Harry William Elmer Foster's latest victim told York Crown Court she fears he will never leave her alone until she is dead.

"It gets worse every time he goes to prison," she said. "He just gets more controlling."

Today Elmer Foster, of Rawcliffe, York, is serving 20 months in jail - his third spell behind bars this year. 

The woman said she will never forgot the day they first met - August 22, 2020.

Since then, the 23-year-old had turned her life into hell.

York Crown Court heard how he had threatened to kill her and was going to "take her head off".

"He will never leave me alone. I genuinely believe he will not be happy until I am dead.

"If I go with anyone else, he will break their legs."

"You emotionally put me through hell," she told him. "It was the worst time of my life. I literally feel worried now to leave the house.

"I want to be happy but I feel I cannot be safe in my own area or in York."

Through her personal statement, she told Elmer Foster: "I literally worshipped the ground you walk on and you walked all over me."

She said she had bought him clothing and everything he wanted. She had spent hundreds of pounds on him.

"You took everything," she told him. "It was not enough.

"I did what I was told and it was never enough."

He had made comment after comment about the way she looked, calling her the ugliest girl in the world until she lost all pleasure in the way she appears.

He had broken her friendships and cost her friends.

"I became isolated. I didn't speak to my family. I was at war with my family because that is what you wanted," she told him.

She had told him things close to her heart which he then used against her when things didn't go as he wanted, she said.

She described how he had made her feel guilty when she didn't contact him.

He has been subject to a restraining order banning him from contacting her in any way since January 1.

She has lost her self-esteem and her self-worth and changed from a happy, bubbly personality to a shy, frightened person.

"I will really struggle to be confident again," she said.

Elmer Foster had destroyed her trust in men and she fears she will never be able to have a close relationship with a man again.

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