NEAL ARDLEY will not underestimate part-time outfit Oxford City ahead of their visit to York City on Tuesday night.

Oxford are coming off of the back of a resounding 4-0 victory over Ebbsfleet United on Saturday, with York's confidence low after a disappointing 3-1 defeat to Hartlepool United at the LNER Community Stadium.

The visitors are newly-promoted from the Vanarama National League South this season, but have adapted well to their new surroundings with Ardley wary of the threat Oxford pose.

“I know Justin (Merritt) who is there Director of Football, I know him well and we had quite a good connection with them at Solihull," Ardley told BBC Radio York.

"I know about them and there were a couple of their players I was interested in in the Summer, so I know they’ve got some good players.

"They’ve changed their system a couple of times because they’ve had some injuries, there were one or two that weren’t involved on Saturday, but they still managed to get a brilliant and well-deserved result against Ebbsfleet.

"I think these teams, I know they’re down at the bottom, but on their day they beat Woking, they beat Ebbsfleet by four and they should have beaten Solihull when they played them comfortably at Solihull’s place.

"It’s one of those teams where if you get it wrong against them, they will cause you all sorts of problems.

"Our focus today was making sure we don’t get a repeat of the disjointedness that we got on Saturday, but we’ve got to raise all of our levels and make sure that no matter what happens, at the end of the game our fans walk off saying that our team had a right go.

“Their budget won’t be huge and they’re part-time, but they’ve got good players in the Oxford area who work and they’re training and earning decent money.

"They’ve got good players, (Josh) Parker and (Josh) Ashby, (Zak) McEachran are very, very good players that most clubs would be interested in having, but they probably wouldn’t pry them away from Oxford because of geographical reasons."

Ardley wants to see his side find more consistency in the National League, and fears his side are lacking confidence after the defeat to Hartlepool.

"With where we are, there’s not any games in our league that we’re going to look and say that’s three points.

"We’re the sort of team that other teams will be saying that against at the moment, and we’ve got to raise our consistency levels.

"We played Fylde and I said can we back it up? We did for 45 minutes in the cup game, but then for the second 45 minutes we nearly fell apart.

"We didn’t in the third game, we’ve got to be more consistent and I take full responsibility for that, that is down to me.

"I can’t work any harder than I am, I’ve been in a situation where I know that players are struggling with anxiety, they’re struggling with confidence and it’s only results that pick that up.

"Saturday was our first loss in four or something like that, but it was the way we lost that really riled everybody in such a big game.

"They’re not feeling so good, and we sent them all home as deflated as I was."