Infiniti Q70

York Press: (5243303)

3:57pm Friday 11th April 2014

Yes, it's classy. Smooth, too, and it provides effortless acceleration with low noise levels and decent economy.

Hyundai i10 1.0SE

York Press: Hyundai i10 1.0SE

11:38am Friday 4th April 2014

SIX years ago I was introduced to what I then described as the best-value city car.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 CDI SE

York Press: Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 CDI SE

11:34am Friday 4th April 2014

FIVE-HUNDRED feet beneath the earth's surface, Britain's motoring press was introduced to the latest car from Mercedes-Benz.

Fiat 500L Beats Edition

York Press: 2014 Fiat 500L Beats Edition (4901443)

2:48pm Friday 28th March 2014

The 500L Beats Edition takes the ruggedly smart 500L Trekking and adds a big stereo from the makers of Beats Audio headphones. Imagine Daniel Craig holding a ghetto blaster and you’re along the right lines.

Toyota Land Cruiser

York Press: 140320144968 (4750836)

2:46pm Friday 28th March 2014

BIG is beautiful in the eyes of some beholders. But if big is not your auto bag, look away now.

Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0TSI

York Press: Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0TSI

10:56am Friday 21st March 2014

IT’S a mark of just how far Skoda’s Octavia has come that it is now spoken of in glowing terms in the same breath as more expensive cars from premium manufacturers.

Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive+ HDi 150

York Press: Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive+ HDi 150

10:37am Friday 21st March 2014

FUN, quirky, original and innovative. Think of Citroen and these are the words most associated with the brand.

Nissan Quashqai

York Press: 120320142621 (4591472)

3:00pm Friday 14th March 2014

SUCH WAS the original Qashqai’s success that global sales have continued to increase every year it’s been on sale, defying the expectations and predictions of experts everywhere. The problem is that there isn’t much room for improvement - in sales terms at least.

Toyota Yaris Icon+

York Press: Toyota Yaris Icon+

2:57pm Friday 14th March 2014

IT’S comforting to know you can rely on some things in life.

Hyundai ix35

York Press: Hyundai’s new ix35 is a sensible value-formoney option, oozing cutting-edge styling inside and out and a lengthy equipment list - all from £16,995

12:04pm Friday 7th March 2014

HYUNDAI fared better in the recession than most.

Dacia Logan Mcv Ambiance Tce 90

York Press: The Dacia Logan MCV is an estate car with best-in-class boot capacity and an entry price of only £6,995

12:01pm Friday 7th March 2014

BACK in the dark days of Nicolae Ceausescu’s reign over Communist Romania, the state produced an unlovable “people’s car”.

Honda Civic 16 I-Dtec

York Press: The Honda Civic Tourer has the biggest load space in its class, plus Honda’s “magic seats” to make larger loads easier and quicker to accommodate

11:57am Friday 28th February 2014

FOR a car that’s built to do a job – lugging loads – the new offering from Honda is “much prettier than it should be”.

Suzuki Swift Sz4 4x4

York Press: The Suzuki Swift 4x4’s four-wheel drive system is a simple affair, permanent and fully automatic

11:53am Friday 28th February 2014

IN a world of car park scrapes, flooding, more adventurous leisure activities and potholes, there’s an obvious market for the car makers to wrap us in vehicles more capable of dealing with the demands of 21st century motoring.

Volvo S60 D4 Se Nav

York Press: The Volvo S60 four-door saloon is coupe-like in profile, with a steeply-raked rear screen and rear pillars flowing into the tail-lights

11:50am Friday 28th February 2014

I’ve just had a OMG moment, courtesy of Volvo.

BMW X3 xDrive20d M Sport

York Press: The second generation X3 is classier with a more cohesive design

11:32am Friday 7th February 2014

AS the clock ticked towards the new millennium, BMW produced a car that would herald a new direction for several manufacturers.

Ford Fiesta St-2

York Press: The Ford Fiesta ST 2 is simply stunning to look at and is sensational value for money on the road

9:47am Friday 31st January 2014

OVER a cup of coffee with a Ford executive after two days of roadtesting the then barely-off-theproduction line Fiesta ST, I ventured to suggest that this little gem might well be the best new car of 2013.

Renault Captur Dci 90 Dynamique S Medianav

York Press: The distinctive Renault Capture comes in a variety of bold and bright colours

12:05pm Friday 24th January 2014

RENAULT’S Captur has to do more than simply look good to attract the attention of a savvy buying public.

Nissan Qashqai

York Press: The new Nissan Qashqai delivers low costs and first class levels of comfort, refinement, space and safety

12:03pm Friday 24th January 2014

THE outstanding all-New Nissan Qashqai – What Car? magazine’s Car of the Year 2014 – is now available at York retailer Alexanders.

Volvo S60 T6 Awd R-Design Lux Nav

York Press: Volvo S60 T6 Awd R-Design Lux Nav

10:58am Friday 17th January 2014

YOU can now buy a Volvo S60 with class-leading fuel consumption of 72.4 miles per gallon and CO2 emissions of a mere 103 grammes per kilometre.

Mercedes S 500 L Amg Line

York Press: Mercedes S 500 L Amg Line

10:56am Friday 17th January 2014

THERE are no lightbulbs in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the German company’s flagship uber-limousine.

Citroen C4 Picasso Exclusive E-Hdi 115 Airdream

York Press: The new Citroen C4 Picasso struts its stuff, with a whole lot more to tempt buyers

11:47am Friday 10th January 2014

WITH a new-found sophistication, more appealing style and muchimproved ride, Citroen is taking its prowess with people-carriers to a new level.

Mini John Cooper Works Paceman

York Press: The John Cooper Works version looks wicked in its black and red paintwork with what looks like Satan’s fork etched on the bonnet

10:40am Friday 3rd January 2014

IT’S worth reminding ourselves just how the Mini choice has grown since BMW took the reins, because long gone are the days when buying one was a simple affair, with just one body style to choose from.

Mazda3 Skyactic-G Se-L Nav

York Press: The new Mazda3 is a game-changer which easily matches, if not betters, its two main rivals, the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf

10:38am Friday 3rd January 2014

UP until last month I had always thought of the Mazda3 as an alsoran when compared with the classleading Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

Mercedes-Benz E 220 CDi AMG Sport Coupe

York Press: Mercedes-Benz E 220 CDi AMG Sport Coupe

1:22pm Friday 20th December 2013

THE coupe is the forte of Mercedes- Benz. The German firm has been making very, very good versions for a long, long time.

Jaguar F-Type V6

York Press: Jaguar F-Type V6

1:21pm Friday 20th December 2013

VERY fast, very loud and very eyecatching...

Audi RS Q3

York Press: The RS Q3, the smoothie of the two new Audis, with a thrilling run of speed

1:12pm Friday 6th December 2013

Fast cars have long been a staple of the Audi range, but until recently its smaller sports utility vehicles had been all about comfort and competence rather than performance.

Mercedes-Benz Cla 180 Amg Sport

York Press: Mercedes has got the mix of style and substance just right with the CLA 180 AMG Sport

10:35am Friday 29th November 2013

THOSE with style uppermost in their minds when scouring for a premium-brand compact executive car need to take a look at the CLA AMG Sport offering from Mercedes- Benz.

Suzuki Sx4 S-Cross

York Press: Suzuki Sx4 S-Cross

10:55am Friday 22nd November 2013

THE middle ground is so often the territory that car-buyers head for.

Nissan Leaf

York Press: There are still nagging doubts about the all-electric Nissan Leaf

10:50am Friday 22nd November 2013

As York’s charging point infrastructure begins to take shape, motoring Editor STEVE NELSON plugs in the secondgeneration all-electric Nissan Leaf.

Porsche Cayenne Diesel S

York Press: The sharper-looking Porsche Diesel S drives even better and will appeal to those who want THAT badge on their bonnet

3:50pm Friday 15th November 2013

THE second generation Cayenne was the coming of age for Porsche’s SUV, answering the critics of the original car and earning respect even from those who saw such a vehicle as going against the sporting ethos of the brand.

Subaru BRZ

York Press: The Subaru BRZ has been designed with driving fun at its core

11:23am Friday 8th November 2013

SUBARU has long had a strong fan base in the UK among lovers of performance cars.

Kia Sorento 22 Crdi Kx-2 Satnav Awd

York Press: The Kia Sorento is visually more appealing and more in keeping with the current trend for stylisj SUVs

11:19am Friday 8th November 2013

FOUR-WHEEL drive can be scoffed at with some justification when the only off-roading that’s ever attempted is bouncing on to the kerb outside a primary school, but a not-inconsiderable number of drivers have a genuine need for additional traction and ground clearance day-to-day.

Fiat Panda 4x4 Twinair

York Press: The latest Panda 4x4 has a chunky appearance, with underside protection and increased ride height and ground clearance

10:51am Friday 1st November 2013

YOU really don’t have to go for a big, bulky car if you are looking for four-wheel-drive capability.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports Excel Hybrid

York Press: The Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid is set to win over many new fans

10:48am Friday 1st November 2013

THIS week I feel relaxed, despite the first murmurings of Christmas, half-term parental responsibilities, office relocation and a leaking shower unit, which only came to light when a distinctly odd-coloured patch appeared on the kitchen ceiling and I put my finger through the plaster.

Jaguar XJ L 50 Supersport V8

York Press: The new Jaguar XJ L is a special car, with plenty of in-cabin technology for the driver and passengers, as well as exceptional performance figures

11:15am Friday 18th October 2013

A FEW years ago, Jaguar design underwent a dramatic change. It was as if the company’s employees had been sent to drama school.

Subaru Outback

York Press: Subaru’s Outback has listened to feedback and upped its game to give customers a better experience behind the wheel

11:09am Friday 11th October 2013

Subaru likes to think of itself as "a little bit different from the mainstream”. It’s this leftfield approach that brings offerings like the new Outback on to the forecourts of its small but growing number of dealership forecourts.

Range Rover SDV8

York Press: The new Range Rover is the winner of the Northern Car of the Year

11:06am Friday 11th October 2013

OUTSIDE, it was darker than a Stephen King novel. The rain was in cats-and-dogs mode, roads were becoming impassable and fields were being transformed into lakes.

Audi A3 saloon

York Press: The Audi A3 gets the saloon treatment, and the new booted model is an ideal first purchase for those wishing to get onto the Audi ladder

10:38am Friday 27th September 2013

AUDI has always been about extensive choice in the premium sector.

Porsche Cayman

York Press: Porsche’s agile Cayman is the Robbie Williams of the auto world and goes big on entertaining the driver

10:24am Friday 27th September 2013

IF there is such a thing as the middle ground in the Porsche lineup of sports cars, then that is where you will find the Cayman.

Nissan X-Trail N-Tec+ 2.ODCI

York Press: The Nissan X-Trail is surprisingly quiet at motorway speeds despite its chunky styling

11:53am Friday 30th August 2013

THE ability of Nissan’s X-Trail to tackle difficult terrain has been well documented over its 12-year history.

Skoda Yeti Laurin & Klement

York Press: Skoda’s latest Yeti, the Laurin & Klement edition, gives a nod to the brand’s heritage while keeping bang up to date with the latest technology and practicality

11:17am Friday 16th August 2013

SKODA’S Yeti puts one big foot in the SUV camp, and the other in the pigeon-hole marked “car”.

Toyota RAV4 Invincible AWD 2.2 D-4D

York Press: Toyota’s Rav4 is a capable lifestyle 4x4 ideal for anyone with the skills to exploit its talents

11:14am Friday 16th August 2013

IT might be argued that Toyota’s RAV4 was, more than any other vehicle, responsible for the compact sports utility vehicle revolution.

B-Max 1.0 Zetec Ecoboost

York Press: Ford’s new B-Max mini-MPV offers a 1.5m space when the strengthened sliding back and front doors are opened, making it easier to gain access to the back seats

8:00am Friday 9th August 2013

THE big talking point about Ford’s very clever new mini-MPV, the BMax, is the sliding rear doors.

Vauxhall Adam Slam

York Press: The Adam is a shortened version of the Corsa with enough options to keep the fashion-conscious happy

7:40am Friday 9th August 2013

ADAM is the new boy. He’s joined the “class” where the Mini took a seat several years ago and where the Fiat 500 is proving to be a little star.

Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE

York Press: The Range Rover Sport is the fastest, most agile and most responsive Land Rover ever built

10:57am Friday 2nd August 2013

MORE sophisticated, lighter and with even better all-terrain performance, the new Range Rover Sport is now also the fastest, most agile and most responsive Land Rover ever built.

B-Max 1.0 Zetec Ecoboost

York Press: Ford’s new B-Max mini-MPV offers a 1.5m space when the strengthened sliding back and front doors are opened, making it easier to gain access to the back seats

10:53am Friday 2nd August 2013

The big talking point about Ford’s very clever new mini-MPV, the BMax, is the sliding rear doors.

Fiat 500L Trekking 1.6

York Press: The Fiat 500L Trekking is an off-road styled upgrade from the basic car

10:50am Friday 2nd August 2013

What started as a battle for supremacy between two small cars is rapidly – and quite literally – expanding.

Audi R8 Coupe V10Plus

York Press: The R8 can thrust you from 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 197mph

10:47am Friday 2nd August 2013

I WELL remember my first drive in the Audi R8 coupé at its launch in 2006. It doesn’t get much better than this, I thought, but Audi had other ideas.

Subaru Forester 2.OD XC

York Press: The new Subaru Forester has the practicality that appeals to SUV customers

11:23am Friday 26th July 2013

THE Forester is at the very heart of Subaru, morphing from high-rise estate car into a no-nonsense SUV.

Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG

York Press: Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG

12:06pm Friday 19th July 2013

WHAT an entrance! The first venture by Mercedes-Benz into hot-hatch territory is akin to King Kong smashing through the wall that protected the hapless natives of Skull Island.

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