A York-based chocolate company has donated over £2,000 to a children’s charity.

The Wizard’s Magic, based at Upper Poppleton, has given the money to Merlin’s Magic Wand, which offers day trips to children needing them the most.

The money comes from the 2p Wizard’s Magic donates from each product sold from select product ranges.

The Wizard’s Magic has chosen the charity for its work in brightening the lives of countless children and their families facing challenging circumstances. The partnership aims to provide enchanting experiences for those in hospitals, orphanages, and treatment centres. Merlin’s Magic Wand have three magical programmes: magic spaces, magical days out and magic on tour.

£28 can support a family to travel to a Magical Day Out. £112 could support an entire coach full of children on a Magical Day Out. £200 can pay for a Magic on tour activity at a children’s hospital, hospice, or special educational needs school. £5,000 can fund a mobile entertainment unit for a children’s hospital ward. £25,000 can create an entire Magic Space, gifting magical experiences for thousands of children.


Rachel Rawlings, Merlin’s Magic Wands fundraising & partnerships manager said: “We were thrilled to partner with The Wizards Magic earlier this year, with such a fantastic synergy between their fun, exciting brand and Merlin's Magic Wand!

“Their donation could fund more than 70 Magical Days Out for children who really need it around the world, which is just incredible. We really appreciate their support and can't wait to see how many more children we can help between us in 2024 and beyond!”

Wizard’s Magic managing director Charlie Simpson-Daniel said: “The human beings at Merlin’s Magic Wand are some of the most astonishing people we have ever encountered as are those they work to support. The love and compassion of all those involved in creating unique moments for those in need of them most make them the most humbling of partners.

“For while we are doing our best to bring magic back into chocolate, they create real magic in the lives of the children and families that they support. I cannot think of a nobler cause, and we are incredibly grateful we can play a small part in supporting their incredible work”.

Marketing Director Camilla Lanata added: “We are so proud of the partnership that we have with Merlin’s Magic Wand. They are a remarkable charity that make children’s lives more magical, and we are so happy that we can support them and the amazing work they do. We are looking forward to continuing the partnership in 2024.”