A giant rainbow made out of more than 2,500 cans has appeared in Exhibition Square in York City Centre.

The four by seven metre structure was placed in front of York Art Gallery by not-for-profit organisation Every Can Counts, to help raise awareness around the importance of recycling, for Global Recycling Day (March 18).

The rainbow will be on display until Friday, March 24, giving passers by the opportunity to enter a social media photo competition for the chance to win a £100 York gift card.

Chris Latham-Warde, programme manager for Every Can Counts, said: "Our rainbow installation has toured up and down the country – from Glasgow to London – and we’re thrilled for it to be making its Yorkshire debut to mark Global Recycling Day this weekend.

York Press: The rainbow is made out of recycled cansThe rainbow is made out of recycled cans (Image: Every Can Counts)

"As well as brightening up the city centre, our installation will be reminding people about the benefits of recycling their drink cans.

“Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and every empty can could be recycled and back on a shop shelf as a brand-new can in just 60 days.

"The people of York can play their part in this process by ensuring all their empty cans end up in the right bin, allowing this valuable material to remain in circulation."

Every Can Counts surveyed 150 York residents on March 6 to research their recycling habits.

York Press: There is the chance to enter a social media competition There is the chance to enter a social media competition (Image: Every Can Counts)

According to the finding, York residents drink an average of three cans a week, of which only 71 per cent gets recycled.

Nine in 10 claimed to have a good understanding of the benefits of recycling,  but 35 per cent admitted that they put recyclable items in refuse bins if recycling facilities aren't available.

And 69 per cent said that the biggest barrier they face whilst recycling is the lack of recycling bins in public places

This was followed by 41 per cent saying that they wanted clearer signage on recycling bins, and a desire for more recyclable packaging (40 per cent).

York Press: There is the chance to win a £100 York gift card There is the chance to win a £100 York gift card (Image: Every Can Counts)

Cllr Paula Widdowson, executive member for the environment and climate change, at City of York Council, said: "This is a fantastic campaign to highlight the importance of recycling here in York, which we hope everyone will engage with and take photos of!

To enter the competition, take a photo of the rainbow and upload it to social media using #EveryCanCounts and tagging @EveryCanCountsUK (Instagram/Facebook) or @EveryCanCounts (Twitter).

For more information on recycling bank locations in York, see www.york.gov.uk/RecyclingAtoZ.