CONVERGENT Telecom Limited, which, with 225 staff, is one of the biggest employers in Pocklington, is setting its sights on the Innovative Use of New Technology Award.

Tony Farmer, chief executive, believes that his firm's latest product, SmartLinx is set to make "a significant impact on the commercial world."

It is a software application which can enable your WAP phone become an extension of your office.

At his headquarters in Bleinheim House, York Road, he said: "This is more than a method of getting hotmail - that's commonplace on most phones.

"This links your mobile phone to your company's server, allowing you to be in touch with your office, wherever you are.

"The application supports both Outlook and Lotus and effectively means that you need never miss another appointment again, or an important email that you've been waiting for."

And, he said, it is the perfect means of getting information to sales teams or engineers who are out on the road.

In short, it means that managers can jettison cumbersome laptops in favour of their mobiles.