THE Secret Panel vote was split but the audience vote tipped the balance in favour of Tip The Balance in Heat 12 of Round One of the Fibbers/Evening Press Battle Of The Bands this week.

The runner-up, She's Not Dead, also qualified for Round Two with 31.8 per cent of the vote.

The line-up is complete for Round Two, as the heat intensifies in York's hottest band competition.

Next week, Heat One sends Blind-Spot into battle against Vanacutt and Datyura on Tuesday, and the Evening Press will begin its live coverage of the event with a photograph of each band at Fibbers and a report from the battlefront in Wednesday's Evening Press.

Heat Two, on May 4, features Solstice, Her Theory and New Legends; Heat Three, May 11, Sixty 6, Filthy Sanchez, Lights Out; Heat Four, May 18, Framed By Fire, Scassa Monakee, The Spiral; Heat Five, May 25, Loki, I Am Jack, She's Not Dead; Heat Six, June 1, Dust Bowl Central, Burn, Tip The Balance.

The six winners and three highest-scoring runners-up will progress to the three semi-finals, from which the three winners and two highest-scoring runners-up will qualify for the Grand Final on June 29.

Kick-off is at 7.30pm; admission is £3.

Updated: 16:21 Thursday, April 22, 2004