NEAL ARDLEY put York City’s performance and victory over Oxford City down to togetherness after co-chairman Matt Uggla held a meeting with the players on Monday.

York responded to their dismal 3-1 defeat to Hartlepool United on Saturday with a comfortable 2-0 victory over Oxford City tonight, with goals from Tyler Cordner and Will Davies earning Ardley’s side an important three points.

Ardley was pleased to climb the table after holding a meeting between the players and Uggla on Monday morning, with the co-chairman outlining his special vision for the football club.

“As my interview told you, I was very angry and as was everybody in the ground, the supporters, the players and the chairman because they know that they had let themselves down,” Ardley explained.

“As a manager you face these moments sometimes, it ruined my weekend and I spent Sunday planning what I was going to do and how to react to it.

“I had a good conversation with the chairman, he came into the training ground early on Monday morning and we had a good chat.

“We both spoke to the players, did a video with them and we both spoke to them, he spoke really well. I think the response was as good as we could have asked for.

“I talked about everyone being part of it, whether if you are in the team or not, I talked about the culture and everyone being together and that was my team talk tonight. It was about everyone being together.

“The chairman talked about how he was trying to build something special at this football club and how the players need to play with their hearts and minds, and to give everything.

“We know that wasn’t the case on Saturday, but that’s it really. He’s put a lot into this club, and so has Julie-Anne, so all you want is for your team to go out and give you everything because he’s trying to create something special with this group of fans.

“He just wants the team to reflect that and the players took that on board.

“When you start to play with anxiety, you become eleven individuals, and we did that on Saturday.

“I just knew that we had to give the crowd something to grab onto, there will have been few turning up today that were still a little bit sore and a little bit angry with Saturday’s performance.

“We needed to get them up for it to get a reaction early on.”