A York company has received a beefy boost with a major supermarket now stocking its Wagyu burgers.

I Vow to Thee my Country has signed a meaty deal to stock the products in 1000 branches of Iceland across the country.

The Wagyu burgers come from meat sourced in Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina.

The company was founded by leading rugby players, brothers Charlie and James Simpson Daniel, who also operate other luxury food companies.


Wagyu beef originally came from Japan, but the popularity of its famous marbling, producing a juicy and tasty burger, has seen its production spread across the Southern Hemisphere.

York Press:

Managing Director Charlie Simpson-Daniel said: “We are delighted to launch our Wagyu burgers in Iceland in 1000 stores!

“It's a huge milestone for our business as we evolve and take proteins which are new and unknown to products which add such value to the categories, they trade in that they unlock ranging in full distribution across major retail.

“We have such a unique relationship with Iceland and are very blessed that they have such a positive attitude towards innovation.”.

Commercial Director James Simpson-Daniel said: “Having first tried Wagyu beef several years ago I immediately thought “how have I not had this up until now and how do I get more”.

York Press:

“The taste is exquisite due to the high marbling in the meat. I’ve really struggled to go back to normal steak since having Wagyu.

“The idea then became how to let others experience the same delight in Wagyu that we have. Hence the vision began of I Vow To Thee.

“We are providing the opportunity for others to enjoy Wagyu at affordable prices and are very excited to start this journey now!”

The Simpon-Daniel brothers have recently enjoyed another major deal with Iceland.

Their sister company Lions Kingdom has also just begun supplying Iceland with ostrich steaks and wild boar burgers.

York Press:

Earlier this year, Lions Kingdom also began supplying ostrich steaks and wild boar burgers to Sainsbury and Morrisons.

The brothers have other businesses that operate under The Heroes Journey.

There is also Land of the Samurai Japanese wagyu steaks, Beaut teas and Wizard’s Magic Chocolate.

Earlier in June, the brothers announced a six-figure funding package secured from HSBC to expand its global import capacity and expand its product range.

This included trebling their imports of ostrich, wild boar, antelope & Japanese Wagyu meat from partners situated in South Africa, Japan and Spain, to sell the luxury meat products in UK supermarkets.

As a result of this increased capacity, The Heroes Journey similarly expects its turnover to treble in the coming year.

The company headquarters is at Northminster Business Park, Upper Poppleton, with several manufacturing plants across North Yorkshire.

For more information about I Vow to thee my Country, visit: