• It's a blast for Rocket

    FEARLESS - that's how snooker maestro Ronnie 'The Rocket' O'Sullivan feels as he prepares to defend the coveted UK crown in York. And the World No 1, who was in the city yesterday to pave the way for the start of the big event on Sunday, fired a warning

  • Thai star takes centre stage at Barbican

    A PLAYER competing in the final stages of a world ranking event for the first time scored the biggest win of his career when the PowerHouse UK Snooker Championship began in York yesterday. The first round battle between two Thailanders saw world No 114

  • By George. What's the matter with York?

    ON St George's Day it pains the Diary to ask: is York unpatriotic, or just apathetic? Well done to those few loyal souls hosting English celebrations around the city, and the scouts who will parade in the name of Saint George this weekend. But it doesn't

  • Plush hour

    Alex Lloyd finds that a favourite York nightclub has had a facelift. THOSE of you who regularly visit The Gallery will have noticed a few changes at the Clifford Street nightclub in recent weeks. Out goes the old "heaven and hell" themed dcor and in comes

  • 'Human shield' volunteer sets out for Iraq

    ANTOINETTE McCormick left York today on the first leg of her mission to become a human shield in Iraq. She revealed that if her efforts and those of other volunteers failed to deter the USA and Britain from bombing Baghdad, she has no intention of bailing

  • Threat of war forces honeymoon switch

    The looming shadow of war has made a young York couple switch their honeymoon plans from sunny Turkey - to the sophisticated charms of Belgium. Scott Precious and Jennifer Newton have pulled out of their long-awaited honeymoon trip to the Mediterranean

  • War threat pushes up prices at the pumps

    PETROL prices are rising in York after speculation about war in Iraq pushed up the cost of fuel on world markets. The Petrol Retailers Association warned today that further increases were on the way at filling stations across the country in the next few

  • Our MPs speak out on war

    MPs in the York area today spoke out about a possible attack on Iraq - the day the UN Security Council received its crucial report from chief weapons inspector Hans Blix. Any evidence of an Iraqi "smoking gun" could lead to the fresh UN resolution that

  • York joins global protest

    ANTI-war campaigners are to gather around the Eye of York tomorrow in solidarity with those meeting for the mass demonstration in London. Organiser Dr Keith Davis will be waving a banner and is covering his body with slogans such as "not in my name" and

  • Reservists get ready for action in Gulf

    RESERVISTS from a North Yorkshire RAF base are among the latest military personnel in the county to be mobilised as part of the build-up for a possible war with Iraq. A total of 60 reservists from 609 Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, based at RAF

  • Your letters - 15/02/03

    IN response to D M Martin and R S Pearson (February 13), I shall be marching for peace. And yes I do vote and yes I do know how it is we came to enjoy our present freedoms and no I do not belong and never have belonged to any political party. There should

  • York marchers add voices to the global call for peace

    MORE than 100 people marched through York at the weekend to show their opposition to a war with Iraq. In a display of solidarity with the hundreds from the city who headed to the mass demonstration in London, two groups of anti-war protesters came together

  • Protest on war could bring strikes

    YORK could be facing civil disobedience and strikes if war with Iraq goes ahead. Anti-war campaigners in the city say if the massive demonstrations seen at the weekend are ignored they may have to take more direct action. Over the weekend, Tony Blair

  • York shoe company gets the best for our troops

    A YORK-BASED Internet shoe company is offering British soldiers U.S. desert boots at cost price. Stuart Paver, managing director of, responded to reports that there was a surge in demand for the tough GI footwear by soldiers unhappy with

  • Lee can end the season in style - 23/04/04

    It's the final day of the jumps season tomorrow, and a last chance for Graham Lee to add an extra layer of icing to what has already proved to be a gigantic cake for the northern jockey. Three weeks ago he achieved an unforgettable Grand National victory

  • York to stage anti-war rally

    YORK is set to hold its biggest-ever anti-war demonstration. The campaign group York Against The War (YATW) hopes more than 5,000 will take part in a mass march and rally in the city. The demo, which YATW says will involve locally and nationally-renowned

  • Questions of war

    Despite the biggest backbench Labour rebellion ever against Tony Blair, war with Iraq looks more likely by the day - especially since Britain, the US and Spain tabled a "war resolution" at the United Nations. Here, The Ministry of Defence and the Foreign

  • More of your views - No to US war on Iraq

    I OBJECT strongly to DM Martin's letter (February 28) referring to York Against The War as the "save Saddam campaign". Most people accept that Saddam Hussein is a brutal tyrant, but we do not believe that killing 500,000 Iraqi civilians (the UN estimate

  • Fishergate anti-war group is launched

    THE campaign group York Against The War has spawned a local offshoot - Fishergate Against The War. The new group held its inaugural meeting this week. Spokesman Steve Roskams said Fishergate was an area particularly concerned by the imminent threat of

  • Councillors to join anti-war march

    SENIOR Labour councillors are set to join a huge anti-war protest march in York - putting themselves in direct opposition to government policy on Iraq. The march, organised for a week today, is expected to be the biggest modern-day protest seen on York's

  • Women in silent vigil

    A GROUP of black-clad women held a silent vigil for peace in the heart of York today. The women, part of a movement called Women In Black, were taking part in an international protest against war in Iraq and highlighting International Women's Day. Similar

  • Office set up for big York demo

    ORGANISERS of one of York's biggest-ever demonstrations have set up a temporary office to handle inquiries and co-ordinate administrative matters. York Against The War says there has been an unprecedented level of interest in what is being billed as the

  • This moral maze

    There is no moral case for war with Iraq, York University politics professor Haleh Afshar tells STEPHEN LEWIS. It really is all about oil... HALEH Afshar is growing tired of politicians playing the Halabja card to justify war with Iraq. You know the argument

  • Last stand for peace

    COUNCIL staff across York are being called on to walk out of work and occupy the city centre the day that war breaks out. The action call to employees and other concerned individuals was made at the city's biggest anti-war protest, when an estimated 5,000

  • Bayley backs Government on crucial vote

    YORK MP Hugh Bayley today backed the Government in waging war against Iraq after taking the "toughest decision" of his political life. Mr Bayley said he would reluctantly swing behind Tony Blair in tonight's crucial Westminster vote - as Labour rebels

  • Human shield goes to Baghdad as a 'tourist'

    THE York parents of would-be human shield Antoinette McCormick fear she has reached Baghdad - only hours before the bombing of Iraq by American and British forces is expected to start. John McCormick said Antoinette had phoned him at 5pm yesterday to

  • Readers' views - Iraq conflict still needs UN seal of approval

    THE situation we are in with Iraq is not black and white as some letter writers suggest. If anyone can say they know what should be done they must have more understanding than I of the situation. The weapons inspectors would not have been allowed to operate

  • Children walk out in protest at war

    TEACHERS at a York school had to block their school gates to prevent students staging a walkout for peace. Pupils at Fulford School and at others around York were today threatening to stage an anti-war protest hours after the stand-off. Fulford School

  • York MP changes his mind to back Blair in crucial vote

    YORK MP Hugh Bayley came under fire today over his backing for war in Iraq. Paul Kind, a member of City of York Labour Party's executive, was among 60 York Labour Party members who heard Mr Bayley oppose UK military action in Iraq without a second UN

  • Flood defence work starts in Ryedale

    WORK has finally begun on the construction of flood defences in Ryedale - as environment officials urge the country to prepare for the possibility of more flooding this winter. The first stage of work on Malton and Norton's £4m flood defence scheme has

  • York keeps eye on river levels

    FLOOD warnings were set to be issued today at York and Naburn as high water levels were reported across the region's rivers and streams. But a spokesman for the Environment Agency urged people not to panic, saying it expected levels to drop considerably

  • Candidates check out new wards

    LOCAL election campaign stress seemed a world away for these three Tories as they took a gentle boat ride along the River Ouse. Boundary changes saw the end of group leader John Galvin's Copmanthorpe Ward, so he is now standing for election in Wheldrake

  • Lib Dems concerned over access to police

    REDUCED public access at two York police stations is damaging attempts to put the community at the heart of the fight to crack crime, according to senior Liberal Democrats. Launching their party's local anti-crime policy, Coun Irene Waudby, shadow executive

  • War hits Labour

    LIFELONG Labour supporters in York are deserting the party in the wake of the war in Iraq. One long-term Labour supporter and election candidate, Gordon Campbell-Thomas, has already publicly burned his party membership card because of the war. Now, three

  • Independent voice 'healthy for York'

    YORK'S only Independent councillor says she wants to continue "working for the people and the community in York." Upper Poppleton councillor Janet Hopton, pictured, is seeking election to the new Rural West York Ward. She said a voice on City of York

  • Greens call for action

    THE Green Party has called for urgent action to improve school crossings in York. Andy D'Agorne, Green Party candidate for Fishergate in this week's election, said that although there was a programme of safety measures outside York schools there were

  • Alive and kicking

    TEENAGE striker Adam Arthur is likely to make York City's bench at Doncaster on Saturday as Chris Brass turns to players with the club at heart. Arthur has impressed in recent reserve games and is set to be called up to the first-team squad for the crucial

  • Classroom cash delay

    YORK education chiefs have made the replacement of crumbling classrooms at a York school a top priority - despite a failed bid for Government funding - and are set to allocate an extra £30,000 to the scheme. But plans to set aside a further £1.5 million

  • Fulfordgate on the road

    FULFORDGATE will start their defence of the York Vale Cricket League's Horwath Pulleyn Heselton Cup with a preliminary round trip to Copmanthorpe on May 2. Should they win they face another away game, at Burton Salmon, in the first round. The league season

  • Landslide

    A LANDSLIDE local election result saw the Liberal Democrats sweep to power in York - an outcome that also saw the Conservatives wiped out and the city's first Green Party councillors elected. The new council has 29 Liberal Democrats, 15 Labour, no Conservatives

  • 'Meltdown' says Labour man

    IT'S meltdown. That was one Labour activist's view even before the result was announced in English Martyrs' School. The poll there was to decide the three candidates for Holgate - York's most marginal ward at the last election, writes Matthew Woodcock

  • Defeated Tory, 65, plans comeback

    TORY leader John Galvin today said he still hoped to lead his party into the next York local elections - at the age of 69. Mr Galvin is coming to terms with life away from the political chamber after he, and his two Conservative colleagues, lost their

  • Diplomat meets Stillman family

    INDIA'S representative in Britain has met the family of jailed deaf charity worker Ian Stillman. His parents Roy and Monica, who live in Tadcaster Road, York, joined with the rest of their family to speak with Indian High Commissioner Ronen Sen. They

  • India plea in fight to free charity worker

    INDIA'S representative in Britain has come under fresh pressure to allow charity worker Ian Stillman to remain in the country if he is freed from jail. MP Sandra Gidley managed to lobby High Commissioner Ronen Sen at a Friends of India reception at the

  • Stillman family shocked by claims

    INDIAN press reports claiming deaf charity worker Ian Stillman has been refused a presidential pardon are the latest part in a campaign against him, his family said today. Ian's brother-in-law Jerry Dugdale said the British Foreign Office had told him

  • Protesters in freedom fight

    MORE than 150 supporters of deaf charity worker Ian Stillman gathered outside the Indian High Commission in London to protest about his imprisonment. Campaigner David Buxton, of Christian Deaf Link, organised the protest which took place yesterday. Ian

  • Family fears for Stillman's health

    DEAF charity worker Ian Stillman is being visited in prison by a Delhi diabetes expert, amid fears that freezing conditions could kill him. Ian, 52, whose parents live in Tadcaster Road, York, and who had a leg amputated after a road accident, is serving

  • Stillman relatives to fly out as health worsens

    THE FAMILY of deaf charity worker Ian Stillman is planning to fly to India as fears for his health worsen. Ian, 51, is spending his third year in jail after being convicted of cannabis possession - a charge he has always denied. Ian, whose parents live

  • Family to meet Straw over Stillman's plight

    DEAF charity worker Ian Stillman's plight will be explained directly to Britain's Home Secretary tomorrow. His family has secured its first face-to-face meeting with Jack Straw in Whitehall. They are hoping to push forward Ian's case, which they feel

  • Inmate's family encouraged by meeting with Jack Straw

    FOREIGN Secretary Jack Straw has told the family of deaf charity worker Ian Stillman he wants to see him freed from an Indian jail. In the first meeting with his relatives since Ian was jailed three years ago, Mr Straw said all parties wanted to see an

  • Centenarians welcome Queen Mum to club

    North Yorkshire centenarians today congratulated the Queen Mother on becoming a member of their distinguished club. Annie Worcester, of Westminster House Nursing Home, York, who celebrated her 100th birthday last October, also lived through two world

  • Message goes round the world: Ian is free!

    Charity worker Ian Stillman is a free man today.ADAM NICHOLS reviews the case experts said was a serious miscarriage of justice THIS is the email I've been longing to write. So said Ian Stillman's sister, Elspeth Dugdale, as she sent the message "Ian

  • Royal fans dress for festivities

    Queen Mum fanatics Lesley North and her mother Pamela Byers were today staging a right royal party in their living room. The pair iced three cakes and purchased tiaras and Union Jacks to add to a Queen Mother tea towel, commemorative mugs and other collectibles

  • He's free at last

    THE family of a disabled charity worker freed from the hell of an Indian jail can now celebrate Christmas together for the first time in seven years. As Ian Stillman, 52, stepped from his cell in India's Himalayan foothills and hugged his wife, Sue, and

  • County salutes Queen Mum

    Celebrations broke out all over North Yorkshire today as the county saluted the Queen Mother on her 100th birthday. As the Queen Mother celebrated with the royal family and thousands of fans in London, the carnival atmosphere spread to York and North

  • MPs praise Ian's family

    JUBILANT MPs today paid tribute to the family of freed charity worker Ian Stillman and "all those around the world" who campaigned for his release. Four MPs, including York's Hugh Bayley, have tabled a House of Commons motion to celebrate his release

  • Home free

    IAN Stillman today hugged the family he has been separated from for two years - and thanked Evening Press readers for demanding his freedom. The seriously ill and profoundly deaf charity worker flew home to Britain after his dramatic release from an Indian

  • Emotional reunion

    THE parents of freed charity worker Ian Stillman were today enjoying an emotional reunion with their son. Roy and Monica said they were looking forward to having a family Christmas together for the first time in seven years. Speaking for the first time

  • Christmas together for Ian and family

    THE parents of deaf charity worker Ian Stillman are enjoying their first Christmas with their son for years. Roy and Monica Stillman travelled from their York home to stay with their daughter, Elspeth Dugdale, Ian's sister, in Romsey, Hertfordshire. It

  • Queen Mum's own county

    CHRIS TITLEY charts the special relationship York holds for the Royal who used to bear the city's name... ON APRIL 26 1923 a very "special relationship'' began. It was the day Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon became the Duchess of York by marrying Albert, second

  • So proud of son Dave

    THE family of a York soldier serving in Iraq have spoken of their pride in his mission - after they saw him in action on camera. Signaller Dave Benson, of Haxby, who is in the 216 Air Assault Signals Squadron, was pictured in a national newspaper in a

  • Stillman looks to help deaf people

    CHARITY worker Ian Stillman is aiming to restart his work with the deaf in England. Ian, himself disabled and profoundly deaf, was released from an Indian jail in December after thousands campaigned for his freedom. He had to leave behind a foundation

  • Flying the flag for troops

    THE Union Flag is starting to fly in the York area in a show of support for British troops in the Gulf. One has been put up outside the Adams House Hotel, in Main Street, Fulford, by proprietors Bob and Claire Cook. Bob said they were flying the flag

  • Jane makes sure all 'our boys' have good teeth

    A YORK-BORN servicewoman has been preparing troops for conflict in Iraq - by checking the health of their teeth. Jane Nottingham, 46, has just become the first female dentist in the RAF to be promoted to the rank of Group Captain and she is also the only

  • Freed Ian tells of his hopes

    FREED deaf charity campaigner Ian Stillman has written to his supporters in York and across the UK to thank them for their continued backing. More than five months after being released from an Indian prison, Ian, whose parents live in Tadcaster Road,

  • Baghdad rocked by wave of blasts

    IRAQ was today claiming it had suffered "many casualties" after two missiles allegedly hit a busy market place in Baghdad. Officials from the Iraqi information ministry were reporting that the market was hit during a Coalition air raid today in the north

  • Human shield leaves Baghdad with warning for the Allies

    HUMAN shield Antoinette McCormick was today leaving Baghdad for Syria after being told she could no longer stay on her tourist visa. But the 38-year-old told the Evening Press by phone from the Hotel Palestine she intended getting a shield visa when she

  • Pupils remember the fallen

    NORTH YORKSHIRE schoolchildren turned their thoughts to the war in Iraq when they took part in a poignant trip to some of Europe's battlefields. Upper school pupils from Ryedale School spent a week in Belgium, visiting battlefields as part of a tour organised

  • Students plead for support for soldiers

    A SMALL group of demonstrators took to the streets of York to call for support for the war and backing for British troops. About a dozen students from York St John College marched through the city centre yesterday afternoon holding the Union flag and

  • Need for more troops - veteran

    GULF war veteran Terry Walker has criticised British and American top brass for adopting a "softly-softly" approach to the Iraq war. Terry, who lives at Wheldrake, claimed lives have been lost because Britain has only one Armoured Brigade out in the Gulf

  • Mum's agony at war scenes

    MARGARET WELBURN knows only too well the anxiety of service families in wartime. The York mother has not one but two sons who are fighting in the Gulf. She is so concerned for Russell, 22, and Nicholas, 25, that she sometimes cannot bring herself to watch

  • Cheese switch hopes

    CHEESEMAKERS in North Yorkshire are set to benefit after their French counterparts fell out of favour in America over France's opposition to the Iraq war. A team of buyers from the United States, including Robert Kaufelt, owner of the famous New York

  • York human shield heading for Jordan

    HUMAN shield Antoinette McCormick was today heading for Jordan after being turned back from Syria. The 38-year-old woman set off for the Syrian capital Damascus on Wednesday after being told she could no longer remain in Baghdad on her tourist visa. She

  • Business urged to back campaign

    YORK businesses are being urged to take the environmental destiny of the planet into their own hands by tackling energy waste head-on - and saving money at the same time Laura Collins, campaign manager for PlanetYork - a year-long drive to make York the

  • Support group mooted

    NORTH YORKSHIRE parents of soldiers out in Iraq have told how they feel isolated and lacking in support as they worry for the safety of their sons. They have said their plight would be eased if they could meet up with other soldiers' relatives, and share

  • Green van around town

    YORK Housing Association has cleaned up its transport act by taking on a new Liquid Petroleum Gas-powered van. The vehicle will be used by property maintenance worker Tony Easton who tours the group's 500 properties across York. It combines with the company's

  • Missile strikes Baghdad market

    IRAQI officials claim an Allied missile has struck a market in Baghdad, killing 58 people. As television pictures showing the aftermath of the alleged attack were flashed across Arab countries by satellite TV stations, American military sources said they

  • Welcome to clean machine

    THIS is the van that is helping the York Housing Association clean up its act. The vehicle, leased from City of York Council, is being used by the organisation after it signed up to PlanetYork. The year-long project aims to make the city the United Kingdom's

  • Villagers stage protest on Green

    A GROUP of residents from two York villages made their views on the war in Iraq known when they joined forces for a peace vigil. The event, organised by Churches Together in New Earswick and Huntington, took place at New Earswick Green yesterday. Members

  • Ill York medic back in England

    THE second Gulf War has ended early for an Army medic from York, after he was rushed out of Iraq suffering pneumonia. Sergeant Giles Farrington was taken to a Greek-based RAF hospital and is now back in England after coming down with the illness before

  • York sees both sides of the argument over war

    TWO York brothers and their families are proudly flying the flag to send a strong message of support to Allied soldiers serving in the Gulf. Andrew Gibson, of Tang Hall, and brother Martin, of Acomb, are to hold a weekly flag and banner demonstration

  • Peace campaigners play dead in market

    A SILENT column of peace protesters marched to a York market before holding a symbolic "die-in" in solidarity with civilians killed in the Iraqi war. More than 200 protesters marched from the Museum Gardens to Newgate Market, where scores threw themselves

  • Did PlanetYork get into orbit?

    Ambitious plans for a year-long push to turn York into Britain's Energy City have come to an end. Adam Nichols finds out if it took off. TWELVE months ago the remnants of an ice Minster dripped in the August sunshine, the detail melted into a slushy heap

  • Seven killed at checkpoint

    SEVEN Iraqi women and children were killed when American forces opened fire on a van which allegedly failed to stop at a checkpoint. US sources said the vehicle, which was found to contain a total of 13 women and children, continued heading towards the

  • Planet York push was 'a huge success'

    MORE than five thousand homes and businesses signed up to Planet York, the year-long push to make York the UK's most energy-efficient city, leading organisers to declare the campaign "a real success." Now complete, the aim of Planet York was to make York

  • American ground forces in fierce battles south of Baghdad

    AMERICAN ground forces have been taking on Iraq's Republican Guard in fierce battles south of Baghdad. The US troops became engaged with the Iraqi elite forces at Kerbala, 70 miles south-west of Baghdad, from about midnight British time. They were supported

  • Ribbons shown for our troops

    YELLOW ribbons have begun appearing in North Yorkshire - and they will not be removed until our troops have returned from Iraq. But "blueys" - special air mail letters used by relatives to write to British servicemen in the Gulf - have run out at York's

  • Six more months of traffic misery

    YORK is set for another six months of traffic misery next year after highways chiefs ruled out extra lanes at the A64 roadworks. This autumn's crippling congestion on the dual carriageway and across the city centre has largely been caused by the single-lane

  • Extra traffic lane hope as agency races to ease congestion

    HIGHWAYS bosses are to have a rethink over phase two of the A64 roadworks following renewed calls to save York from another six months of traffic chaos. A senior Highways Agency officer is to look again at whether an extra lane can be created on the contraflow

  • Mum says: 'Finish the job'

    THE mother of a soldier stationed in Iraq today sent a message to the forces fighting in the Gulf - finish the job and rid the world of Saddam. Ann Grundy, of Selby, has not heard from her son, Peter, a staff sergeant with the Royal Engineers, since the

  • Joy for York traders as stretch of A64 reopens

    YORK traders were today delighted after a crucial stage of the A64 roadworks was completed in time for the main pre-Christmas rush. A stretch of the reconstructed eastbound carriageway, between Askham Bryan and Tadcaster Road, re-opened yesterday afternoon

  • Delays warning as A64 work resumes

    SEVERE delays are expected as roadworks on the A64 restart next week. The project, to create a £4.1 million junction and underpass at Copmanthorpe, was put on hold for two-and-a-half weeks over Christmas to ease disruption. But it will resume on January

  • Roadworks and queues return to A64

    TRAFFIC chaos once again brought the A64 to a standstill today as the second phase of major roadworks got under way. Tailbacks were causing motoring misery for drivers who faced long delays travelling on the eastbound carriageway. Work to reconstruct

  • Gridlocked again

    MOTORISTS suffered extensive delays last night as they battled through York's busiest roads. Day trippers who were thinking of heading to York or to the coast were also expected to be caught in traffic congestion today. Westbound traffic on the York outer

  • Contractors 'caused A64 cones chaos'

    HIGHWAYS bosses today blamed a new bout of A64 chaos on contractors who extended lane closures - only minutes before the morning rush hour. Tailbacks and long delays confronted frustrated motorists because workers closed off part of the A64 before they

  • Elizabeth offers up virtual solutions

    VIVACIOUS Elizabeth Liddle is so busy helping other people run the administrative side of their businesses that she hardly has time for her own administration. "So I know what it's like," laughs this 25-year-old farmer's daughter who runs her Rapport

  • Back our boys

    WHEN Jade Whitby and Laura Buckle took to the streets to demonstrate their support for British forces in the Gulf, they were marching for love. Jade's boyfriend of six months, Matt Goodman, has been with the Marines in the region since January, and Laura's

  • Bucking the trend in the world of dotcom sales

    WHILE other dotcoms are being ground into the dust under the heel of disillusionment, the York-based is not only alive and kicking - but virtually tap dancing... Perhaps a major reason for its success was the fact that it was founded by

  • Convoy off to London on protest

    YORK Against the War is planning another convoy of coaches to the next national anti-war protest. The demonstration takes place in London next Saturday, with coaches departing from York's Memorial Gardens at 7.45 am. Spokesman Rory Palmer claimed tickets

  • Fierce battle raging in the heart of Baghdad

    A FIERCE battle was today raging in the heart of Baghdad after an American armoured column smashed its way into the Iraqi capital. US troops were said to have seized three presidential palaces and raised the American flag over one of them, and reporters

  • Aldwark venture is to the Manor reborn

    SPEND £5.5 million on revamp plans for an hotel, and the results are bound to make their mark not only on the venture but the whole area. That is just what happened at the luxury Aldwark Manor Hotel, near Alne, once Newcastle businessman Brad Holbrook

  • Skilled journalist now helping businesses

    DURING more than 20 years as a journalist, Peter Davenport was a skilled observer and an expert in instant communication of complex facts - some of them as dramatic as Bloody Sunday in Ireland, the Lockerbie plane disaster and the hunt for the Yorkshire

  • Speeding fine farce for Gulf war soldier

    A DEVASTATED York mother told today how magistrates convicted her soldier son of speeding - even though he is out fighting for his country in Iraq. Sheila Uttley says court officials had previously promised her the case would be put on hold until after

  • Battle rages on banks of the River Tigris

    A FIERCE battle was said to be raging today on the banks of the River Tigris, as US Marines battled with Saddam Hussein loyalists around a mosque where it was rumoured the dictator himself may be hiding. One Marine was reported killed in the fighting,

  • The fight for peace goes on

    Emily Mackay finds out why peace protesters camping near a York landmark plan to carry on opposing the situation in Iraq In the wake of the toppling of the Saddam Hussein regime in Baghdad, the mood at the Millennium Bridge Rainbow Peace Camp, in York

  • Link up with pride squad

    TOO often our eyes are drawn to people who lack civic pride. The vandals, the yobs, the small, but aggravating, anti-social brigade. It is about time we turned the spotlight on those who really merit our attention. The army of residents who delight in

  • York mime artist attacked in Syria

    YORK author and street entertainer Michael Mime is today back in Turkey after being assaulted, abused and threatened with death as he tried to enter Iraq. Michael, whose real name is Michael Todd, is trying to get into the war-torn country to trace his

  • Hope makes Easter plea on Iraq

    THE Archbishop of York has urged the international community to work together to bring about a civil and democratic society in Iraq after the suffering of war. But he has warned that the precedent set by Afghanistan after its liberation from the Taliban

  • Protesters make a point

    THESE young people from York took to the hills to make their point about the Iraqi war. The students at Bootham School are training for an expedition to the Moroccan Atlas mountains later this year. One of their training expeditions took them over the

  • Entertaining the troops

    A GENEROUS gesture from a York music and video shop is helping entertain bored British soldiers on duty in the Gulf. Phil Clayton, customer focus manager at York's Virgin Megastore received an SOS call from Bombardier Graeme Clark, of the Catterick-based

  • Our boys are back in town

    YORK-BASED soldiers have returned to the city after serving in Iraq. The party of 40 soldiers from 2 Signals Regiment arrived at Imphal Barracks at 1am yesterday for a joyful reunion with their families and loved ones. They were among the first wave of

  • Alive and kicking

    TEENAGE striker Adam Arthur is likely to make York City's bench at Doncaster on Saturday as Chris Brass turns to players with the club at heart. Arthur has impressed in recent reserve games and is set to be called up to the first-team squad for the crucial

  • York's Reilly good partners

    SPIN doctors Dan Broadbent and Reilly O'Neill hope they have the winning prescription for York Cricket Club this season. Slow bowlers Broadbent and overseas player Jeetan Patel almost spun the Clifton Park outfit to the Yorkshire League title last season

  • Champ Steve to be freeman

    A SPECIAL ceremony is to take place on Thursday to make World Sidecar Champion Steve Webster an honorary freeman of York. York-born Steve was nominated for the distinction by Labour councillor Brian Watson. Steve, 44, who now lives at Easingwold, won

  • Reserve troops 'to train in North Yorks'

    HUNDREDS of reservists could be sent to Strensall Barracks for medical training as part of military preparations for war with Iraq. Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon was today expected to announce the mobilisation of 7,000 reservists, along with the deployment

  • MPs in terror check on York

    LEADING defence MPs are coming to North Yorkshire to assess the county's readiness amid growing tension over terrorism and a possible war against Iraq. Westminster's powerful Defence Select Committee is to visit the army's brigade headquarters at Imphal

  • Don't rush into war with Iraq, says MP

    YORK MP Hugh Bayley today urged Britain to stand against a gung-ho rush towards war with Iraq. He asked Prime Minister Tony Blair to avoid entering war through a misplaced loyalty to the United States. And, in an echo of the warning given by Cabinet "

  • Concern as travellers return to park

    TRAVELLERS have returned to a York beauty spot. A group of up to 50 with a dozen caravans rolled on to Rawcliffe Country Park beside a busy Park&Ride site yesterday. Local councillor Mark Waudby warned there could be trouble looming. He predicted

  • Daughter's 'grand gesture' backed

    A YORK couple told today why they are backing their daughter's plans to become a human shield in Iraq. John and Mairi McCormick - who both served in the Second World War - say they do not believe an American attack on Iraq would be a just war. The couple

  • Army couple wed as war threatens

    A MILITARY couple brought their York wedding plans forward because of the increasing threat of war in the Gulf. Corporal Leah Sandys-Parsons, 28, is on 24-hour stand-by to be flown to the region within two weeks as a member of the Catterick-based Royal

  • Leaflet on village toll road sparks row

    A PARISH leader has accused city council officers of employing arm-twisting tactics in a public consultation about radical plans to create York's first toll road. Coun Steve Kenwright, chairman of Fulford Parish Council, may report City of York Council

  • Town ready to light Jubilee touchpaper

    THE QUEEN'S Golden Jubilee is set to go off with a bang in Tadcaster with a grand fireworks display. The display will be the finale of four days of celebration in the town which will include a street fair, a tug-of-war and a Jubilee ball. The ball will

  • Salute super Severus

    Severus SC completed a prized John Smith's League and cup double with a brace of victories. They started with a 3-0 win over Derwent United courtesy of goals from Ducey, Lake and McShane. On the same night Marcia, one of their title rivals, could only

  • Shop's golden opportunity

    THE past came alive in a memorabilia shop which celebrated the Queen's Golden Jubilee. Staff at Past Times, in Castlegate, York, dressed in 1950s costumes and offered old-fashioned prices as they knocked ten per cent off everything that was bought. Customers

  • Princess who became Queen

    SHE was not born to be Queen. Until her uncle's scandalous love affair rocked the monarchy, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was destined to spend her life a step removed from the heavy burdens of sovereignty. Her royal pedigree, however, could never be questioned

  • All in a Royal day

    The Queen's day follows a pattern reflecting her life of service. THE Queen's day begins at 7.30am when her maid brings morning tea. Two solid silver pots contain Earl Grey - the Queen's favourite brew - and hot water for a top-up. There is milk but no

  • Right royal treat for York couple

    LUCKY couple Darren and Jayne King are in for a right royal weekend after winning tickets to one of the Queen's Jubilee garden parties at Buckingham Palace. Darren and Jayne, of Wigginton, York, won the pair of tickets by ringing a special telephone line

  • A Minster wedding

    YORK was decorated with thousands of white roses for Yorkshire's biggest royal event in living memory. On June 8, 1961, Katharine Worsley from Hovingham Hall married the Duke of Kent in the Minster. The first royal wedding in York since 1328 was a magnificent

  • Worth the long wait

    YORK had a long wait to see the Queen after her visit in 1988. The city did not host the sovereign during the Nineties, but that only heightened the sense of expectation when it was announced she would tour York on July 27, 2000. Cheering crowds greeted

  • Celebrations in York

    TEN years after the royal wedding, York was celebrating again. It was the city's 1,900th birthday, a wonderful reason for a year-long party. And the guests of honour were the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. York had organised hundreds of events scattered

  • The Jubilee party

    JUBILEE Bank Holiday Monday is party day throughout the UK, and at the heart of the celebrations in North Yorkshire is BBC Music Live, bringing the music to the party. BBC North Yorkshire and City of York Council, the organisers of York Live 2002, are

  • All you need... is a love of music

    The nation's biggest ever sing-song will take place when the Beatles' classic All You Need Is Love rings round the country on Monday. Following the success of the massed performance of Lou Reed's Perfect Day in 2000, Sir Paul McCartney has endorsed the

  • A golden chance

    YORK residents are grabbing a golden opportunity to celebrate 50 years of the Queen's reign this Bank Holiday weekend. People from York will be joining events in the city and around the country as the nation marks the historic occasion. Army veteran John

  • A golden weekend

    THE Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations in York got off to a cracking start with a weekend of colourful events in the city. Bunting, balloons and Union flags were draped across York as people came together to celebrate the Queen's 50 years on the throne

  • Pride in our city

    TODAY'S campaign is running alongside the Evening Press-backed York Business Pride, a partnership between the council and the business community. Launched in November last year, the campaign encourages businesses to take responsibility for smartening

  • Time to honour our local heroes

    THE Evening Press and City of York Council have launched a major new campaign, to seek the real heroes in our community. In our York Community Pride campaign over the next few months we will be looking for people and businesses that have made an outstanding

  • Bridging the divide

    Two communities from either side of the Ouse were united today with the opening of York's Millennium Bridge. Residents from the Fulford Road and Fishergate area met up on the crossing with their counterparts from the South Bank and Bishopthorpe Road district

  • Bridge floodlights not such a bright idea

    YORK'S shiny new Millennium Bridge may have opened in a blaze of publicity this week, but residents living nearby think its glaring night-time lights are not such a bright idea. Anne Tracy, a teacher at All Saints School, who lives in Finsbury Avenue

  • Cracks on city's new bridge

    Walkers and cyclists were reassured today that York's Millennium Bridge is safe to use after cracks appeared on the pathway. City of York Council said the network of jagged lines in the asphalt surface had been caused by someone apparently driving a Transit

  • Duke to view York's new bridge

    The Duke of York will give York's Millennium Bridge the royal seal of approval when he visits later this month, City of York Council revealed today. The Duke has accepted the council's invitation to visit the £4.2m bridge project during a trip to York

  • Police say bridge is a 'nuisance'

    IT WAS meant to be a monument to civic pride in the new century ... but police today admitted the Millennium Bridge site is now a major nuisance. York-based Chief Inspector Andy Bell spoke out as high temperatures prompted many youngsters to congregate

  • New bridge still causing problems

    FRESH problems are dogging York's Millennium Bridge, with council chiefs admitting that they have no idea what is causing cracks on the walkway. In the latest of a series of problems to hit the £4.2 million project, parts of the bridge have been fenced

  • Ironsides test mettle

    YORK IRONSIDES player-coach Brendan Carlyle reckons he has a squad good enough to win the York International 9s this weekend. Carlyle - player-coach of Heworth ARLC, where the tournament will be played tomorrow and Sunday - announced his line-up last

  • St Oswald's are Moor the merrier

    YOUTH rugby in York is making giant steps to keep up with the big boys. The York International 9s competition saw little brother being played out alongside the Fairfax Cup - the Marston Moor Cup. Young rugby players, both boys and girls, from nine primary

  • Guard duty for Pikes

    Pickering Town boss Steve Brown has given up on the Northern Counties East League premier division title race but says his side need to stay focused to avoid further disappointment. The fourth-placed Pikes lost 1-0 at Harrogate Railway on Wednesday to

  • Bridge of sighs as downpour sinks big day

    YORK'S Millennium Bridge has 'fallen' victim to October's heavy downpours. Heavy rain, a week's worth falling yesterday alone, and a 'flood watch' now in force, scuppered plans to launch the bridge tomorrow because the River Ouse is becoming too swollen

  • Millennium Bridge edges across river

    The waiting is over. Three years in the making - and much longer in development - York's new Millennium Bridge finally glided majestically into place over the River Ouse today. An army of proud engineers, designers and construction workers rubbed shoulders

  • 'Slow but sure' bridge in place

    Anticipation was written on the faces of Millennium Bridge watchers as they squinted in the autumn sun and waited...and waited...and waited for York's new superstructure to glide in to place. The engineers never promised it would be a fast show, and even

  • A great achievement

    Workers laboured into the early hours to make sure York awoke to see its Millennium Bridge proudly in position. The river reopened after a 30-hour closure at 6am, with the new 310-ton bridge secured three hours earlier. After a meticulous operation the

  • Firm that changed skyline of York joins race for our awards

    FEW organisations could have had more of an impact on York than the 127-year-old firm of family builders, William Birch & Son. Time and again it has changed the skyline of the city and beyond with its new schools, factories, churches, houses and shops

  • Burn and Company

    A LOT of time, effort and money has gone into making Burn & Company, the York solicitors and business practice, a "people first" organisation. That is why the practice is entering the Progress Through People category in the Evening Press Business

  • Growth title is the goal for turf firm

    IF the turf at St James's Park football pitch in Newcastle now becomes hallowed as a result of England's 2 - 0 victory over the Albanians in this week's World Cup qualifier, then give thanks to an East Riding turfmaker. The ground, as with the late and

  • Courses revered

    NEARLY three years ago when Maureen Ryan, then aged 53, was suddenly, shockingly, made redundant she promised herself that from now on she would never work at anything she did not enjoy. So, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, she began Phoenix Training

  • Spicing up contest

    SALEEM AKHTAR, the man who has built up an expanding chain of Asian restaurants across the region, is spicing up the Evening Press Business Awards. As leader of a family business of eight restaurants and takeaways in York, Harrogate, Flaxton and Bradford

  • Banking on play

    AFTER only a few months, Barbara Birdsall and Kate Willink set up a rival bank to their downstairs neighbours, Barclays, at Easingwold. But Barclays did not mind - in fact it co-operated by creating the organisation's own logo stamp. It was less a case

  • Hunter Gee & Holroyd

    AS an organisation which specialises in business development advice it is worth heeding what Hunter Gee & Holroyd, the York chartered accountancy firm has been doing to collectively involve its own staff in making major changes and improvements. All

  • No compromise for recruitment firm

    A NO-COMPROMISE yet empathetic approach to recruitment is paying dividends for York-based executive search specialist Beresford Kane Associates, which is pitching to win the Evening Press Small Business of the Year category. Since Steven Matsell and Maura

  • Bright future for Past Forward

    TIME machines, it seems, are big business. Past Forward Limited, the York exhibition-maker which uses 21st century techniques to transport us all into history, proves the point. Its reputation for interpreting history using the latest multi-media techniques

  • Couple's talents go to waste

    SHEY were finalists in last year's tough category for Best Environmental Company - and this time Chris and Christine Dennis justifiably expect their Tadcaster business, Waste To Compost to be up there among this year's leaders. The couple used to count

  • Big is beautiful for York housebuilder

    ENTRANTS in the Evening Press Business of the Year 2001 do not come much bigger than Persimmon plc, the York-based housebuilder which boasts 4,453 employees nationally. And not one of them would be surprised that the firm, which is based at Persimmon

  • Roman around

    George Wilkinson discovers a walk full of interest through Roman remains at Malton. Today we have a super little easy wander, chock-a-block with interest, straight out from the market town of Malton. Derventio, a Roman fort site, makes a good start. Once

  • Inspiring lessons from animal feed supplier

    ALL those starting out on the hard, but rewarding road to exports, can learn inspiring lessons from Norfeed UK Ltd. The Boroughbridge supplier of nutritional and technical animal feed ingredients has just one family working against the challenges of BSE

  • It's a family affair at Lesley's estate agency

    IT'S tough starting out in the crowded estate agency business, even in boomtime. No one knew that better than Lesley Beattie who, having closed one chapter of her life as founder of Friends Estate Agency in York, opened another with Quantum last November

  • The Swallow Hotel, York

    WHERE one Swallow usually makes a summer this time it made a Marriott and heralded the start of the BAM busters. Explanation: The Swallow Hotel, York, became part of the Marriott International Hotel group with a York Marriott branding in June - and that

  • Healing Clinic, York

    APPLYING feng shui, the ancient art of positioning furniture to create a more harmonious flow of chi, or energy, helped to boost turnover at the Healing Clinic in York tenfold. That is the claim of June Tranmer, founder-proprietor the natural health centre

  • Colour purple

    VICTORIA ELLIS temporarily takes over from George Wilkinson, who is incapacitated, and leads a walk to Cawthorne. Cawthorne Camp on a midweek morning was busy with walkers and dog walkers and lorries delivering topsoil. In the first century you might

  • Coasting along

    Victoria Ellis takes in the views on a walk along the coast from Scarborough. The car park took a bit of finding, being curiously unsigned, but when I pulled up it would have been worth the drive just to sit there and enjoy the views of Scarborough Castle

  • Sheppee International Ltd

    SHEPPEE International Ltd, the Elvington firm with a lotta bottle was last year's Exporter Of The Year. Can it do the double? In spite of the strength of sterling, its exports of engineered products for the hot glass container industry all over the world

  • Back on track

    George Wilkinson hits the trail again, for a moorland walk among the heather. Regular readers will have noticed that a couple of weeks ago the paper described me as 'incapacitated' (much to the amusement of my friends) and Victoria Ellis has kindly done

  • Fast track to skills accolade

    IT took only ten weeks for rapidly expanding e-commerce firm Management Services 2000 Ltd of York (MS2M) to attain the Investors in People standard. The speed was an expression of a philosophy that has always existed at MS2M - that if you support and

  • Just Swale

    GEORGE WILKINSON stretches his legs before an appointment with the surgeon's table... If you drive the road from Thirsk to Ripon you will have been stopped at the start of this walk by the traffic lights on the bridge over the river at Skipton-on-Swale

  • Victoria falls

    Victoria Ellis discovers a mobile phone is an essential piece of kit for lone walkers There were walkers about but the goose presiding over West Ayton's village green was hardly welcoming, very protective and advancing with lots of hissing. I gave a bit

  • On the road with mobile Net link

    CONVERGENT Telecom Limited, which, with 225 staff, is one of the biggest employers in Pocklington, is setting its sights on the Innovative Use of New Technology Award. Tony Farmer, chief executive, believes that his firm's latest product, SmartLinx is

  • Setting the scene for success in 2001

    THERE has been a massive leap in imagineering and next year it will be even greater. This is the fourth year since Production Imagineers Ltd, of Elvington, began trading. Now its order book for creating interior themes, theatre sets, scenic backdrops,

  • In days of Hold

    Hold Caldron is one of my sweetest childhood haunts. Arriving here has a magic, as the quiet back road twists round a corner and suddenly dips steep into another world, and then stops at the bottom, deep in a lovely valley, at a stone bridge over a river

  • Jazz notes

    PETER King is one of the world's greatest star soloists, whether appearing with the stellar big bands of Ray Charles, John Dankworth or Colin Towns, or fronting smaller groups. When Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts decided to put together a small

  • Hot Club Of Cowtown, National Centre For Early Music, April 29

    YOU may have seen the Hot Club Of Cowtown on Later With Jools Holland last October, a performance Jools so enjoyed that he duly engaged them for his Hootenanny show on New Year's Eve. This spring, the western swing revival trio from Austin, Texas, are

  • Low down

    VICTORIA ELLIS takes a gentle stroll through the lowlands surrounding Brearton Brearton is surrounded by Knaresborough, Boroughbridge, Ripon and Harrogate, the closest about three cross-country miles away. But the little village is tucked away from the

  • Black Tie And Tales, York Theatre Royal, April 29-30

    THE companion piece, Screaming Blue Murder, has already issued its death rattle at the Grand Opera House in February. Hull Truck Theatre returns to York next week to reveal what else happened at the Bagley Hall hotel on that fateful night in Black Tie

  • Step into winter

    When we got to Broxa Forest on the North York Moors it was typically wet, gloomy and misty winter weather, so no views from the bench. So we slipped straight into a larch wood and then soon found a nice sunken track through Silpho Moor with beech and

  • Battle of the Bands

    THE Secret Panel vote was split but the audience vote tipped the balance in favour of Tip The Balance in Heat 12 of Round One of the Fibbers/Evening Press Battle Of The Bands this week. The runner-up, She's Not Dead, also qualified for Round Two with

  • Water world

    York's Place Research Centre published a booklet last month called A Guide To The Wetland Heritage Of the Vale Of Pickering. I just had to go out and have a look and chose the carrs and ings (one-time marshlands, reedswamps or whatever) south of West

  • Full steam ahead

    VICTORIA ELLIS suggests the perfect walk for Boxing Day to help clear away the post-Christmas cobwebs This is a walk for Boxing Day, and has the following characteristics - easy strolling, pubs at the start/finish and halfway round, simple navigation

  • Mist opportunity

    MORE in hope than with judgement, we set off in the fog on Saturday morning to the Wolds for some valley wandering. A phone call to a publican had given some cause for optimism about the weather not being 'too bad'. With hindsight I think my phone call

  • Hungry work

    VICTORIA ELLIS works up an appetite after walking in Coverdale. (Please note that since this article was written on the 19th January the pub has re-opened and a warm welcome awaits you!) Carlton in Coverdale was bright, sunny and quiet on Saturday morning

  • Walk in the woods

    We took a random route to Pickering Castle turning uphill at the North York Moors Railway station, up through the slopes of old terraced houses. I noticed three stones named Ellis in a Quaker graveyard, a pleasant place to lie, eternity with a view. The

  • Riverside ramble from Burnsall

    The path we fancied near Grassington was still closed. So we decamped a mile or two down Wharfedale and settled on the village of Burnsall, which Wainwright described in 1991 as 'neat and compact... well endowed with nature and a lovely riverside setting

  • Battle for York

    With the local elections looming, the scramble for your votes is hotting up. The three main City of York party leaders explain why you should choose them... Dave Merrett, Labour Running a successful council requires a broad vision, local focus and determination

  • Take the old road

    Victoria Ellis enjoys a smashing walk on a newly discovered track If you have driven the Pickering to Whitby road you might have noticed enticing countryside in the northeast quarter about a mile before you reach the Hole of Horcum. The latest edition

  • Rough ride over humps

    ROAD humps, crime and congestion charges were all on the agenda when voters of the future grilled politicians of the present at a York school election hustings event. The Evening Press-organised question-and-answer session, was held at Oaklands School

  • Nibbles, no quibbles

    THOSE who organise "Intros" have been converted to the idea. Marion Moore, parent support worker with Family Matters, who has run Bitesize sessions in York, said: "York City Council emailed all their employees and we had two very successful Intros - one

  • Take it easy

    You may think that travelling to Hawes deep into Wensleydale for a three-mile toddle is a long way to drive for a short walk. We had our reasons. One, we wanted a look at the Dales Countryside Museum which is showing an exhibition called Tracks In Time

  • 'It's time to dump council dinosaurs'

    A GROUP of independently-minded York election candidates today urged voters to "dump the dinosaurs" - and vote Independent. Les Marsh, spokesman for the Clifton-based Independent group, says that two decades of Labour council rule have left York ready

  • Minster's window of opportunity

    YORK Minster is to be seen in a new light - thanks to some high-tech photographs. York firm Skycell has used its unique Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to take more than 800 photographs of the cathedral's 14th century stained glass windows. The UAVs,

  • All white now

    GEORGE WILKINSON is back on his feet and makes the most of a late-winter snowfall Snow, a rare treat, and to make the most of it, to avoid any chance of slush, we changed our plan, from the gentle hills around Coxwold to the high ground of Bransdale.

  • Hustings session hailed a success

    CURRENT and would-be councillors who braved York's voters of the future at a lively question and answer session today hailed the event a success. The Evening Press organised session, or hustings, was held at Oaklands School, Acomb. It saw a group of Year

  • Tony Blair gets a grille-ing at last

    HISTORY was made in the House of Commons this week, and not just by Tony Blair admitting he'd got something wrong. MPs met for the first time behind a giant security screen. The idea behind the grille - which stretches from behind the first three rows

  • Room for all

    There were streaks of snow on the colder slopes of the Cleveland Hills but in Great Ayton, ice cream consumption continued institutionally at Suggitts' caf. Visitors to this famous refuelling stop looked out over the River Leven; hard core cyclists slurped

  • Gloves off for election

    THE gloves came off today in Selby's local election campaign as the Labour and Conservative Parties launched their manifestos. The district council's Labour group vowed to tackle anti-social behaviour, while the Tories pledged to crack down on council

  • Anti-flood measures on show

    HUNDREDS of North Yorkshire residents turned up to an event aimed at helping them shore up their defences against flooding. Led by North Yorkshire County Council, the "flood fair" saw more than 40 exhibitors displaying products aimed at protecting homes

  • Flood watch back in York

    MOTORISTS in York and North Yorkshire were being urged to drive carefully today after the region's roads were covered with debris and standing water by strong winds and rain. A spokesman for the Environment Agency said a Flood Watch was now in place in

  • Further moor

    VICTORIA Ellis recently did an Evening Press walk on the North York Moors near the Hole of Horcum. There has been a fuss about it. A walker has phoned the paper complaining that her party was turned off the route; farmers have phoned the paper complaining

  • Brothers get top tips from Ronnie

    TWO York brothers will be appearing on television with their snooker hero during the BBC's coverage of the PowerHouse UK Championship. Steven and Lee Gregson, from Stockton on the Forest, spent two hours at the Cueball Club in James Street, getting coaching

  • Flood warning issued in York

    TWO flood warnings have been issued on the River Ouse at York and Naburn today following more heavy rainfall. The Environment Agency (EA) has released the warnings for the Ouse between Clifton Bridge and Fulford and at Naburn Lock. But a spokeswoman,

  • Flood defence bill may be £11m

    DEFENDING York against future flooding could cost as much as £11 million - and the Environment Agency admits such funding may be difficult to secure. The agency's calculations emerged as Yorkshire householders were warned today they may need to stump

  • Sad 'Rocket' fizzles out

    DETHRONED champion Ronnie O'Sullivan is locking his cue away till next year after his shock exit from the PowerHouse UK Snooker Championship in York. Far from living up to his nickname of 'The Rocket' he played more like a damp squib as he tamely surrendered

  • MPs push for flood defence cash

    MPs Hugh Bayley and Anne McIntosh have secured a Ministerial meeting to discuss the need for millions of pounds of flood defence work in North Yorkshire. Floods Minister Elliot Morley agreed to face-to-face talks after being pressed by the MPs in a Commons

  • Wolds winner

    George Wilkinson discovers an unmissable walk in the Wolds THIS is a wonderful Wolds walk, one of the best I have done. We started at Fordon which is a farm, a mini church, a house or two, that's all, a hamlet at the junction of North Dale, East Dale

  • MP wades into flood defence debate

    ONE year on from the flooding which devastated North Yorkshire, an MP revealed today he is pressing for a major change in the way flood defences are funded. York MP Hugh Bayley said he wanted regional flood committees to have the powers to set precepts

  • Wait and see

    Today's walk could have been made for the Moorsbus Service. A short ride from Helmsley takes you to the top of Newgate Bank in Bilsdale and then you can walk back to the town over moors and through the bluebell valley of Riccal Dale using newly designated

  • Welcome diversion

    Kettlewell was as lovely as ever except for a migration of caravans and a pipeline. Rain was forecast from the west, there was a dusting of snow on Great Whernside and we had barely set off down Lovers Lane by the sparkling River Wharfe when, late in

  • Reds alert

    YORK CITY midfielder Lee Bullock collected a snooker cue for winning the man of the match award in the FA Cup game against Brentford last Saturday. Bullock scored the City goal and gave a solid display as the Minstermen just failed to overcome the Second

  • Dogged by George

    Saltmarshe is a hamlet on the Yorkshire side of the River Ouse about five miles upstream of the Humber Estuary. We visited because Mr Ayre from Elvington, an Evening Press reader, sent in a tempting route. Thank you, we enjoyed the walk very much. The

  • Cue queen's agony

    THE future of the world's best woman snooker player could be in doubt, she admitted in York this week after playing through pain to retain her UK title. Kelly Fisher, the 24-year-old four-times world champion from Carlisle, was in so much pain on the

  • Flood victims may get relief on council tax

    FLOOD victims who are unable to live in their homes could soon be entitled to reduced Council Tax bills. Ministers have announced plans to give councils across North Yorkshire discretionary powers to reduce bills. Unless all the furniture has been removed

  • Cloud cover

    George Wilkinson goes in and out of cloud as he walks on Thimbleby Moor above Osmotherley WE sat in the car on Thimbleby Moor above Osmotherley as the rain lashed the windscreen. Cloud at one thousand foot smeared out the top of Black Hambleton, the nearest

  • Urgent flood repairs get go-ahead

    URGENT repairs to York's flood defences can now go ahead, after the region's flood chiefs approved a ten per cent increase in the local authority levy. As reported in later editions of yesterday's Evening Press, the way above inflation increase was agreed

  • York lobby for floods funds

    COUNCILLORS in York are set to lobby the Government for millions of pounds in order to protect the city against flooding. A notional programme of works, which will cost in excess of £11 million, has been identified by City of York Council in an independent

  • Hambleton amble

    WE DROVE to the North York Moors Sutton Bank Visitors Centre and then along the dead straight Cleveland Road to where its Tarmac stops and it becomes the famous Hambleton Road. Here there are arrows for cycle trails - '12 miles, highly technical', 'seven

  • Phew, it's a knockout scorcher for Mark

    A FIGHTING friend inspired Mark Williams to deliver a knockout punch to land the PowerHouse UK Snooker Championship in a toe-to-toe battle which went the full distance at York's Barbican Centre. After capturing his first title in Britain for 26 months

  • £1m to bolster flood defences

    FLOOD defence chiefs have approved urgent repairs costing more than £1 million to three damaged defences in Yorkshire. The decision came as the Environment Agency revealed that walls, embankments, pumping stations and other protective measures prevented

  • Floods money is slashed

    VITAL work to keep North Yorkshire roads and properties free from flooding has been placed in doubt after plans emerged to slash county council funding for the work of the environment department. Environment chiefs at North Yorkshire County Council are

  • Plover and out

    J B Priestley wrote in his English Journey: 'We reached Buckden, towards the head of the Dale, and a notable goal for Bradfordians, who have emptied the barrels at the inn there many a time...'. Seventy years later there were 30 cars in the Upper Wharfedale

  • Foamy walk

    GEORGE WILKINSON meets the black-painted Darlington Mummers on his way to a waterfall that inspired Turner We pulled up outside the Green Man just as the black-painted Darlington Mummers boarded their coach. Folk festivals, for this was one - the inaugural

  • Moor downpour

    IT was tanking down on the North York Moors, stair rods. A lonely long-distance runner splashed past the car park on the edge of Wykeham Forest, everyone else was sensibly indoors, we tried to get our waterproofs on without a soaking. Then came some hanging

  • Heather and yon

    THE landscape backdrop to today's walk is purple heather. The political backdrop is a huge and hugely successful public access arrangement. The land at Bolton Abbey is owned by the Duke of Devonshire who this year publicly apologised for the treatment

  • Golden harvest

    We came into Huggate on York Lane and left a landscape burnished in the harvest time heat for the cool of the Wolds Inn at noon. Thereby "mad dogs and Englishmen" were delayed a while, and it was hot, more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Huggate is a low

  • Deep purple haze

    FOR perhaps a final fix of the purple heather this season we took ourselves off to Hawnby Moor. North we walked, three abreast, a mile and a half along a dusty track that penetrates and bisects the moor. Part of the territory looks fortified by turret-like

  • On Ilkley Moor

    Ilkley is one of the most elegant towns in England, a former spa town that has retained the dignified air that would have once attracted the wealthiest people to this "heather spa" in search of a cure during the Victorian and Edwardian era. However, there

  • Bubbling beck

    GEORGE WILKINSON experiences stoat encounters of the furred kind in Arkengarthdale. Arkengarthdale was peaceful, we were at Whaw in the sunshine morning, nothing made a sound and nothing moved except a pair of stoats that scampered on the verge. A mile

  • Forever autumn

    George Wilkinson enjoys an Indian Summer walk in Arkengarthdale. This is the last of my three walks in Arkengarthdale, a place I can recommend. The dale is a distance from York, that's why I did it in a midweek-break/saver fashion. Three days of glorious

  • Spuds you hike

    GEORGE WILKINSON witnesses the potato harvest near the village of Scackleton. THE village of Scackleton is long and linear, with two pumps, shaggy sheep, a pond and a hint of an ancient moat. It lies bang in the middle of the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding

  • Oh, by Esk

    GEORGE WILKINSON takes a brisk walk by the sparkling River Esk then heads out on to the moors on a gloriously crisp, clear day Iwondered if the car park at Egton Bridge was ever blessed with any North York Moors sunshine. The village huddles deep in the

  • To the woods

    Grewelthorpe is a nice village near Ripon, and near the quite gruelling but enchanting Hack Fall Woods, which were a popular and picturesque tourist attraction in the 18th and 19th centuries and apparently featured in all the best guides. We left Grewelthorpe

  • Going flat out

    My GARDEN rain gauge was brimming, so we decided to walk on sand. Our choice was Allerthorpe, in the Vale of York, and a drive of a dozen miles from the city on one-time Roman road. We left the pleasant village for a farm track through very flat farmlands

  • Hidden away

    George Wilkinson heads out across Hamer Moor ROSEDALE Abbey deep in the North York Moors is ever so popular. Nearby, tucked away a mile or so to the east, hidden in a roll of moor, is a quite secret and nameless valley. Well, one we had never explored

  • Walk in the park

    GEORGE WILKINSON heads to Fountains Abbey for a wander round a World Heritage Site. FOUNTAINS Abbey and the adjacent landscaped water gardens at Studley Royal are a World Heritage Site, fabulous and a real must. If you haven't visited them already then

  • Head for the hills

    GEORGE WILKINSON makes the most of some winter sunshine and enjoys the breathtaking views from the Cleveland Hills The Cleveland Hills sharpened up in watery sunshine and we were delighted to abandon plan B - low level from Guisborough Priory. Crossing

  • A classy common

    GEORGE WILKINSON leads us on a Boxing Day walk where the animals take the scenery - and the walkers - in their stride Friday the 13th we walked a route selected for Boxing Day, but superstition ran like rain off waterproofed backs, and we had a super

  • Toast the coast

    George Wilkinson heads to Robin Hood's Bay for a bracing New Year walk. HAPPY New Year all. Here's a walk from Robin Hood's Bay for a hard January day when a minimum of the other half million visitors per annum are of the same mind. The station car park

  • Let it snow...

    GEORGE WILKINSON braves the snow to rediscover the joys of winter walking. SNOW - or 'snow shock' as the headlines proclaim - and with it came personal fury that I hadn't managed to organise proper all-weather mobility. The new (nearly new) car wouldn't

  • Home Office issues 'preventative steps'

    THE Home Office has set out "simple preventative steps" - like stocking up on bottled water and tinned food - that people should take to guard themselves against possible terror attacks in this country. Though officials say there is currently "no information

  • Lord Mayor offers support

    The Lord Mayor of York today offered his full support to the servicemen and women from the city who are out in the Gulf. Coun David Horton said "I and the whole of the Civic Party would offer our support to the men and women who are out there, particularly

  • Labour Labour members burn their cards

    THE Labour Party is today at least three members lighter after three York stalwarts burned their membership cards in response to war in Iraq. Gordon Campbell-Thomas and Mick and Sue Hoban said they could not support UK military action without UN backing

  • Pupils stage anti-war protest

    Police were called to a York school after hundreds of students protesting against war with Iraq spilled out onto a city street. Four pupils aged between 14 and 16 have been excluded from Joseph Rowntree School for two days for "inappropriate behaviour

  • Iraqi missiles hit Kuwait

    Two Iraqi missiles this morning hit northern Kuwait, according to the official Kuwaiti news agency. Experts in bio-chemical suits were said to be examining the blast sites. Updated: 09:13 Thursday, March 20, 2003

  • York's opinion on war divided

    Opinion on the outbreak of war were divided in York today. Debra Anderson, 22, of Strensall, York, said: "I'm disgusted, I don't want this war to go ahead. Over the past couple of days I think they have proven it is all just about oil, and is purely money-orientated

  • Terry's of where?

    IT was always said that York was good for cyclists because it is such a flat city. With all the development taking place, perhaps it should be renamed Flat City. The developers are now circling like vultures over a dying beast, fighting each other for

  • Wondrous Oblivion, Running time: 106 mins Certificate: PG

    IT would have been easier, if cheesier, to call it Just Not Cricket but writer-director Paul Morriosn wanted to catch a state of mind. Wondrous Oblivion does not suggest cricket, much like Mark Herman's Purely Belter did not suggest football fanaticism

  • Pay up - or else

    I AM writing in response to Jeremy Banyard's letter in which he asserts his intention not to pay his full council tax this year (April 13). I would remind Mr Banyard and anyone else who may be considering such a course of action that it is illegal. Individuals

  • War claims its first British casualties

    THE war against Iraq claimed its first British casualties early today when a helicopter crashed in the Kuwaiti desert. The tragedy occurred as American and British forces drove into Iraq, attacking by "air, land and sea". British Royal Marines were said

  • Barbican deal is best

    WITH reference to Mr Waite's letter concerning the Barbican (April 20), the deal with Absolute Leisure to run the centre is a good one for the city's council taxpayers. It was tested in open competition and represented the best of 11 bids received. It

  • College students thrown off campus

    YORK College students were thrown off campus as they tried to gather support for their anti-war protest, sparking a row between college management and staff. According to student Oli Wilson, 19, the 20-strong group was told to leave the Tadcaster Road

  • Peace marchers in bridge blockade

    TRAFFIC was brought to a standstill in the centre of York last night as peace protesters occupied Ouse Bridge and Museum Street. About 300 people took to the streets following a rally at St Sampson's Square to express their outrage at the war with Iraq

  • Dunnington remain the team to beat

    HAVING completed a hat-trick of league titles, Dunnington are the firm favourites to extend their domination of the Hunters York and District Senior League as they will again have a star-studded line-up on show. Collis King continues to skipper the side

  • Troops may enter Bagdad by Monday

    BRITISH and American troops may enter Baghdad by Monday, a British military official revealed today. Group Captain Al Lockwood said he hoped Allied Forces would be in the Iraqi capital within the next three or four days. US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

  • Dame Judi's peace plea

    YORK-BORN actress Dame Judi Dench is taking centre stage on Sunday night at a Concert For Peace. Dame Judi, who was made an Honorary Freeman of her home city last year, will join stars of opera, theatre, ballet, comedy, music and literature on stage at

  • Service for the troops

    EX-SERVICEMEN and women are urging York residents not to forget troops fighting in the Gulf. They are inviting people to take part in a special church service aimed at honouring troops, and are asking that political arguments surrounding the war are not

  • Iraqi fears for his relations

    AN IRAQI living in North Yorkshire was desperately trying to contact his family in Baghdad after Friday night's intense bombardment of the capital. Hadi Chiad, who has three sisters living in Baghdad, said he watched the allied onslaught on TV with growing

  • Peace movement gathers pace in York

    ANTI-war protesters daubed red paint on York's Mansion House and other council buildings to symbolise the blood of those being bombed in Iraq. Members of the York Painters for Peace squirted the removable paint on the steps of the Lord Mayor's official

  • Sort this mess out NOW!

    THE Evening Press today issues an urgent plea to highways bosses: Get York Moving. The A64 roadworks at Copmanthorpe have led to rush-hour chaos on the dual carriageway and across the city in recent weeks, trapping commuters, shoppers and tourists in

  • Seven die as Sea Kings crash

    SEVEN British servicemen aboard two Royal Navy Sea King helicopters died in a mid-air collision during action in the war on Iraq. The collision was said to have happened accidentally above international Gulf waters as British and American forces took

  • Press lobbies roads meeting

    THE Evening Press today took its campaign to Get York Moving to a crucial meeting of highways bosses. Copies of last night's Evening Press, with its uncompromising headline: York Cannot Take Much More Of This, were hand-delivered to officials arriving

  • Your A64 ideas get go-ahead

    ROAD bosses are to adopt traffic chaos solutions put forward by Evening Press readers to help solve the A64 roadworks chaos. Highways Agency chiefs revealed today that they will create an extra lane approaching works on the westbound carriageway of the

  • Huge demo at 'spy base'

    THIRTEEN people were arrested during the biggest protest seen at a North Yorkshire "spy base" in 20 years. Police said "a tiny minority" got involved in trouble when more than 1,000 demonstrators converged on the Menwith Hill base, near Harrogate. Three

  • Road reopens

    YORK'S traffic nightmare eased today when Cemetery Road reopened to vehicles. The road had been closed for more than four weeks while engineers carried out major repairs to a collapsed sewer. Rush-hour traffic in the Fishergate area has been extremely

  • Muslims at cathedral

    DOZENS of members of two different faiths came together to pray for peace at a North Yorkshire cathedral. Muslims and Christians joined together at Ripon Cathedral to take part in prayer and silent thought on the ongoing conflict in Iraq. About 50 Muslims

  • British soldiers missing in Iraq

    TWO British soldiers are missing in southern Iraq, and several US marines have been killed in fighting around the city of Nasiriyah, in what has been described as the toughest day so far in the war in the Gulf. The Ministry of Defence would give no details

  • Iraqis 'will fight for their country'

    HUMAN shield Antoinette McCormick, speaking from war-torn Baghdad today, said the message to her from ordinary Iraqis had been: "We hate Bush, but we love Americans." She believes they will resist when the Allies try to take Baghdad. "There is a strong

  • Trains franchise decision in days

    MINISTERS have pledged to announce the winner of the drawn-out battle for the East Coast Mainline franchise within two weeks. Last week, Transport Secretary Stephen Byers insisted he was still weighing up the submissions from GNER and Virgin. Parliament

  • GNER wins two year rail deal

    Transport Secretary Stephen Byers today extended the GNER franchise by two years, until April 2005. But, in a statement to the Stock Exchange at 3.30pm, Mr Byers said: "I regret that the process to negotiate a new 20-year deal has not proved successful

  • Fuming and frustrated

    ANGRY MPs and passengers today condemned a "scandalous" Government decision to extend GNER's franchise by only two years. Transport Secretary Stephen Byers went against the Strategic Rail Authority's recommendations for either GNER or Virgin or GNER to

  • Top rail adviser backed GNER

    THE Government's most senior rail adviser has re-ignited the East Coast Main Line franchise controversy by revealing that Ministers repeatedly ignored his recommendation that GNER should be given a 20-year deal. Sir Alistair Morton, chairman of the Strategic

  • GNER gives warning over new trains

    THE dream of faster and more comfortable trains to London will be put on hold until 2006. GNER chief executive Christopher Garnett has revealed no new trains will be introduced on the East Coast Main Line until 2006 because the company was only granted

  • Rail boss fires salvo at Byers

    RAILTRACK chairman John Robinson has delivered a vicious assault on the Government, launching a salvo of criticism over its handling of the company's demise. Speaking among the proudest remnants of Britain's railway history at the National Railway Museum

  • GNER cancellations buck trend

    GNER managed to buck the national trend last year by reducing the number of cancelled trains, it was revealed today. Research carried out by the Liberal Democrats revealed the York-based train operator cancelled 457 services in the first nine months of

  • Way we were

    Friday, April 23, 2004 100 years ago: According to columnist TT, "we are altogether too mealy-mouthed with regard to correcting children." He believed that a cane had a "marvellous" moral influence. His comments were prompted by the recent drowning of

  • Terry's 'body blow'

    A SENIOR Cabinet Minister has declared Terry's decision to close its historic factory as a "body blow" for York The Leader of the House of Commons, Peter Hain, told MPs: "It is a very serious situation with the job losses - it is a body blow." York MP

  • Powerful backing for York event

    YORK'S biggest single sports event will has been given a massive boost this year. The UK Snooker Championship, being staged at the Barbican Centre and starting on December 1, now has a sponsor. Electrical giants PowerHouse, the UK's largest independent

  • Hall of frame thrills York

    YORK is on the brink of completing a major sports treble as the world's top snooker stars head to the city for the start tomorrow of the PowerHouse UK Championship. When the deal to bring the second biggest tournament in world snooker to York's Barbican

  • Agony as Henry misses maximum

    DREW Henry's golden chance of a 147 maximum break was floored by a knuckleduster as the second day's play in the PowerHouse UK Snooker Championship produced more upsets in last night's marathon session. The world No 22, from Rutherglen, Scotland, was

  • Davis and King to jacket in

    STEVE Davis, 9-2 victor yesterday against Paul Wykes at the PowerHouse UK Snooker Championship in York, will be playing for an unusual private stake against his former practice partner Mark King in their second round match on Thursday - a jacket. Davis

  • Jilted John suffers cabbage patch fall

    SNOOKER star John Parrott was back home on Merseyside today still trying to come to terms with the 'frightening' way he was knocked out of the PowerHouse UK Championship in York. The 1991 World and UK champion was beaten 9-5 by world No 70 Adrian Gunnell

  • City in the pink for cup preparation

    York City witnessed shots of a different kind yesterday as they went to the UK Snooker Championship at the Barbican. With their FA Cup second round tie against Brentford just days away, boss Terry Dolan has opted for the top snooker event to build team

  • Hunter powers into Doherty duel

    YORKSHIRE snooker hero Paul Hunter is brimming with confidence after a superb performance in his opening match in the PowerHouse UK Championship in York. He thrashed Surrey's David Gray 9-1 to power through to the last 16 and a crowd-pulling duel with

  • Firms urged to reap the spoils of war

    A LEADING North Yorkshire businessman today urged Britain to fight for a share of the spoils of war, following a military victory in Iraq. Iain Dale warned of the dangers of the Americans "hogging" the economic benefits of post-war reconstruction work

  • 20 York coaches for rally on war

    TWENTY coachloads of peace campaigners are now set to travel from York to the national demonstration in London against a war on Iraq. York Against the War says more coaches were booked yesterday in response to a surge in demand for tickets for the event

  • Women stage candle-lit vigil for peace

    WOMEN stood in silent protest against a possible war with Iraq, in a vigil at the University of York. The event last night echoed the vigils of Palestinian and Israeli women over the last 15 years. Members of the all-female society known as 51% were led

  • It's Valentine's Day... and our thoughts turn to war

    FOUR York mothers have sent Tony Blair and George Bush a "heartfelt" Valentine's Day message with a difference. Belinda Noda, Jenny Kelleher, Teejae Frear and Sally Temple have called for "love not war" to be made across the world in the face of the possible

  • York 'overwhelmingly against war with Iraq'

    A LEADING York peace campaigner says opinion in the city is now "overwhelmingly" against war with Iraq. Chris Fuller, spokesman for York Against the War, said: "There has been a mix of anger, horror and frustration at what is happening. "Public opinion

  • War threat tourism slump

    YORK tourism bosses are expecting a slump in American visitors because of heightened terrorist tension in Britain. Staff at the city's tourist information centre, in St Leonard's Place, have notice a marked decline in visitor enquiries from the U.S. -

  • Just say no

    'WE DON'T want war' - that was the message from hundreds of York area peace protesters who today headed to London for what could be Britain's biggest-ever demonstration. More than 1,500 demonstrators left the city to deliver a hard-hitting anti-war message

  • Highly evolved

    GUTSY, exhilarating, powerful, outstanding, breathtaking, spine-tingling - all adjectives provided by Mitsubishi describing other people's experience of driving the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. So it's no wonder that through eight generations of

  • Demo makes history

    Evening Press feature writer STEPHEN LEWIS joins peace protesters on the biggest march in British history. THE man with the megaphone had good news. "I am unreliably informed that even the BBC - yes, even the BBC - are saying that one million people are

  • Time to remove Saddam

    ONLY a complete fool would want to go to war. I have the greatest respect for the peace protesters who are currently opposing war with Iraq. However, I also have genuine doubts as to whether they are right. I cannot help visualising the then British Prime

  • Uncle Sam has blood on his hands

    SADDAM Hussein is a rank amateur when it comes to developing biological weapons, invading a smaller neighbour, torture, showing disregard to his own people or state-sponsored terrorism. Consider the following. - Unit 731: This was the secret Japanese

  • Protesters take nuclear fight to police

    ANTI-war campaigners descended on York police station to demand an investigation into Britain's Trident nuclear weapon system. Members of York Against The War and York Weapons Inspectors, handed a letter to Inspector Andy Everitt, claiming that the system

  • York soldiers leave for the Gulf

    FORTY soldiers left York today for the Gulf as conflict with Iraq looms ever closer. The party is among about 500 members of 2 Signal Regiment, based at Imphal Barracks in Fulford Road, who are being deployed to the Middle East. More than 400 soldiers

  • Gulf widow talks of fears for war families

    GULF war widow Anne Lennox spoke today of her concerns for the families of Servicemen preparing to fight in a new war against Iraq. Her father, John Lofthouse, said it was a great pity that "tyrant" Saddam Hussein's regime was not sorted out during the

  • Survey will gauge attitudes on Iraq

    HUNDREDS of York residents are expected to take part in a survey that will offer a revealing snapshot into public attitudes to war with Iraq. York academic Professor Roy Carr-Hill is leading the poll, which focuses on the build-up to war and the effect

  • York vicar plans to reach out to Muslims

    A YORK church leader today revealed he is to reach out to Muslim groups in the city as Britain prepares to attack Iraq. The Rev Martin Baldock said it was vitally important to make sure there were no "divisions along faith grounds" if a conflict did break

  • Ex-soldier urges peace as son serves in Gulf

    A FORMER soldier from North Yorkshire today spoke out strongly against any attack on Iraq - while his soldier son prepares for war with the British Army in Kuwait. John Ward, of Tollerton, said he was "worried sick" about Royal Engineer son Simon, 21.

  • Anti-war pedal power

    ANTI-WAR campaigners have been pedalling for peace around the streets of York city centre. The cyclists have been towing round an A-board to raise awareness of the anti-war demo in York tomorrow. York Against The War (YAW) spokesman Rory Palmer said:

  • Mum flies flags for Gulf boys

    THE mother of a North Yorkshire soldier out in Kuwait called today for Britain to rally behind "our boys" as they prepare for war. Frances Ellerker has decided to fly the flag - or two flags to be precise - outside her home in Shipton- by-Beningbrough

  • Expectant Marie keeping posted

    A YORK woman whose husband is stationed in Kuwait, has spoken out about her fears of war. Bombardier Stephen Newton, 29, born and raised in York, said goodbye to his pregnant wife, Marie, and their two children more than a month ago. While he prepares

  • 2 days to quit

    SOLDIERS from York who are serving in the Gulf have been sent boxes of goodies by the British Polio Fellowship. Members of the fellowship from the Yorkshire region filled many large comfort boxes with sweets, magazines, books, beverages and toiletries

  • Residents facing two flood seasons

    FLOOD stricken Ryedale residents could face not one, but two more flooding seasons before proper defences are completed, the Evening Press can reveal. Environment Agency bosses have admitted that a £4.1 million scheme to protect Malton and Norton may

  • Labour faces among shops crowd

    LABOUR'S local election candidates joined the crowds to meet the voters at York's late-night shopping event. Sitting and would-be councillors, including City of York Council executive members, were among the swarm of shoppers enjoying the sunshine in

  • Home truths

    York's crucial local election is now only days away. In the run-up to polling day, Political Reporter Richard Edwards is putting questions on key issues to the leaders of the four largest parties. Today, he asks about York's housing crisis The question

  • No room for Ward after 'walk-out'

    MIDFIELDER Mitch Ward will not be in York City's squad for tomorrow's trip to Doncaster after allegedly walking out on the team before Tuesday's home game with Yeovil Town. Ward was seen driving away from Bootham Crescent and it is believed that the reason

  • Tackling the congestion question

    Only two days of campaigning are left before York's crucial city council election. In the latest of a series of articles, Political Reporter Richard Edwards questions the leaders of the four largest parties, this time on York's congestion problems Gridlock

  • Rovers hotshot to miss big clash

    DONCASTER Rovers' in-form striker Adebayo Akinfenwah will not be available for tomorrow's crucial clash against York City. Akinfenwah, who has netted four goals in four starts for the Belle Vue club after being released by Rushden, has had his appeal

  • Candidates battle hard for overall control goal

    Both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat groups are aiming to take overall control of the hung authority in Ryedale, which currently has 11 Tories, six Independents, five Liberal Democrats and one Labour. Boundary changes mean the number of seats on

  • Councillors try to woo youngsters

    COUNCILLORS have called for better provision of services for young people in North Yorkshire and demanded better communication. Hambleton district cultural and social overview committee members agreed to refer a report to cabinet for approval following

  • It's a new era for the city declares Lib Dem

    THE new leader of City of York Council today signalled the dawn of a new political era. And he revealed exclusively to the Evening Press the launch of his first initiative - aimed at cleaning up the city. Coun Steve Galloway, who was first elected as

  • Tykes closing in on Essex's total

    CHRIS Taylor departed to the 11th ball of the day at Headingley today but Darren Lehmann completed a breathtaking half-century for Yorkshire with some stunning shots before he, too, was dismissed. Yorkshire were 146-2 and trailing Essex by 116 at the

  • Stillman family angry over 'senseless' jail transfer

    DEAF charity worker Ian Stillman's plight is set to worsen after officials announced he will be moved to what his family calls a "Midnight Express-type of prison". The 52-year-old, whose parents live in Tadcaster Road, York, is expected to be transferred

  • Mum's the word for millions of fans

    FANS of the Queen Mother were today finalising their preparations to celebrate her 100th birthday. The Evening Press has received dozens of calls about people's plans to celebrate the big 100 with the country's favourite grandmother. And while some will

  • York's bells ring out for Queen Mum

    In York, a waiting crowd greeted with rapturous applause the first chimes of the Minster's Queen Mother Bells on the morning of her 100th birthday. The Kings Division Waterloo Band followed the chimes with a rendition of Happy Birthday for the Queen Mother

  • Birthday cheers as city celebrates

    Pensioners at a York community unit were among those flying the flag for the Queen Mother's landmark celebration today. About 20 people who attend Acomb Gables, in Oak Rise, Acomb, for day care were joining in a big birthday bash this afternoon. Later

  • Forces block breakout at Basra

    British forces have blocked an attempted breakout by Iraqi armour at Basra, it was reported today. British armour backed up by helicopters was said to have destroyed between five and seven Iraqi tanks. Up to 50 Iraqi tanks were said to have taken part

  • Queen Mum's own county continued...

    Three weeks later she was in the city again to attend the wedding of the Duke of Kent and the then Miss Katharine Worsley of Hovingham. She was one of three Queens in the congregation, the other two being our present Queen, a cousin of the Duke, and Queen

  • Second soldier killed in action

    A SECOND British soldier has died in action in the Gulf. The man, from the 1st Battalion of the Black Watch, was killed during an operation last night near Al Zubayr, south west of Basra. The news came as American air forces were today pounding Iraq's

  • Speech signals start of battle for Baghdad

    TONY Blair today signalled the start of a bloody battle for Baghdad, as Allied aircraft pounded units of Saddam Hussein's elite Republican Guard. Speaking at a Downing Street press conference, the Prime Minister confirmed coalition troops were now just

  • Question time for Ian's parents

    THE PARENTS of jailed deaf charity campaigner Ian Stillman are to hold a question-and-answer session for York residents who helped free him. Roy and Monica Stillman, who live in Tadcaster Road, York, will speak at St Edward the Confessor church, in Dringhouses

  • Stillman parents say 'thank you'

    THE parents of freed deaf charity campaigner Ian Stillman have publicly thanked all those who helped to secure their son's release from prison in India. Roy and Monica Stillman expressed their "immense" gratitude when they spoke to an audience of about

  • How a city rallied to help jailed Ian

    IAN STILLMAN was alone in his freezing cell in India's Himalayan foothills. The only Englishman in the prison, his disability ensured complete isolation. He had no idea of the number of supporters who were pressing hard on his behalf thousands of miles

  • Anti-war protester to fight election

    A PROTESTER will stand for election on an anti-war mandate, only days after resigning as a Labour candidate. Gordon Campbell-Thomas has promised to stand in the seat that would damage his former party the most. Mr Campbell-Thomas burned his Labour Party

  • Sweet freedom

    Deaf, one-legged charity worker Ian Stillman's imprisonment in an Indian jail brought protest from thousands of Evening Press readers. Reporter Adam Nichols speaks to him for the first time since his release. THE KINDNESS of strangers overwhelmed hardened

  • Blair confirms Basra uprising

    TONY Blair today said large numbers of Iraqis were waiting to revolt against Saddam Hussein, amid reports of an uprising in Basra. Speaking in the Commons, the Prime Minister said it was important for allied forces to give support to ordinary Iraqis desperate

  • York shoppers say they back our boys in Gulf

    FULL support for our British troops - that was the message from shoppers in Parliament Street, York. Some told the Evening Press they felt it was time Saddam Hussein's regime was quashed and supported military action in Iraq, while others deplored the

  • Tourism hit by anti-war feeling

    EUROPEAN visitors are making their anti-war feelings felt - by not coming to York. The tourism industry in York is suffering a double blow from the war in Iraq as, besides the fall in American visitors, the country is now suffering a backlash of anti-war

  • Jenny on write lines with letter to leaders

    A NORTH Yorkshire schoolgirl is so worried about the war in Iraq that she has gone straight to the top with her concerns. Jenny Hyde, from West Heslerton, near Malton, penned letters to US President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair after seeing

  • Street artist trying to enter Iraq

    AUTHOR and street entertainer Michael Mime is today trying to enter war-torn Iraq to try to trace his estranged daughter. When the Evening Press last heard from with Michael, of Bishophill, York, he was in the Turkish capital, Ankara. But when we contacted

  • Licensees see the light

    LICENSEES David and Sally-Anne Smith are calling time on energy waste as their pub becomes the first to sign up to PlanetYork. The Royal Oak, in Goodramgate, York, is expected to slash its energy consumption by ten per cent in the next year after the

  • Degree of energy saving at York Uni

    ENERGY-minded staff and students are attempting to make the University of York the UK's most energy-efficient. In the latest drive to clinch the title, the university has joined forces with the Stockholm Environment Institute to launch an internet site

  • It's green for go

    GREEN-fingered David Gregory is turning to green power after signing up to PlanetYork. The manager of Upper Poppleton-based Ryland Horticulture Tree and Garden Services has vowed to convert his business Land Rover to low-emission liquid petroleum gas.

  • Have you taken the pledge?

    Have you taken the pledge? Here are some of the pledges people have made to the PlanetYork campaign. Park Grove School, Park Grove - reduce energy consumption and teach pupils about efficiency Haxby Road Primary School, Haxby Road - set up systems to

  • If you can't stand the heat...

    MODEL Alison Richards left male passers-by hot and flustered when she delivered an energy-o-gram to a York store. Clad only in her underwear, Alison launched PlanetYork's Turn Down The Heat campaign in Brown's department store, Davygate. The year-long

  • Press gets 'green' van

    THE Evening Press is bringing good news to the environment with green deliveries. The company, one of the partners in the PlanetYork project aimed at making the city the UK's most energy-efficient, has added a green delivery vehicle to its fleet. The

  • North Yorks man leads tank raid

    AN ARMOURED raid into the besieged city of Basra has been led by a North Yorkshire serviceman. Major Tim Brown, from Bedale, commanded a tank unit that stormed three miles into the heart of the city, Iraq's largest after Baghdad. His squadron of 11 Challenger

  • Fuel-saving schools go to top of class

    ENERGY efficient schools are going to the top of the class after taking part in a fuel-saving project. Joseph Rowntree School, St Aelred's Primary, Huntington Primary, Park Grove and Haxby Road Primary are in line for thousands of pounds of grant aid

  • Bayley in talks on aid

    YORK MP Hugh Bayley says it is vital that relations between members of the UN are repaired, after a visit to America to discuss the human crisis in the Gulf. Mr Bayley has been in Washington during talks with diplomats over humanitarian aid for Iraq.

  • Actors cast a footprint

    YOUNG people from the cast of York Grand Opera House's musical Annie came out in force to demonstrate the effect York residents have on the environment. York MP Hugh Bayley joined the group to create an enormous "footprint" at King's Court,York. The demonstration

  • Overnight explosions rock Baghdad

    BAGHDAD was rocked by overnight explosions, with two large blasts heard as daylight first broke over the Iraqi capital. Reports suggested that earlier during the latest bombardment of the city a presidential palace and the area around the Information

  • Messages of support for troops flooding in

    We asked people all over the world to send us their messages of support for our troops. As DAVID LOWE reports, the response has been overwhelming. MESSAGES of support for British troops in the Gulf have been flooding in to the Evening Press internet site

  • Mime artist aims for Turkish border

    YORK street entertainer Michael Mime was today trying to cross the Turkish border into Iraq after meeting and taking advice from Kurdish politicians. Michael, real name Michael Todd, has met leading members of the Kurdish Democratic Party who, he claims

  • Women flying the flag for 'our boys'

    YORK mother and daughter Nellie and Georgina Barber are flying the flag for "our boys" in Iraq - by wearing special badges wherever they go. Georgina, who lives in Hawthorn Avenue, New Earswick, said the white badges proclaim the message "I Support Our

  • Students in call to back soldiers

    STUDENTS will take to the streets on Friday to show their support for British troops fighting in Iraq. A group from York St John College will march from the Students' Union, through the city centre to the Minster, waving "Back our Boys" banners and posters

  • Human shield back home

    HUMAN shield Antoinette McCormick was safely back in York today - to the great relief of her worried parents. The 38-year-old, who spent several nights at a power plant in Baghdad last week in a bid to deter Allied bombing, flew back to Britain yesterday

  • Iraqi elite forces move out of Baghdad

    IRAQI elite forces have moved out of Baghdad to take on advancing US troops, as coalition commanders sought to put a stranglehold on Saddam Hussein's regime. Republican Guard troops have been moving out to combat the American spearheads and protect the

  • Another three weeks of jams on A64

    MOTORISTS are facing another three weeks of congestion and delays on the A64 near York. The Highways Agency has warned that the dual carriageway will be restricted to a single lane in each direction until Friday, May 3. A spokeswoman said the restrictions

  • Baghdad's airport said to have been seized

    AMERICAN troops were said today to have seized Baghdad's airport after bitter overnight fighting. A US intelligence officer at the scene said that American ground forces had seized "probably 80 per cent" of the large airport site, but stressed that every

  • Martel quickly makes his mark

    WITHIN a year of opening on the ground floor of the splendid Gateforth Hall near Selby, Restaurant Martel scooped three Restaurant of the Year awards. Now Martel Smith, the mere 22-year-old head chef and proprietor of that illustrious place beyond the

  • York TA man saved by pack

    A YORK Territorial Army soldier has been airlifted back to Britain from Iraq after being injured in action. An Army spokeswoman said the soldier had been treated briefly in hospital before being discharged. She declined to name the soldier, saying it

  • Pentagon refusing to let sun set

    HERE is the best slice of independent business advice you are likely to get: There's life - and success - after Sun Life. Ask Alan Cook, 51-year-old managing partner of Pentagon Financial Services LLP, of The Grange, in Wheldrake Lane, Elvington, York

  • Charity plea

    A YORK soldier's charity mission has been stalled - because the desert doesn't offer enough fund-raising opportunities! Staff Sergeant Dougie Icke is one of hundreds of servicemen from 2 Signal Regiment, based at Imphal Barracks in Fulford Road, who are

  • Packaging company is a real survivor

    BATTLING against the odds is often the lot of the small business in this fickle world. York Polythene and Packaging has had more than its fair share of odds battling and has come out on top. It has been though the gamut, surviving everything from terrible

  • Big relief for mum

    A MOTHER with two sons fighting in Iraq got the message she had been longing for - on national television. Marlene Jenkins, 57, broke down in tears when she saw her sons, Shaun and Nyall, being interviewed by TV war correspondents. The first clip showed

  • Why Paul has the answer

    READERS of the novel, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will know with absolute certainty that the secret of life, the universe and everything is 42. So Theme 42 seemed an obvious success-targeted title for Paul Duce's new company which he set up on the

  • RAF man misses war so he can get married

    NOT even war could hold this couple back from marriage, as they proved at York register office. Elaine Reed, 32, of Stillingfleet, and Paul Watson, 29, from Harrogate, were devastated when their wedding plans faced ruin by the news that Paul, a senior

  • PR firm finds that size isn't everything

    SIZE isn't everything, as York-based Simon Mountford Communications is proving. Not that this PR company set up seven years ago by Simon, a former Evening Press journalist, is tiny, but with just seven employees it is succeeding beyond the dreams of many

  • 60 on peace protest at base on the Moors

    ANTI-WAR protesters marched outside RAF Fylingdale in their latest demonstration for peace on Saturday. About 60 people marched through the bridleway towards the early warning station. Neil Bye, 43, said: "The turn-out wasn't as good as we'd expected,

  • Pro-troops banner wrecked

    TWO York brothers demonstrating in support of British troops in the Gulf today told how an anti-war protester attacked their demo and smashed up their banners. Andrew and Martin Gibson are holding weekly demos behind York Crown Court, close to Fishergate

  • Gunfire reported as dawn brakes in Baghdad

    GUNFIRE was reported in Baghdad as dawn broke today, with US forces looking set to continue strengthening their grip on the Iraqi capital today. Although some reports said the night in Baghdad had been relatively quiet, it was also said that American

  • Hero's honour

    TALKING of honouring unsung heroes, Steve Webster is to be made a freeman of York. In his own sport he is the undisputed king. Steve has won no fewer than nine World Sidecar Championships. However, that remarkable achievement had not been officially acknowledged

  • Call to give troops break on tax

    CALLS for soldiers serving in Iraq to be exempt from council tax have been made by a North Yorkshire mother. Frances Ellerker, from Shipton-by-Beningbrough, whose son, Daniel, is currently serving in the Gulf, said it was unfair that soldiers were expected

  • Back home

    A ROYAL Marine has returned safely from Iraq to his ecstatic York family - and told how he cheated death on the battlefield. Acting Corporal Robert Barnett, whose mother and sisters wept tears of joy as they were reunited with him at York Station, said

  • Street smash horror in York

    A TEENAGE schoolboy suffered serious multiple injuries in a crash between his bicycle and a motorbike in York today. The 14-year-old was taken to hospital with head, pelvic, chest and leg injuries after the crash, at the junction of Nunnery Lane and Bishopthorpe

  • Barbican protesters seek public inquiry

    CAMPAIGNERS today launched an all-out battle for a public inquiry into the controversial scheme to redevelop York's Barbican Centre, after planners gave it their backing. The Save Our Barbican campaign also called for the centre, including its swimming

  • Search for the heroes

    THE search starts today for York's community heroes. A rallying cry went out at the launch of a new campaign by the Evening Press and City of York Council. As England celebrated St George's Day, BBC Look North presenter and proud York resident Harry Gration

  • Terry's 'body blow'

    A SENIOR Cabinet Minister has declared Terry's decision to close its historic factory as a "body blow" for York The Leader of the House of Commons, Peter Hain, told MPs: "It is a very serious situation with the job losses - it is a body blow." York MP

  • Prescott steadfast on voice of North

    DEPUTY Prime Minister John Prescott chose the picturesque settings of a North Yorkshire flower show and an ancient abbey to press the case for an elected regional assembly. Mr Prescott's latest visit to the North of England, aimed at raising awareness

  • Correct licences are required

    I understand that a number of local anglers have fallen foul of the Environment Agency enforcement team in the last week. We are now in April which means that a new rod licence is required. While the permit is annual it does not run from January to January

  • Bigger Sainsbury's is given the thumbs-up

    YORK will have a new multimillion pound supermarket after plans for a store at Foss Bank were approved. Sainsbury was granted permission to develop its existing city centre site at a planning meeting last night. Neighbouring DIY store Homebase will be

  • Should we wage war on Iraq?

    YES... says GEOFF HOON, defence secretary, NO...says FRANK ORMSTON, of York Against The War. Geoff Hoon... In a recent written statement, the foreign secretary set out the Government's policy objectives for Iraq. These make clear our commitment to the

  • Blundell takes the title from Corner

    MARK Blundell (Greyhound) is the York Phoenix Open League Winter Season division one Individual Champion after a 2-0 win over holder Rich Corner (Bay Horse). In the first semi-final, Blundell hit back from 1-0 down to defeat Volunteer's Dean Saxton 2-

  • Protester to be human shield in Iraq

    THE daughter of a York couple is planning to join a human shield in Iraq in an effort to avert war. Antoinette McCormick, whose parents, John and Mairi McCormick, live in Huntington Road, intends going on a coach convoy of anti-war activists leaving London

  • Flying Scotsman 'betrayal' claim

    FURIOUS train enthusiasts who helped to make it possible for the Flying Scotsman to make its home at the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York, say they are being snubbed in the plans for its jubilant homecoming. Museum bosses have confirmed that the

  • Signallers fly to Kuwait in advance party

    YORK-based soldiers have already flown out to the Gulf to make preparations for a possible war with Iraq, the Evening Press can reveal today. A handful of signallers from 2 Signal Regiment, based at Imphal Barracks, in Fulford Road, have been among the

  • Lucky couple off to see the Queen

    A LUCKY York man has won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to watch the spectacular Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations in London. Tony Reeves, of Queenswood Grove, will enjoy the festivities with his family from a special vantage point outside Buckingham Palace

  • From Princess to Queen

    On June 22, the Queen will become the fourth longest-reigning monarch in 1,000 years of English history. That is the day when she will overtake Edward III who died in 1377 after 50 years and 148 days as king. Then, only Queen Victoria, George III and

  • Crowd pleaser

    YORK and North Yorkshire have welcomed the Queen on many occasions during the first five decades of this Elizabethan age. Her first official visits came before she acceded to the throne. Princess Elizabeth toured North Yorkshire's air bases in 1944, including

  • Susan celebrates Jubilee with long-lost cousin

    A NORTH Yorkshire woman who discovered she had a long-lost cousin is to join her in London for a special Queen's Golden Jubilee celebration. Susan Chadwick, from Newton-on-Ouse, is to attend a luncheon, hosted by Gloria Hunniford, at Hampton Court. Mrs

  • York's proudest moment

    THE Queen's association with York Minster continued in the 1980s. After celebrating the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Kent there in 1961, and distributing the Maundy Money there in 1972 she toured the great church again in November 1988. This was

  • A royal salute

    ROYALIST and photographer Jim Wilson took these pictures of the Queen while she was staying at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Although she is the most photographed woman in the world, Mr Wilson, a former president of the York Camera Club, does not

  • Watch this art space

    York's main art gallery is about to shut - but art lovers don't have to worry. It will re-open next year after extensive modernisation. YORK City Art Gallery will close on June 6. Unlike the putative shutdown of York Barbican Centre, it has a definite

  • Roll up, roll up for a Jubilee jamboree

    JUBILEE joy is on the cards for York and North Yorkshire this bank holiday, say tourist chiefs. Despite gloomy weather reports for Monday and Tuesday, attractions anticipate a bumper session as the Queen celebrates and Sven's men go into battle. Many

  • Pair camp out to see Queen

    TWO madcap monarchists are camping outside Buckingham Palace for 36 HOURS this weekend for the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations. Louise Robson and Graham Hollingworth, from Cemetery Road, York, want a bird's-eye view of the monarch as she parades down

  • Your lovely Jubilee!

    WHAT a Golden Jubilee weekend you had. When the celebrations were at their height earlier this month, we went out and captured events across North and East Yorkshire on camera. But there were far more street parties and other events than we could get

  • Search for the heroes

    THE search starts today for York's community heroes. A rallying cry went out at the launch of a new campaign by the Evening Press and City of York Council. As England celebrated St George's Day, BBC Look North presenter and proud York resident Harry Gration

  • Working to make a difference

    Seventy-two per cent of York residents are satisfied with their local neighbourhood, according to a recent survey. So why do we need to ask people to take a greater pride in their local community? Society changes and so do the standards that people take

  • Terry's 'body blow'

    A SENIOR Cabinet Minister has declared Terry's decision to close its historic factory as a "body blow" for York The Leader of the House of Commons, Peter Hain, told MPs: "It is a very serious situation with the job losses - it is a body blow." York MP

  • Opening date for Millennium Bridge

    York's Millennium Bridge will finally open today - in time for the Easter holidays. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Shan Braund, will cut a ribbon at 10:45am to officially open the foot and cycle bridge over the River Ouse this morning. The York Millennium

  • New bridge spans decades

    York's Millennium celebrations came to a late but great climax today when a £4.2 million new bridge across the Ouse was officially opened. Hundreds of residents and cyclists gathered on the Millennium Bridge as the Lord Mayor, Councillor Shan Braund,