SHEY were finalists in last year's tough category for Best Environmental Company - and this time Chris and Christine Dennis justifiably expect their Tadcaster business, Waste To Compost to be up there among this year's leaders.

The couple used to count on a steady turnover from hiring out their agricultural contract services such as drilling and harvesting beet for North Yorkshire farmers, but ever since they added the recycling business their turnover has soared.

Since achieving a place in the finals of our awards, the firm has taken a big leap forward into site development for local authorities, companies and individuals. It meant sending two members of staff on a detailed courses so that they could advise on and develop efficient and legal sites benefiting the environment. A new shredder to recycle trees is proving a big business attraction.

Typical of customers is the University of York, which recycles green waste for re-use on flower and shrub beds as mulch, saving costs of disposal and purchase of products.

Just lately, the firm has been approached as a possible subsidiary contractor for the shredding of timber and hedges on the new Selby bypass.

Future plans include the purchase of another shredder for dealing with contaminated wastes and roots.

Christine said: "We are looking at this seriously as a way of dealing with waste from public amenity sites, refuse collection and the construction/demolition industries, in view of the future ban on the disposal of active waste to tip sites."