Brew York has revealed new-look core range beers, with three new beers introduced to serve consumer demand – including a ‘northern nitro stout’ and a 0.5% hazy pale. 

The business has been working with long-standing creative partner, United By Design, across 2023 to refresh designs across a number of beer ranges. 

This has included the core beers – now named the Signature range – as well as new releases and collaborations, rebrews, special editions, and the cask-only portfolio. These ranges will sit alongside the existing State of Mind collection. 

York Press: Loris

Brew York is planning to release 87 beers next year, in addition to the Signature range. By classifying them in ranges the brewery says this it enables cohesion across the releases to help drive targeted marketing, sales volumes, and brand awareness. 

The Signature range includes four cask beers, five keg beers (four also in can), and two lagers (keg and can) and has been revamped with the modern drinker in mind.


The brewery says a  light and clean cream background presents key information clearly, including the brewery name, beer style, and key flavour descriptors to inform the consumer – both in the shop and at the bar.

The range also retains the popular and well-known familiar Brew York characters, including Calmer Chameleon, Lupu Lion, and the Tonkoko cows. 

York Press: Black Bess

The brewery has also revealed some new additions. They are:  

  • Coney (keg and can) - ‘A modern hazy session IPA that doesn’t cut corners on quality and flavour.’  
  • Black Bess (keg) - ‘A creamy nitro stout, rooted in the north of England and in independent brewing.’  
  • Loris (keg and can) - ‘A juicy, hazy 0.5% pale for people who love craft beer and want less booze.’ 

Coney replaces Haze of Thunder in the Signature range, and Head Brewer Tom Mahoney explains the reasons behind this.

He said: “Since we moved to our new production facility in 2020, we’ve been working hard on our pale beer portfolio. Coney is the result of three years of hard work to develop a new session pale, fit for modern times and for people who love the hoppiness and juiciness of an IPA and want something sessionable.” 

Black Bess is described as having ‘all the vibes of the Dublin good stuff’ but is proudly a beer that is rooted in the north of England and in independent brewing. This silky smooth, creamy beer is vegan-friendly and is derived from Brew York’s former seasonal brew, ‘Big Toucan’. 

Loris is a modern style low alcohol beer for craft beer lovers and the brewing team at Brew York proudly proclaim that it may sound obvious but it ‘looks like beer and tastes like beer’. As demand for no and low grows, the team wanted to make a beer that sits in the Signature range and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the other beers in that range. 

Head of Marketing, Rachel Auty added: “We’ve been working on this brand refresh throughout 2023, with a couple of small reveals along the way. We’re excited to now be able to share more of what we’ve been working on.

“As the market shifts and evolves, we observe the trends carefully and we strive to respond to them. We do that in a way that is properly considered and doesn’t cut any corners on quality. 

“Black Bess isn’t strictly new, but it’s tasting better than ever, and adding Loris to the range demonstrates our commitment to being part of the growing low and no category.

“Coney reflects where we are now as a brewery – we will be eight in April, and we are maturing as a business. We’re known for brewing some of the finest big stouts in the UK, and as we mature and continue to invest in our craft, we’re raising our game across all categories. Watch this space.”   



Calmer Chameleon // 3.4% Pale 

Maris the Otter // 3.9% Bitter 

Tonkoko // 4.3% Milk Stout 

Fennec // 3.4% Blonde 


Juice Forsyth // 5.0% Fruited IPA 

Coney // 4.5% Hazy Session Pale 

Black Bess // 4.8% Nitro Stout 

Lupu Lion // 4.3% Gluten-free Pale 

Loris // 0.5% Low Alcohol Pale 


Golden Eagle // 4.5% Pilsner 

Osprey // 4.1% Lager 


Juice Forsyth // 5.0% Fruited IPA 

Coney // 4.5% Hazy Session Pale 

Lupu Lion // 5.0% Gluten-free Pale 

Loris // 0.5% Low Alcohol Pale 

Golden Eagle // 4.5% Pilsner 

Osprey // 4.1% Lager 

Beers in can are available direct from the Brew York webstore here  

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