NEAL ARDLEY will look to ‘exploit the weaknesses’ of Dorking Wanderers ahead of their match with York City on Tuesday evening (7.45pm).

York welcome a Dorking side that currently occupy 21st position in the Vanarama National League table, having suffered back-to-back 3-1 defeats to AFC Fylde and FC Halifax Town.

Ardley won’t underestimate the threat of Dorking however, and remains wary on the strength of tonight's visitors, with the City boss expressing his respect for Wanderers owner and manager Marc White.

“A loss gives them three points, a draw gives us a point each," Ardley explained.

“All I can do is not overthink all of that. I look at Dorking and think about their strengths, how they can cause us problems, and on the flip side what we can exploit in them.

“For the next couple of hours today it’s about getting that message across to the players. We can’t over-train them because they’re tired from Saturday’s game.

“We need to make sure that when they go out and onto the pitch, there is clarity on the game, and we’re ready for every outcome.

“From that point my fingers get crossed, and we hand it over to the players.

“They’ve got a lot of pace in the flanks and they create a lot of chance.

“Marc will lament the fact that they don’t take as many as they possibly could, but they’re all about creating overloads.

“They will try to overload you and try to dominate the ball, they’ll get their players in good positions to go at you.

“They’re very brave. At times it’s been a detriment where they’ve been so open that teams will counter-attack, that’s what Halifax did on Saturday.

“Whether Marc will continue with that approach, I don’t know. All I can do is make sure that how we go about things suits the strength of my players.

“I can’t play how Dorking are playing at the moment, or Fylde, but play with York City’s best chance of getting results, through the strength of their players.

“We’ll try to exploit the weaknesses that they’ve got.”

Ardley also spoke on his close relationship with White, labelling the Dorking boss as a friend of his, and gave his opinion on White’s outgoing personality, which has gone viral on social media in the past.

“Marc’s a friend of mine. I spoke to him a lot and he used to be a Wimbledon fan and there was a day when I played and managed there.

“He’s a good guy, he’s box office entertainment and makes my interviews look boring!

“He’ll probably be having a go at me for when the game got cancelled. I tried my best for him that day to give him as much notice as I could.

“It’s unfortunate the game couldn’t go ahead, but now we have Saturday’s to Tuesday’s which isn’t ideal, but is a good chance to get a run together.”