IT was always said that York was good for cyclists because it is such a flat city. With all the development taking place, perhaps it should be renamed Flat City.

The developers are now circling like vultures over a dying beast, fighting each other for the carcass of what will be Terry's of York - for yet more flats?

Well, now that Terry's is being taken to eastern Europe, here's hoping that Kraft Foods will not have the temerity to name the end products as being Terry's of York. Here's hoping also that the people of Britain say "Eat them where you produce them. We don't want them any more."

Janet S Kitchen,

Ashley Park Road, York.

...NOW is the time for Terry's, part of a big multinational, to demonstrate through example its corporate social responsibilities.

The decision to close has been taken and is unlikely to be rescinded. Terry's should mark its decision to close by donating the York site to the people of York.

Furthermore, the company should provide funding to refurbish the factory so that it can be put to alternative public use.

York needs to further diversify its business and employment base. One means by which this could be done would be to turn the Terry's site and buildings into a Centre for Small Business and Enterprise with "easy in, easy out" terms.

This would promote the growth of micro-businesses and encourage enterprise and hope in times when they are so obviously needed.

Dr Brian Jones,

Balmoral Terrace, York.

...THE Evening Press has launched a Save Terry's of York campaign (April 20). Why?

There is nothing particularly surprising in news of the chocolate factory relocating abroad. It won't close down for at least 15 months.

Unemployment isn't high and alternative jobs are available.

Your open letter to owners Kraft Foods states that closure will "devastate the lives of hundreds of people". Nonsense!

Terry's workers need to make sure they get every penny they are entitled to in redundancy settlement payments - and then move on.

It's beyond me how anyone can be sentimental about working in a factory for years. However, I would like to see the building itself survive.

Colin S Jeffrey,

East Mount Road, York

Updated: 11:07 Friday, April 23, 2004