A YORK woman whose husband is stationed in Kuwait, has spoken out about her fears of war.

Bombardier Stephen Newton, 29, born and raised in York, said goodbye to his pregnant wife, Marie, and their two children more than a month ago.

While he prepares for combat with 3 Para, Marie, also from York, is looking after Matthew, one and Lauren, three, at their home at Colchester Garrison, in Essex.

She said: "It's been slow, but now everything is coming to a head, it's a bit worrying. It's been as if he's been on exercise because we knew nothing was happening. But now it's worrying, especially when you listen to the radio and they are talking about shipping extra blood out and we realise they might get hurt."

She added: "I think we are all a bit nervous today. It's just fingers crossed that they come home safe."

But she said her husband, who returned from Kosovo only days before she gave birth to their son, was unlikely to return before she is due to give birth again in four weeks' time.

She has been in touch with him and their children have written to him and sent pictures to boost his morale.

Updated: 10:35 Tuesday, March 18, 2003