Fans in York have shared their disappointment at the Lionesses defeat to Spain in the World Cup Final today (August 20).

Spain secured a final 1-0 victory in Sydney following Olga Carmona’s first-half goal, however, Sarina Wiegman’s side still achieved a best-ever second-place finish.

Docking England shirts and face paint, fans gathered at Spark: York, in Piccadilly, to cheer on their team.

After a gripping 90 minutes with cheers and sighs throughout, the final whistle blew and many fans in York were disappointed.

There had been moments during the game when it looked like England might have managed to get ahead, but ultimately it was Spain crowned the World Cup champions.

Chloe Deighton was watching the game and said she was “heartbroken” with the result.

“I am heartbroken,” she said.

“I was nearly in tears after the first goal.

York Press: Chloe Deighton and Louis Graham after the match Chloe Deighton and Louis Graham after the match (Image: Dylan Connell)

“I had a bit of a cry when that happened – I had to take myself off.

“I am very sad right now.”

Her friend Louis Graham, who came to York from Halifax for the day to watch the match, added: “They gave it their all, Spain was better.”

Emma Lea was watching at Spark and said she was proud of the team for reaching the World Cup Final.

“I think we’re just so proud to see the Lioness get into the final," she said.

"It’s done as much for the sport in the UK as it would have if they won.

York Press: Emma and Tom LeaEmma and Tom Lea (Image: Dylan Connell)

“They’ve done us proud. We played as a team”

The York resident gave special praise for Lioness goalkeeper Mary Earps.

“She was insane,” she said.

Ellie Walker-Lyne was also there and was filled with admiration for the England side.

“I think they did well,” she said. “Second place is still really good.”

York Press: Ellie Walker-Lyne and her sister RosieEllie Walker-Lyne and her sister Rosie (Image: Dylan Connell)

Gary Taylor shared his thoughts after the game finished.

 “I thought we were a little bit off our game,” he said.

York Press: Fans watch on from Spark: YorkFans watch on from Spark: York (Image: Dylan Connell)

Watching with him was Andy Richardson who said: “The better team won today.

“We couldn’t find a way to maintain threat.”

York Press: Kate White, Gary Taylor, Kat Richardson, Andy Richardson and dog Pepper White before the matchKate White, Gary Taylor, Kat Richardson, Andy Richardson and dog Pepper White before the match (Image: Dylan Connell)

Spark opened early at 10am this morning to welcome fans for the match.

People had already gathered before the gates were unlocked to secure a good spot.

Kate White was outside Spark before it opened.

She painted her face with England flags and put on her team's shirt to cheer on the Lionesses. 

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“It’s meant to be,” she said before the match.

“Today is the day, it’s history in the making.

“Considering that the women’s team was banned for 50 years these guys are phenomenal.”

Holly Brown and Andrea Woodward were some of the first outside Spark: York.

York Press: Andrea Woodward and Holly Brown before the matchAndrea Woodward and Holly Brown before the match (Image: Dylan Connell)

“I’m feeling nervous and excited,” said Andrea before the game.

“Spain are going to be formidable.

“We know how close it was in the Euros,” Holly added.