 396 David Campbell (Con) 264 Lib Dem hold

  • Northallerton North

    *Michael John Prest (Con) 633 *Ralph Irving Andrew (Con) 524 Hilary Dobson (Lab) 322 Con hold

  • Romanby

    *Peter Gerald Brown (Con) 642 *John Nigel Smith (Con) 627 Scott Arthur Dodsworth (Lab) 494 Con hold

  • Sowerby

    *Mark Stewart Robson (Con) 633 *David Stanford Murkett (Con) 502 Stanley William Wilson (Lib Dem) 252 Vivien Lancaster (Lab) 226 Con hold

  • Thirsk

    *Andrew Robinson (Ind) 666 Stephen Hubbard (Con) 614 *Janet Marshall (Lab) 570 *Audrey Elizabeth Skipsey (Con). 482 Carole Mary Pack (Lib Dem) 437 Ind hold, Con hold, Lab hold

  • Topcliffe

    *Neville William Huxtable (Con) 483 Robert Moray Anderson (Lib Dem) 133 Con hold

  • Supermarket to create 350 jobs

    YORK'S first city centre Morrisons supermarket is expected to bring 350 jobs to the city. Work has finally begun on the huge project at Foss Islands - eight years after plans for the site were first debated. The 78,000 square foot store, which will

  • Knaresborough East

    June Lorraine Cook (Lib Dem) 635 Beverley Jane Hallam (Lib Dem) 618 Christine Mary Willoughby (Lib Dem) 598 Robert James Pearson (Lib Dem) 587 Helen Margaret Lyon (Lib Dem) 586 Reginald Brian Heapy (Con

  • Knaresborough King James

    Diana Smith (Con) 844 Richard Hall (Lib Dem) 828 Jayne Elizabeth Emma Jackson (Lib Dem) 765 John Anthony Smith (Con) 732 Myra Smith (Con) 658 Rodney Francis Larwood (Con) 651

  • Ripon Minster

    Sidney James Hawke (Lib Dem) 808 Stuart Andrew Martin (Lib Dem) 793 Bernard Arthur Bateman (Lib Dem) 585 Kenneth William Hard (Lib Dem) 522 Michael Frederick Stanley (Lib Dem) 469 Andrew Reginal Collyer

  • Knaresborough Scriven Park

    Kevin Brian Hawkins (Lib Dem) 655 Robert Wallis Aspin (Con) 577 Andrew John Wright (Knaresboro’ First) 567 Pamela Godsell (LibDem) 546 Peter Reginald Guest (LibDem) 538 Robert John Godsell (LibDem) 527

  • Ripon Moorside

    Andrew Williams (Ind) 1,069 David Wilfred Parnaby (Ind) 831 Charles Ernest Powell, (Ind) 824 Peter Malcolm Horton (Ind) 779 Ian Girvan Humphries (Ind) 730 Anthony John Simpson (Con) 417 Kirsten

  • Ripon Spa

    Rosemarie Curlewis (Con) 616 Paul Graham Freeman (Lib Dem) 533 Samantha Blaikie Curry (Con) 519 John William Stockdale (Lib Dem) 518 June Thompson (LibDem) 464 Peter Roderick Prescott Pearson (Con) 449

  • Scriven

    (UNCONTESTED) Alistair John Clapham, Alan Henry Clarke, Gregory James Ronald Richardson, Eileen Shona Shires, John Barry Wade – all elected.

  • Oaklands pool plan is rubber stamped

    A NEW multi-million-pound swimming pool WILL be built at Oaklands School, after a scrutiny committee voted against reconsidering the decision. During a heated meeting, Labour group leader Dave Merrett was threatened with expulsion from the room as

  • "Why did my Lizzie die?"

    "TELL me how my daughter died." That was the plea today from the mother of tragic York schoolgirl Lizzie Gilmour who died in mysterious circumstances on the city's outer ring road. Rose Gilmour, of St Stephen's Road, Acomb, said she had recently been

  • Celebrities buy up hotel

    X FACTOR impresario Simon Cowell has bought a stake in the 170-bedroom Royal York Hotel. So has Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and various other celebrities, including journalist Sir David Frost, footballers Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard

  • Rose puts M&S on road to recovery

    MARKS & Spencer boss Stuart Rose finally hailed a "recovery" at the high street chain today after sales surged in the build-up to Christmas. The former pupil of Bootham School, York, said same store sales were 5.6 per cent higher between October and

  • Catching a bus back into the past

    OUR picture of a group of fishermen heading off on a coach outing from York in the late 1940s or 50s has brought memories flooding back for readers. Several contacted Diary to say they believed relatives were on board the bus, and confirmed our belief

  • Just why did Lizzie die?

    FOR seven years, the death of schoolgirl Lizzie Gilmour has remained a tragedy and a mystery. The 15-year-old was run over by a car on the A1237 about a mile from her Acomb home on January 15, 2000. Seven years on, Lizzie's heartbroken mum, Rose Gilmour

  • Nice weekend away

    WHAT with my 21st birthday coming around yet again, and my Other Half (OH) being miserable from the minute they put the clocks back to the day they go forward once more, we've been feeling a bit under the weather in our house of late. "Under the weather"seems

  • Thicker blue line

    YESTERDAY, we revealed how only three of North Yorkshire's 31 police stations are open round the clock. Because of this, frontline police are often worryingly distant from the people they were supposed to serve, according to Harrogate MP Phil Willis

  • Questions raised by school prints

    THERE are several points that deserve to be raised about the article "Thumbs down: anger over York schools that fingerprint their five-year-olds" (The Press, January 8). 1) Did the heads of the schools using fingerprint readers work on an "opt-in" basis

  • Weighty issues

    I READ with puzzlement the letters from J Morgan and Phillip Atkinson (I'll die at 60, The Press, January 3). Mr Morgan and Phillip Atkinson do not mention the daily operations of smokers who have veins taken from their legs to be re-implanted to take

  • Right to hang

    WHO does Coun Paul Blanchard think he is exhorting that the wicked, evil, sadistic Saddam Hussain should not have been executed (Wrong to hang, January 3)? Has he thought of the hundreds of men, women and children Saddam gassed, tortured and held in

  • Use the minis...

    TO say that the only way to Leeds/Bradford Airport is by taxi or train is just not correct; minibus operators have been doing the airport connections for years. First York quotes £15 return for an adult including travel to York station, but if you

  • Care was investigated thoroughly

    YOU reported before Christmas about the support care given to Dorothy Bowes. In the article it was claimed she had not been offered a bath for three weeks, that she had been left alone for 24 hours on one occasion and that several of her visits had

  • Thank you, NHS

    EVERYONE seems to be having a go at the York NHS, but I think it is superb. In July 2006, I was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive small cell incurable cancer. Within five days, I saw a chest specialist, had a CT scan and x-rays and a bronchoscopy

  • North Yorkshire PCT debt is worst in NHS

    IT'S official - North Yorkshire's primary care trust has the worst debt in the country. North Yorkshire and York PCT's dire financial position was on the table at a top-level board meeting yesterday where chief executive Janet Soo-Chung confirmed its

  • It’s an RL revolution

    YORK City Knights' promotion challenge next season could become a mathematician's playground due to a radical shake-up of the way points are awarded. Rugby Football League chiefs appear set to introduce a new system whereby three points are awarded for

  • Taking the rise

    SO soon after the bus company holding the people of York, including the local authorities, to ransom by announcing that they would only provide services over the holiday period if they were subsidised, they now come out and proclaim that we are to be

  • Even more cuts

    I WAS shocked to see that the projected debts of the North Yorkshire and York PCT have almost doubled to £45 million. It is inevitable that this will translate into even more cuts for York Hospital. The Health Secretary could have taken the decision

  • Nothing sinister about fingerprinting, say schools

    Is using thumbprint recognition in school libraries really sinister - or simply quicker and easier? STEPHEN LEWIS visits one York school to investigate. IT is break time at Manor CE Secondary School. The learning and resource centre (what would once

  • Reserves washed out

    HEAVY rain left York City Reserves high and dry yesterday. Their Pontins League East match against Hartlepool United at Kit-Kat Crescent was postponed following a lunch-time pitch inspection. A new date for the game will be announced shortly. The

  • Mathie quits Pikes

    ALEX Mathie has quit as Pickering Town manager. The former York City, Ipswich Town and Newcastle striker resigned in the wake of the Pikes' 3-1 defeat at home to Garforth Town in the Northern Counties East premier division. Club chiefs said the decision

  • Drug dealer gets four years

    A DRUG dealer has been jailed for four years after he failed to convince a jury he wanted to kill himself after he saw his girlfriend with another man. Police caught Joseph Leo Beattie with cocaine, Ecstasy and amphetamine in his possession when they

  • Leeds spike summer whine

    Leeds United have denied Neil Warnock's claim that he was willing to pay more for Matthew Kilgallon in the summer than the £1.75 million he paid this week. The Sheffield United boss claimed: "It was also good business, because I offered more in the summer

  • Shock salmon ..but it’s a no-go in Ouse contest

    THE biggest event in the 90-peg Acomb Tackle York Winter League on Sunday was the capture of a salmon on a flooded Ouse at Fulford. Mark Collier (Acomb Tackle) was on his way to a tidy roach net of 6lb 4oz when a 6lb salmon picked up his stick-floated

  • Hair students make waves...

    IT was hairdryers at the ready for student hair-dressers from across York. These are just a sample of some of the style statements showcased at one of the city's best-loved hairdressing events for college students aspiring to break into the industry.

  • York in the swim

    TWO veteran York swimmers have been ranked fifth in the latest national rankings. Peter Kendrew and Duncan Brown are two of seven members of York City Baths Club to earn top 20 placings based on collated results over 50 metres throughout the country.

  • State of the Union looks healthy

    UNION Rovers returned to the top of RJF Homes Beckett Football League division one after beating Gillamoor 5-2. Richard Abbey and Dwaine Young put them 2-0 up and, although Luke Tateson and Simon Baum brought Gillamoor level before half-time, Young,

  • Winning Spirit

    LA COLLINE, winner of her last four starts, bids to complete a notable nap hand of victories at Southwell tomorrow. Trained at Newmarket by William Haggas, the four-year-old will be partnered by Thirsk-based jockey Tony Culhane in the

  • Assault duo jail threat

    TWO thugs have jail sentences hanging over their heads after a street brawl in the centre of York. Lord Alfred Wharton, 29, and Edward Wharton, 30, barged past Jason Conibere and his father in Fossgate on January 22, 2006, said Abdul Iqbal, prosecuting

  • Chirpy Robins hope to move up a flight

    SELBY Town and Pickering Town have been given a real boost in their bids to get promotion from the Northern Counties East League premier division. An extra team will go up - making four in all - to help create a new UniBond division next season.

  • Union continues fight to save York jobs

    A UNION leader says he has not given up hope of saving some of the 645 jobs under threat at Nestl Rowntree in York, despite the departure of Smarties. GMB boss John Kirk said he hoped some jobs could still be saved at the factory through the re-introduction

  • Mum hits out in school bus row

    A MUM has hit out after her four-year-old daughter was stopped from getting on a school bus. Louise Milner, 31, of Burdyke, Clifton, York, said her four-year-old daughter, Jessica, was prevented from boarding a First York 22A bus yesterday, because

  • Bid to recruit 50 police community support officers

    YORK is set to get an extra 50 police community support officers. North Yorkshire Police are recruiting a "significant number" of extra PCSOs across the county - 50 of which will work in York, according to the force's website. There are vacancies being

  • New man in charge of police operations

    YORK and Selby have a new top cop in charge of operations. Superintendent Steve Tarn has taken over from Superintendent Martin Deacon as the new operations commander for North Yorkshire Police's central area, which covers York and Selby. As operations

  • Jobs could go at city libraries

    A SHAKE-UP of York's libraries is on the way to provide a new service fit for the 21st century - but some staff could lose their jobs as a result. A series of changes to staffing structures are being proposed to ensure libraries across the city and in

  • Fraudster must pay back £18k

    POCKLINGTON: The former payroll supervisor who ran a £200,000 plus fraud at Barratt Homes Ltd must pay back only ten per cent of the money she stole. Natalie Lisa Sissons, 34, used her position to create "ghost" employees to siphon money from the

  • Gerry Robinson.

    Please watch and listen to Gerry Robinson on BBC2 TV at 9pm tonight. I think all should know what he has been trying to achieve at Rotherham Hospital and the difficulties he encountered, which are common throughout the NHS, and have a major impact on

  • Investigation into housing estate quotas for scholars

    THE right of university scholars to live where they want in York could be limited by new city council rules to restrict the number of students living on housing estates. Council officers are set to be asked to explore a new approach for accommodating

  • Crackdown on unpaid repair bills

    HOUSING bosses in York are set to overhaul the way they charge tenants for repairs, after £100,000 of bills were left unpaid in two years. A report to councillors stated that antiquated processes and a lack of clarity has hindered the collection

  • Vikings prepare to invade again during annual festival

    FEARSOME Viking warriors will descend on York next month for hundreds of events during the 22nd annual festival in the city. More than 40,000 visitors are expected to take part in events during the five-day-long Jorvik Viking Festival, which runs between

  • Extra railings for bar walls

    MORE than 100 metres of new railings are to be installed along York's historic city walls, it was revealed today. The safety barriers will go up along one of the narrowest and most heavily-used parts of the walkway, near Micklegate Bar. John Oxley,

  • Reserved for local nature

    A NATURE reserve is set to be established in York to protect two of the city's oldest and most diverse natural habitats. Council bosses have been advised to designate Acomb Wood and Acomb Meadow as a statutory Local Nature Reserve (LNR), a move which

  • £500,000 electricity scheme at market site

    WORK has started on a £500,000 scheme to upgrade York's electricity network. CE Electric UK, operating as NEDL, is doubling the capacity of the city's electricity network. The first phase will see the relocation and enhancement of an existing substation

  • Plea after calls peak

    SAMARITANS in York have appealed for more people to volunteer for the charity - following its busiest week of the year. Sandra Harper, director of the city's branch, said the first week in January had marked a peak in the number of calls received by

  • Learning’s great gifts

    In education 2007 the phrase "G and T" doesn't stand for a teacher's stiff drink at the end of a long day. To hundreds of youngsters in York's secondary schools it means Gifted and Talented. Education reporter Haydn Lewis went to Manor School to find

  • ‘Modest’ school wins outstanding accolade

    THE first primary school in Selby district to receive an "outstanding" report from OFSTED is "too modest" about its own high standards. That was the verdict of inspectors from the schools' standards agency, who visited Longman's Hill Community Primary

  • Car fans shed boy racer tag

    A GROUP of car enthusiasts determined to shed their boy racer image has held its first meeting. Malton Cruzers was formed last year, following reports of antisocial behaviour in Malton's Wentworth Street car park. Problems came to a head when the police

  • Challenge is child’s play

    TSUNAMI-HIT children in Sri Lanka now have somewhere to play - thanks to a Selby company. When ITV brought back the Challenge Anneka programme, presented by Anneka Rice, after a 12-year break, they looked no further than Selby for assistance in helping