A KEY travel route in and out of York Station will potentially be closed for the next 18 months as part of the Station Gateway development.

Gates have now been closed on the Lowther Terrace entrance to York Station and are likely to remain so until late 2025.

Passengers are furious with the development, claiming that the closure will add an extra 20 minutes onto their commutes, and cyclists saying that they will be forced to travel through ‘accident black spots’ to reach the station.


Earlier this month, Holgate councillor Kallum Taylor shared on his X (formally Twitter) account that Cllr Kilbane and three Holgate councillors had met with LNER reps to discuss the issue and find a solution that would work better.

After this meeting, LNER agreed that they would attempt, under review, to keep the gate open and clearly divert people travelling from there (not heading to the station) via the new exit to Queen Street. In addition to this, City of York Council and LNER have agreed to write to each other formally to confirm responsibility for risk on their pieces of land. 

As of yet, this has not been implemented.

An spokesperson for LNER said: "We appreciate feedback being shared as we continue to work with our partners on the York Station Gateway project, which will transform the area.

“Due to the increase in construction work around the car park and for the safety of all station users, the pedestrian gates at the end of the long stay car park have been temporarily closed as we explore other options.

“Once delivered, the York Station Gateway project will significantly improve access to the station for everyone, ensuring that all visitors and customers have a special, warm welcome as they arrive in York."