A York-based company's meat brands are soon to arrive in hundreds of Asda supermarkets.

The Heroes Journey, which is headquartered at Upper Poppleton, is launching three of its brands- The Lions Kingdon, The Young Bulls and I Vow to Thee My Country- into 398-550 Asda stores across the UK.

The Lions Kingdom promises a healthy range of Wild Boar Burgers, Wild Boar Sausages, and succulent Ostrich Fillet Steaks.

Next, The Young Bulls aims to revolutionize the sausage and burger categories with the rich, intense taste of Iberian Chorizo & Pork Sausages and Iberian Chorizo & Pork  Burgers.


Finally, I Vow To Thee My Country bridges the gap between global culinary excellence and traditional British fare with Iberian Pork Chops and Wagyu Burgers.

Charlie Simpson-Daniel, Chief Executive Officer of The Heroes Journey said: “I'm absolutely delighted to be working with Asda on such an exciting deal.

“There has never been a tougher trading climate for young businesses and for Asda to recognise the quality of our products and supply chains by launching 7 products in 398 - 550 stores is the ultimate compliment for the efforts of our team and our family.

Charlie continued: “Meat as a category in some retailers is incredibly competitive and own label dominated which means innovation can be dangerous and difficult because the risk of failure is very high.

“Asda have an incredibly exciting attitude towards innovation at incredible price points and so I can't wait to walk into my local Asda in Monks Cross and see our Wild Boar Burgers, Wild Boar Sausages, Ostrich Steaks, Iberian Chorizo Sausages, Iberian Chorizo Burgers, Wagyu Burgers and Iberian Pork Chops waiting for me there.

York Press:

“For me, every major retailer represents a trophy cabinet filled with the hopes and dreams of people who have risked so much to create incredible businesses. It’s the ultimate battleground of hopes and dreams and ours will come to life this March in Asda thanks to their incredible buying team.”

Charlie added his next step was launching Ice Tipples, a 3 per cent alcoholic ice cream dessert.

New Product Development Director, Joe Hepworth said: “As a seasoned chef, I am thrilled to be part of this gastronomic journey that brings together an exquisite selection of meats to Asda.

“We are excited to bring these exceptional meat brands to Asda, providing our customers with a diverse and premium selection that caters to a range of tastes and preferences. This launch marks a significant step in our commitment to offering the best quality.”

The Heroe’s Journey also offers other meat products, including Its Land of the Samurai range of Japanese Wagyu Steaks, which are available in Aldi and other supermarkets.

It also makes the Wizard’s Magic range of chocolate.