I'm delighted that the petition of local residents organised by the Green Party has led to a commitment to reinstate a half-hourly off-peak bus service to Fordlands Road from February 19.

It just shows that local people working together can achieve results. It seems that the council have at least partly responded to my call at the city strategy meeting (where the petition was discussed) to stand up to the bus companies and provide the services people need.

Now we need to see a bit more pressure on the private companies running our buses. The day after the Fordlands Road announcement, we were told that bus fares across the city will rise once again. This is just adding insult to injury following the huge price hikes last January. Lower bus fares (not higher) are needed to enable more people to leave their cars at home more often - and so help to tackle climate change and congestion.

The Green Party believes we should look at ways of bringing bus services back into local control. In the meantime, everyone should complain like mad - to the bus companies, the council, and especially the Government, who have failed over the last ten years to re-regulate the buses.

Denise Craghill, York Green Party, Broadway West, York.

Come on First, explain to the York public your real reasons for announcing recent inflation-busting price rises for bus users.

I don't suppose it has anything to do with the spiralling costs of these ridiculous purple things on wheels (ftr), that hog the city roads, and are a serious danger to public road users?

T Simpkin, Cranbrook Road, Acomb, York.

This is totally unacceptable - ten per cent more for a second-class service.

Hasn't First learnt anything from its past errors, mostly the ftr, which seems to run better in pairs, and to its own conjured-up timetable?

This wouldn't be acceptable even if we had a first-class service, although it is nice to see the council is against the increase. Maybe it should take control of the service then, again.

EW Greenwood, Bramble Dene, York.