Harry William Elmer Foster has been causing problems for women for years.

By 2017, he had harassed his then girlfriend to the extent that he had been made subject to a non-molestation order aimed at protecting her.

But Elmer Foster doesn't obey court orders. He contacted her.

He was on a suspended prison sentence at the time for giving a man a brain injury by knocking him out on Bootham, York.

He was ordered to serve 18 months of that sentence, plus four months for breaching the non-molestation order.

Early last year York Crown Court heard of his anger that a different woman had refused to the pub to meet him.

It was so late in the evening she didn't want to go out - and she told him so.

He responded by posting a sexual picture of her online.

He pleaded guilty to revenge porn, skipped bail on the day he should have been sentenced, but was later put before York Crown Court and jailed for 10 months and two weeks.

After he was released partway through that sentence, he started the relationship that led to him being locked up three times in seven months.

On January 1 this year, he was jailed for 18 weeks for harassing the third woman in the days between Christmas and New Year and made subject to a restraining order banning him from contacting her.

But as soon as he was released from that sentence, and on supervision, he contacted her.

When a domestic adviser spoke to the third woman, they could hear him shouting in the background.

Elmer Foster was arrested on allegations relating to his conduct towards the third woman and held in custody for some time.

The day he was released, he was back in contact with her.

She was so much under his thrall she had been contacting him in prison.

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She has finally found the courage to report him yet again to the police and now he is serving 20 months in jail.

Elmer Foster now says the relationship is over.

The Recorder of York, Judge Sean Morris warned him: "If you come before me again for any such offence whether it is this woman or yet another female, I will pass the longest sentence I possibly can."

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