TADCASTER Albion Football Club has beefed up security for Saturday's match against Worksop Town to avoid a repeat of clashes between the sides' fans.

The club has hired extra stewards and liaised with North Yorkshire Police to prevent similar scenes to when the teams met at Worksop in October.

On that occasion, five Tadcaster fans were hurt when they were confronted by Worksop Town supporters at the end of their Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League Premier Division game.

Players and management from the Nottinghamshire side had to wade into the melee to try to end the fighting as 300 home supporters mixed with around 100 fans from Tadcaster.

Albion chairman Matthew Gore said: "We have North Yorkshire Police involved on Saturday.

"We have also hired a significant number of professional stewards from Evolved Security.

"I have liaised with their chairman Kevin Keep to ensure any trouble makers from the past incidents are identified and dealt with appropriately."

Floodlight damage in the wake of the Christmas floods has meant Saturday's match will be played at Selby Town FC, kicking off at 3pm.

Albion asked Worksop and the league to consider a 2pm kick-off, which would have meant the lights were not needed.

But the visitors could not accept this as their manager and some players are working in the morning.