A six-year-old boy from York is in the middle of his English and Spanish parents’ World Cup “rivalry” which will heat up in Sunday’s final when the Lionesses face Spain.

Adrian Solomon, a 42-year-old magician from York, will be supporting England whereas his wife Azahara Berlango, 41, from Spain, is rooting for La Roja (the red one).

Tristan, Mr Solomon’s son, will be supporting the Lionesses despite only having a Spanish football top, his father said.

Adrian Solomon's wife Azahara Berlango supporting Spain in an international matchup
Mr Solomon’s wife supporting Spain in an international matchup (Adrian Solomon/ PA)

He told the PA news agency: “My son says he’s supporting England, while only having a Spanish top, he doesn’t have an English one.

“I think because he was born in England, he wants to support them.

“But my wife has been telling him, it doesn’t matter because you’re a winner in either case.”

Mr Solomon said Ms Berlango “gets upset sometimes” when he roots for Spain’s opponents.

“When Spain was playing in the Euros, she had her flag up waving it around.

“We have a little rivalry, but she does get upset sometimes when Spain is playing someone else and I want them to lose.

“She says I should be supporting her.”

He and his wife will be “mocking” each other during the final, the magician said.

England v Spain – UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 – Quarter Final – Brighton & Hove Community Stadium
England’s Alessia Russo celebrates during the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Quarter Final match against Spain (Adam Davy/PA)

He said: “I think we are going to be on the edge of my seat while we mock each other.

“If they (Spain) score, which I’ll be dreading, she’ll mock me.

“It’s fun, gentle mocking.”

The magician added he will be visiting Ms Berlango’s family in Spain a few days after the final.

He said: “I think the first thing her mum will say is congratulations, but I won’t rub it in too much – maybe.”

Mr Solomon is already feeling “anxious” about the final.

He said: “I’m getting anxious about the final already.

“It’s very close, I couldn’t call it or give a score, it’ll probably go to penalties.”

The family will be watching the match together at home.