A York-based company has launched its Ostrich Steaks into supermarket chain Iceland, along with Wild Boar Burgers.

The Lions Kingdom, founded by city entrepreneur and former rugby player Charlie Simpson-Daniel, has partnered with sports nutrition company My Protein to offer the products.

They follow Mr Daniel starting the company after a trip to Africa and falling in love with the meat there.

Charlie says he wants to “share this love” with the UK by creating The Lions Kingdom.

Ostrich meat is incredibly healthy. It is high in protein, extremely lean, with very low levels of fat and calories.

The company has partnered with Africa’s largest producer of sustainable ostrich. All the birds meet the strictest standards of ethical production and practices which ensure the ostrich population remains healthy and protected indefinitely.

The Lions Kingdom Wild Boar Burgers are also high in protein, sustainably sourced and from truly wild populations.


Most come from the Spanish mountains where populations need to be controlled due to a lack of natural predators in these regions.

The Lions Kingdom also donate 2p per pack to Lion Landscapes, a charity that protects Wild Lion Populations.

Charlie, the company’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to be working with a market leading brand such as My Protein and Iceland on bringing Ostrich Fillet Steak to life with them.

“My Protein are masters of their craft where the sports nutrition industry is concerned which is why they have recognised Ostrich as the perfect protein for their brand from a protein, fat, and calorie perspective.

“We are over the moon to bring this to life in 1000 of their stores! We are also delighted to be launching Wild Boar, a truly incredible protein in 1000 Iceland stores too under our Lions Kingdom brand.

“Wild Boar is a delicious protein but also our Wild Boar is truly wild meaning they enjoy a natural diet and roam freely across mountain climates.”.

The sale of the ostrich in Iceland and at My Protein follows the Lions Kingdom earlier this year announcing their Ostrich burger and Ostrich steak products being sold in Sainsburys and Morrisons.

York Press: Iceland

The Lions Kingdom is one of several companies and brands headed by Charlie, his brother former rugby player James Simpson-Daniel and fellow rugby star James Haskell.

Operating under The Heroes Journey, they include I Vow to Thee My Country burgers and wagyu steaks, Land of the Samurai Japanese wagyu steaks, Beaut teas and Wizard’s Magic Chocolate.

The company headquarters is at Northminster Business Park, Upper Poppleton, with several manufacturing plants across North Yorkshire.

For more information about The Lions Kingdom, visit: www.thelionskingdom.co.uk