CHRISTMAS has come early at a popular city brewery with the release of the 2023 Brew York Festive Collection.

The brewery, in Walmgate and Handley Park, has produced “four indulgent brews with a classic Christmas spin.”

Every year Brew York releases Christmas beers along the same formula, which includes Fairytale of Brew York (a rich milk stout), Dreams of Brew York (a fruity sour), and Nightmare of Brew York (a warming imperial milk stout) - each one with changing festive flavours.

The set also includes a very limited-edition State of Mind beer, which is a 12-month barrel aged version of the previous year’s Nightmare of Brew York.


With this in mind, the following beers have now been released for 2023, aiming to meet demand as they sell out fast.

The Fairytale of Brew York 2023 is a rich, sweet and spiced 4.9% Stroopwaffel Milk Stout, which promises to be ‘rich and indulgent’ with ‘flavours of caramel and a subtle cinnamon spicing.’

The veggie-friendly stout is available in Cask, Keg and Can.

The Dreams of Brew York 2023 is a sharp, fruity and spiced Cherry, Cranberry and Apple Pastry Sour.

Brew York “used masses of ripe cherries, cranberries and juicy apples” to create the sour.

“A dash of cinnamon adds that hint of mulled spice with vanilla rounding off the tartness perfectly,” it said.

York Press: Three wise cans

The veggie-friendly sour is 6.5% and is available in keg and can.

The Nightmare of Brew York 2023 is a nutty, sweet and spiced 8.5% Stollen Imperial Milk Stout.

Brew York said: “Our big 2023 milk stout is loaded with pistachios and marzipan to bring a strong nutty flavour, balanced delicately with candied lemon and orange. 

“A spice blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and allspice helps to enhance the festive flavours, and additional lactose adds a rich creamy body to our annual Christmas stout.”

The veggie-friendly milk stout is available in ken and can.

The BA Nightmare of Brew York/ State of Mind beer is a decadent, rich and spiced Barrel-aged 9.8% Imperial Milk Stout.

Brew York said: “We took last year’s Christmas gingerbread imperial stout, full of rich warming ginger, cinnamon with heaps of vanilla and we barrel aged it for a whole year. It’s tasting incredible!

“As a small batch this one is only available in very limited volume, and when it’s gone, it’s gone!”

The veggie-friendly stout is available in keg and can.

The Christmas beers follows the recent launch of Terrahawks, a 5.5% New England Pale Ale.

York Press: The Terrahawks beer

It stems from a collaboration with Gerry Anderson TV to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the British cult classic tv series Terrahawks.

Set in the year 2020, the show featured a special police forced combatting extraterrestrial aliens and androids led by Zelda.

The beers are available from and at good beer retailers.

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