A CHARITY in York is opening a wellness retreat in the New Year, hoping to create an accessible environment for adults with learning difficulties.

As part of ongoing efforts to support their members, The Hut, in Wigginton Road is set to open The Wellness Haven.

The Hut supports adults with learning difficulties and mental health problems, they operate a members led system and welcome people from Mondays to Fridays, from 8am until 4pm.

Service manager Emma Little came up with the idea of The Wellness Haven. 

She said: "You’ve got people who can’t afford to do this normally.


"I want it to break down those barriers, let's make it fun, make it affordable."

Set to cost at £16 for a four and a half hour retreat, Emma said the inspiration behind the new retreat came from an experience she had at The Hut.

She said: "We’ve got one member who has external work with a psychologist.

"The psychologist told them the breathwork we do here has a real impact on them, and that was the kind of instigator for all of this."

Emma went on to explain that everyone's welcome, she said: "We're never going to turn somebody away.

"We believe everybody has something to give."

Both Emma and the committed team at The Hut will be beginning these sessions from early summer, they are also continuing fundraising efforts to refurbish their home on Wigginton Road.