Queen Mum fanatics Lesley North and her mother Pamela Byers were today staging a right royal party in their living room.

The pair iced three cakes and purchased tiaras and Union Jacks to add to a Queen Mother tea towel, commemorative mugs and other collectibles built up lovingly over years of devotion.

Lesley, 44, who celebrated at her mum's house in Hewley Avenue, York, said: "It's just me and my mum but we're getting dressed up and putting on our tiaras.

"We've got three different cakes I've decorated. One is an iced oblong which was left over from my daughter's 18th birthday cake and it's got a great big 100 on it.

"We've also made a massive card with 100 on it and a lovely picture of the Queen Mum from her pageant.

"I think she's an absolutely splendid woman because she's taken her role so well to come through all those years in to this century. It's unbelievable and I think it's a triumph that she's the first royal to reach 100.

"I spoke to the Queen when she came to York and I was thrilled with that.

"We're going to have a wonderful day with a champagne brunch before we watch the events in London on the television.