A YORK Hospital consultant is considering leaving his job because he was stalked through the city centre and mugged.

For more than quarter of a mile, the doctor tried to get away from Gemma Ross without success, despite walking faster and faster,  York Crown Court heard.

Amber Hobson, prosecuting said that Ross’ accomplice Lewis Berkley then “crept up” behind the terrified doctor, grabbed him in a bear hug and got him on the ground.

As the doctor shouted for help, Ross joined in, but the two fled empty-handed when their victim managed to get his phone out.

They left him heavily bruised and the incident affected him so badly, he told the court: “I am contemplating finishing my career as a doctor in York.”

He had already taken the first steps. The consultant has cared for the city’s people for many years.

The Recorder of York, Judge Sean Morris, told Ross and Berkley: “You are both well known criminals in this city, habitually committing crimes.

“You both stalked your victim, …. You both carried it on for a considerable time through the city until you chose your moment.”

Berkley, 25, of St Stephen’s Square, Acomb, and Ross, 32, of no fixed address, both pleaded guilty to attempted robbery. 

Berkley also admitted escaping from lawful custody and was jailed for 43 months. 

Ross also admitted two shop thefts carried out while on bail for the street mugging, and was jailed for two years and eight months.

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Ms Hobson said the doctor had been working away from York and because his train was delayed, arrived back in the city at 2am.

York Press: Street mugger and shop thief Gemma RossStreet mugger and shop thief Gemma Ross (Image: North Yorkshire Police)

As he walked through Davygate, he realised Ross was following him.  She came up to him offering to “take care of him for £10”.

He ignored her and walked away, but she persisted, saying she was homeless, and the doctor, beginning to feel intimidated, walked faster.

She continued to follow him, despite him walking faster and faster and by the time he was walking through St Saviourgate, he was “petrified”. Then Berkley pounced.

As soon as the muggers left him, the doctor called police who used CCTV to locate the pair and arrested them in Bridge Street.

York Press: Street mugger Lewis BerkleyStreet mugger Lewis Berkley (Image: North Yorkshire Police)

But as they tried to handcuff Berkley, he broke free and ran off. Two days later, acting on a tip-off, police forced their way into a property in St Stephen’s Square and arrested him.

For Berkley, Tom Jackson said he had been homeless for a year and without support.  He was grateful he was in prison where he could deal with his drug problem.  

For Ross, Matthew Harding said she had a long-standing addiction to heroin and crack cocaine.

She couldn’t remember committing the robbery and had been appalled when she saw it on CCTV footage.