THE mother of a soldier stationed in Iraq today sent a message to the forces fighting in the Gulf - finish the job and rid the world of Saddam.

Ann Grundy, of Selby, has not heard from her son, Peter, a staff sergeant with the Royal Engineers, since the conflict started two weeks ago.

She and her husband, Tony, have been unable to contact him because all mobile phones were taken from service personnel for security reasons shortly after they arrived in Kuwait.

Mrs Grundy, whose family runs a funeral directors' business in Selby, said: "The last time we heard from Peter was a couple of days before the war started.

"Of course we're worried, but there are a lot of other parents and wives in exactly the same position.

"I had a telephone call recently from a woman who lives near Selby, saying she had a son-in-law in Iraq and knew exactly how I felt, which I thought was very nice.

"I have never been anti-war. Saddam Hussein is an evil man who has treated his people abominably.

"I do believe the end result should happen and Saddam be removed as quickly as possible."

Peter, 33, a former Barlby High School pupil, is stationed in Germany with his wife, Eilidh, 33, and daughters Chloe, 7, and Rachel, 6.

His mother said: "He spent three years in Northern Ireland and was also in Bosnia and Kosovo so he knows what it's all about.

"Peter has been in the Army for 20 years. He is devoted to his job."

She said the family were watching television like everybody else and were just praying that Peter would return home safe and well.

Updated: 11:42 Wednesday, April 02, 2003