PUPILS were kept in their classrooms after intruders entered the grounds of a York school today (Wednesday, February 28).

Millthorpe School said pupils from another school came onto its property during the first period of the day.


A spokesperson for the school, in Nunthorpe Avenue, South Bank, said: “We can confirm that during period one today, a small number of students from another school came onto the Millthorpe School site and initially refused to leave.

“The biometric doors enabled us to hold them outside the buildings and as safeguarding is a key priority, we held our students in their classrooms for part of period one until the intruders left.

“The police have been informed and are working with us on this matter.

“As soon as the intruders left, our students continued with their day as normal and parents/carers were informed of the incident.”

The Press has approached North Yorkshire Police for comment.