Updated: A £2million donation from a city businessman has helped York Minster reach its target for vital restoration work to start.

The donation from Hamish Ogston, of York-based CPP, has helped The Minster bring in £9million towards its five-year project York Minster Revealed, the aim of which is to preserve the cathedral for future generations.

The donation is the single largest private gift for York Minster Revealed and has been made possible thanks to the continued support and growth of CPP, which has its international headquarters in the city.

The programme of works includes the restoration of the Apocalypse Cycle and all of the stonework of the Great East Window – a national treasure and one of the largest areas of medieval stained glass in the world.

York Minster Revealed lies within the £30million Development Campaign launched three years ago and is supported by a £10million earmarked grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

The outstanding £9million had to be raised by The Minster directly; with the recent donation of £2million reaching the required amount to kick off the project in 2009. The work will be completed in 2013.

Mr Ogston is the founder and non-executive director of CPP Group Plc.

Eric Woolley, chief executive officer of CPP, said: “CPP is delighted that Hamish has made this donation. York Minster is a building with national and international significance and we are pleased the success of the business has enabled Hamish to plug the funding gap and ensure it is saved for not only York, but for the entire nation.”

The Dean of York, the Very Rev Keith Jones, said: “In the circumstances, the words thank you seem barely adequate, but they will have to do.

“Hamish Ogston, founder of CPP, is the latest and most significant in an army of benefactors who, over the centuries have built, maintained and beautified the Minster. Mr Ogston’s donation means that we can start the York Minster Revealed project, confident in the knowledge that all partnership funding is in place.

“This gives us an enormous psychological boost and means that we have breathing space in which to look for the funding for the stonework of the South Aisle and Clerestory, and other vital projects which are lining up.

“Mr Ogston has been meticulous in the questions that he has asked and his exceptionally generous donation not only helps us financially, but also sends out a message to other potential donors that there is confidence in York Minster and an understanding that we must hand it on to future generations in as good a condition as possible.”