ADAM Hinshelwood will give his York City players a ‘fresh start’ after beginning his reign as manager.

Neal Ardley’s exit from York on Monday afternoon saw the club move quickly to bring in his replacement, with Hinshelwood identified as the top candidate by co-chair Matt Uggla.

The newly-appointed boss took his first training session with the squad yesterday after initially meeting the team on Wednesday, and has insisted that there will be a fresh start for those players who may be out of favour.

This may include the likes of Tyler Cordner, Mitch Hancox and Thierry Latty-Fairweather, who have found themselves out of the squad recently.

Hinshelwood also went on to explain that the role of captaincy remains available, with Lenell John-Lewis’s armband available for contest.

“Some people will be pleased that a new manager has come in, and some won’t be,” Hinshelwood explained.

“It’s a fresh start ultimately. As long as Paul [Harmston, sports scientist] and Lewis [Bulmer, physio] the physio are happy with their fitness, then they are under consideration.

“It’s open for discussion. We will see with the personnel on who is playing and who isn’t playing. We’ll have a manager's meeting on Friday after we decide the team, and we will decide who is going to be captain as well.

“It’s just an armband, some people put the armband on, change the game and really rise to the occasion.

“I definitely want that from our captain, but at this stage of the season there are 11 games to go and we are representing a massive football club at this level.

“Everyone should be giving their all and being leaders on the pitch.”