A SINGER-SONGWRITER returned to her roots in York to perform for BBC Radio 6 Music.

Kindelan performed six tracks at The Fulford Arms on January 31 in support of the national station’s celebration of Independent Venue Week 2024.

‘Hazel Frustration’ - one of the tracks from her debut EP ‘You Can Reach Me If You Try’ - also featured on presenter Huw Stephen’s live show broadcast from the York music venue.

York Press: Kindelan is a singer-songwriter and gutiaristKindelan is a singer-songwriter and gutiarist (Image: Richard Moulton)

Kindelan, now 24, has special memories of the spot in Fulford Road, having played one of her first-ever gigs there as a 13-year-old.

She said: “Playing in York feels so incredibly warm anyway but coming back here was so lovely because there were so many familiar faces that I’ve known for ten years, and people in that room, that I know I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without them.

“I’ve performed there quite a few times over the years for myself or playing guitar for other people.

“The space they provide is so important and growing up in the community of the York music scene is what’s given me my real hunger because it is such a supportive place.”

The artist said she grew up performing as Laura Kindelan in the city's folk scene and played early gigs at City Screen in Coney Street.

York Press:

She said: “I’ve done so many performances in the basement there, another of my first was supporting Beth McCarthy.

“It’s so nice to have started from the same place and to have supported each other then, and we still champion each other today.

“I’m getting flashbacks now to being 16-years-old and listening to King No-One and my wonderful friend Kitty VR.”

Speaking after the show and her track went out on BBC Radio 6, Kindelan reflected on how the Laura who performed on the same stage a decade earlier would react to her progress.

She said: “I probably don’t spend enough time considering that because I’m here for every minute of every day trying to work towards this thing, whatever that is, in the music industry.

“I think the 13-year-old Laura would be proud and very excited because it’s a really important milestone.

“It’s such a nice feeling, for all of that time and effort that goes into making just one track, and releasing it into the world, it’s really rewarding for ‘Hazel Frustration’ to be played on a platform like that.

“Being able to perform on that stage again and for it to be part of such an important thing and also, a performance that I really enjoyed, it feels affirming, and that we’re doing the right thing."

Kindelan said she has three songs set to be released and intends 2024 to be 'a big year of creation'.

She also has a featured vocal on ‘The Modern Jazz and Folk Ensemble’ cover of Nick Drake’s Parasite – released on February 2 on Acid Jazz Records.

You can follow Kindelan here.