PUPILS at a top York school are set to be kept in their classrooms next week as they go into lockdown.

Parents at Fulford School have had a letter from head teacher Russell Harris warning them of a planned lockdown drill in the coming week.

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It follows an incident earlier this year at Millthorpe School in South Bank when, as The Press reported at the time, pupils from another school came onto its property during the first period of the day.

Mr Harris said: "As part of this process, and in line with the government’s expectations for all schools, we have updated our ‘lockdown’ procedure and l am writing to inform you that we will be practising this procedure during the week commencing July 8.

"A lockdown procedure is a standard health and safety procedure, similar to a fire drill.

"Our lockdown procedure would be used when there is a threat to the safety of students, staff and others in the school, and when it is safer for everyone to be in school, than evacuate to the school field. The aim is to keep people safe by confining them to a secure place of safety.

"Whilst we want to reassure you that there are no current safety concerns at our school, it is essential to conduct these lockdown procedure drills to ensure we are prepared, in the unlikely event of an emergency.

"The safety and well-being of our students is of utmost importance, and these drills are a proactive measure to equip our students and staff with the necessary skills to respond effectively, should such a situation arise."

Russell Harris, head of Fulford SchoolRussell Harris, head of Fulford School (Image: Supplied)

Mr Russell said that situations where our lockdown procedure may be used include, but are not limited to:
• a potentially dangerous person or animal on the school site;
• a dangerous situation in the local community that could affect the school; or
• a nearby chemical incident or other risk of air pollution.

He said that during the lockdown  students will be alerted by a specific alarm.

He said: "If students are already in a lesson, then they will remain in the room. Students and staff not in a room will move to the nearest room for safety.

"Classroom doors will be locked or barricaded from the inside and students moved away from windows and doors.

"Blinds to exterior windows will be drawn and students will be encouraged to keep silent and remain calm.

"The emergency services will be called in the event that the lockdown takes place outside of a drill situation.

"Prior to our drill, staff will take time to talk to students about lockdown procedures and explain why they are important.

"We will go through in detail with students what the lockdown will look like, so that they are prepared and will be supported during the lockdown by our staff."