NEAL ARDLEY expects a reaction from his York City players after their lowly 3-1 defeat to Hartlepool United on Saturday.

The York manager didn’t shy away from describing Saturday’s performance as an ‘embarrassment’ in his post-match comments, and was left fuming after the defeat placed his City side in the Vanarama National League relegation zone.

Ardley admitted the performance ruined his weekend, but expects his players to come together in order to get a result against Oxford City on Tuesday night.

“I’ll give you some context on my ruins, my daughter had come up to see us from London to get some dinner and it ruined that,” Ardley told BBC Radio York.

“My missus said to me that you’re not with us are you, you’re in too much pain.

“It ruins your weekend, then Sunday morning I got up early and watched the game back, I needed to make sure that I could put together something to show, to show how bad we was.

“There’s only a six minute video, it could have been a 96 minute video, but you clip the bits to really show it, you don’t need to do any more of that with and without the ball so we did that this (Monday) morning.

“You need to show them, talk to them, everybody and my talk was about us not doing enough.

“Me included, none of us had done enough, none of us got it right and we have all got to respond to that.

“I’m talking to the players about players that want to get away and play to get some game time, but when you’re here and you’re with us, we’ve all put this club into this situation and we’ve all got to work together to get this club out of this situation.

“The point of the meeting was to show and to go forward and get a reaction, you can’t just bury them everytime because they’ll go into the Oxford game low.

“You set about phase three of it, to go out onto the training field and make sure there is total clarity on what we’re doing, how we do it, that’s what we’ve done this morning.

“It’s about what we do as a group, and about learning from this and getting a reaction.”