SOLDIERS from York who are serving in the Gulf have been sent boxes of goodies by the British Polio Fellowship.

Members of the fellowship from the Yorkshire region filled many large comfort boxes with sweets, magazines, books, beverages and toiletries - everything but chocolate, as it would melt in the temperatures of 104F.

More than 300 men and women from 2 Signal Regiment based in Imphal Barracks at Fulford deployed to the Gulf two weeks ago to provide the vital communications for the UK Armed Forces in the region.

Gordon Lumb, chairman of the Fellowship's Yorkshire region, said members had visited the barracks for four years now and the regiment had always provided a "special day".

"We have always been met with smiles, consideration and care. When we learned that the lads and lasses who had looked after us so well were away in the Gulf, we wanted to show them how much we care and wish them well.

"So our members have gathered together a few treats for these boxes which will go out to them with a special message from home sending them our very best wishes."

Mr Lumb and his wife, Christine, both polio victims, presented the boxes to Major Lee Smart, the Regiment's second-in-command "When you are on operations it is always nice to receive packages from home - particularly when they are unexpected," said Major Smart.

Updated: 10:46 Tuesday, March 18, 2003