A YOUNG man who "likes to dominate and degrade" women has been jailed for the fourth time in four years for the way he treats his partners.

Harry William Elmer Foster, 23, defied a court order designed to protect his latest partner on a daily basis, starting within hours of being released from prison, York Crown Court heard.

Victoria Hajba-Ward, prosecuting said the 23-year-old "hammered" the woman's phone with demands she spend his birthday with him despite being banned from contacting her in any way, got in her way when she tried to go home on another day after spending the evening with her in York city centre and threatened to "stick a glass in the face" of a man with whom she was with in Nandos.

"You emotionally put me through hell," she said in a victim personal statement.

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She was the third woman whom he had treated so badly they had had to resort to the police and the courts, the Recorder of York, Judge Sean Morris told Elmer Foster.

"You regard females as your own personal property to do with as you like, to dominate and to degrade," the judge said.

"You need to learn that they should not be regarded in that way.

Saying that Elmer Foster had a problem with women, the judge told him: "You need to go away for a deep, deep think about what is wrong here."

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Elmer Foster, of Cayley Close, Rawcliffe, York, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order between June 9 and June 24.

He was jailed for 20 months. It is his third time in prison this year in connection with offences and allegations about his treatment of the woman.

His solicitor advocate Neal Kutte said: "The defendant says this is now over. He doesn't want any further contact with this woman.".

The woman had contacted Elmer Foster several times using a fake email while he was on remand in prison accused of offences against her, said Mr Kutte.

Some of the emails had spoken of how she loved him.

The judge said it was up to Elmer Foster not to contact the woman and sometimes people in love make "all sorts of excuses for their partners thinking they will change."

"She cannot be criticised that much," he said.