YORK City's majority owners Matt and Julie-Anne Uggla have requested a larger shareholding within the club.

The Uggla family currently own 51 per cent of the club, with the York City Supporters' Trust having a 49 per cent stake within the club, after the Uggla's bought former owner Glen Henderson's shares in late June.

However, Matt and Julie-Anne have now requested an additional 24 per cent to their shareholding to obtain a 75 per cent stake within the club.

It is a significant proposal from the Uggla's to the Supporters' Trust, who will be hoping that the Uggla's can continue to financially back the football club to help realise its potential.

The Supporters' Trust have also confirmed that the proposed sale of the 24 per cent stake to the Uggla's will not alter the principle of rights held by the Trust in club articles.

The Trust also outlined their upcoming timeline of key events, with a formal Special General Meeting to be held on Tuesday, 14 November to vote on the motion to sell the 24 per cent to the Uggla's.

One day later, a public presentation will be held by 394 Sports and the Uggla's, where the majority owners will outline their plans for the future of the football club, along with a Q&A for supporters to pose their questions, which will be streamed by the club. Further details will be announced shortly.

The fans forum announced last week will then take place on Tuesday, November 28 with supporters able to pose questions to Matt Uggla and first-team manager Neal Ardley.

Finally, on Thursday, November 30, Trust members will meet for another SGM to discuss the proposed sale of the additional 24 per cent.