A GENEROUS gesture from a York music and video shop is helping entertain bored British soldiers on duty in the Gulf.

Phil Clayton, customer focus manager at York's Virgin Megastore received an SOS call from Bombardier Graeme Clark, of the Catterick-based Queen's Dragoon Guards.

He was told bored soldiers had got hold of a TV and DVD player, but had nothing to watch on them.

So he parcelled up a range of DVDs and sent them off to the Gulf. Phil said: "We were told the soldiers had got into a bit of a lull in between the first lot of operations and peacekeeping duties starting.

"We sent them a selection. One DVD was Three Kings, the film about the last Gulf War where some US soldiers tried to steal Saddam Hussein's gold.

"We were glad to help out and hope the soldiers enjoy the films."

Updated: 08:37 Friday, May 02, 2003